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Wiggy fails to buy opinion

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Mr Donald Trump has been trying to build a golf resort including 1500 houses in a SSSI in Aberdeenshire. Today the council threw his plans out!! Good for them. Maybe he can use the money he saved to  buy a new wig.


Ludicrous stuff

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I don’t want to become some sort of religious commnetator but this story has really irritated me.

We are going to find out what happens to the teacher in Sudan soon. I can’t quite believe that people are genuinely offended by a stuffed bear being called Muhammad. And as it was named after a boy in her class and not the Prophet then surely it’s fine. I read a comment on BBC news written by a British Muslim who said it was terrible and how would we feel if she named it Jesus. Just fine thanks mate, but I’m not a Christian. Jesus is quite a common name in Spain and the Latin American Countries. Most of the comments on the BBC site were from people within the Sudan who thought it was terrible she had been locked up and believed it was an inncocent mistake.

Well obviously I am not Muslim, but this is just going to show that some individuals will use any excuse to claim that the western world hates Islam and will do anything to take the piss. Get over it, my kind were burned at the stake for their beliefs and actions.  You would think that Sudan would have more important things to worry about. Anyway, I hope the court see sense and frees the chick.

That Friday feeling.

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I’ve deleted the dark room. It’s just too depressing at the moment. Anyway, its a gorgeous sunny frosty day today. I’m going to work until 4:30 then go home and go for a run whilst it is still vaguely light. Then we are off out with Andy and Steph for a little drinky. Anybody else about?

Brits abroad prt 2

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Ok so Spex posted a blog about Brits abroad at it reminded me I never got around to posting my little rant about it too. So here it is, it was taken from my blog about mine and Fat Bobs honeymoon experience.

“The airport was absolutely rammed, ours was one of the last flight leaving that evening, most other flights were going to Faro, Arecife all the usual boring destinations for British tourists. Now I don’t mean to offend anybody with that comment, I have been to a lot of very touristy places through the years the best example probably being Costa Del Sol. My issue is that us Brits don’t seem to go anywhere without setting up ‘little britain’ wherever we go, you can’t move in Play de las Americas or Fuengorola for freaking cafes selling a full English and shops selling the international version of The Sun newspaper. Grrrr it drives me mad, why the hell bother going if all your going to do is drink British beer, sit in British bars, eat British food and complain about the quality of the tea!!!!??  I’m also not an advocate of sitting by the pool all day, in fact I hate it. Get out and see things!! Luckily my family feel the same way so even though I have been to some of the worst offenders when it comes to brits abroad we never indulged in such things. In fuengorola we hired a car and drove into the beautiful Rhonnda valley, (not the Welsh one) in Orlando we just left the town and stayed on the Gulf coast of Florida, which is very much underrated. Anyway, I’m ranting somewhat, so all these flights left for these delightful places and we were left in the airport with like minded people waiting for the flight to Keflavik.”

Addional, the honeymoon improved as soon as we got on the plane.


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It was a beautiful morning this morning.  As we drove across Bringsty Common the sun started to burn off the mist and frost. There were still bits hanging in the valleys lower down but that has gone now too leaving a stunning sunny but freezing day.

Le weekend

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It was a pleasant weekend all in all. On Friday night we went out for a ‘quiet’ drink with Simon and Jennie. We were sat in the Hat in Worcester having a nice few bevies. Then I was informed that they did Gluhwien.  Off on a Tangent here. The Cardinals Hat has a bit of an Austrian theme, not at all in a tacky way. It is the oldest pub in Worcester and has 3 tiny rooms, which are very cosy. It just happens to be run by 2 Austrian chicks who are quite famous locally. They got into trouble when they first arrived in the Woo because they insisted on serving their Austrian beer in metric sizes. They pointed out it was silly to serve wine in metric but not beer. Amazingly they won their fight so if you ever fancy half a litre, or indeed a litre of Weiss Beer then here is you place.  

So back to the weekend. I had a Gluwein which came in a nice earthenware mug. Mmmm. We got kicked out of the Hat at about 11 so went a few doors down to Hero’s.  

Another tangent. Hero’s is legendary amongst my friends. I have been drinking there for 11 years!! Oh my god how old does that make me sound.   My mates have always worked there, then a few years ago Siany became licensee. Yay, I get huge measures. It does suffer a bit from the ‘cool’ factor. A lot of people go there to be seen as cool, which was never what it was about. But at least there are no chavs.  

So we went to Hero’s and had another couple of drinks, luckily Siany wasn’t there or I may have got very drunk and fallen down the stairs again!

 Next day we painted the ceiling in the kitchen and went for a hike on the Malverns with Claire and TH. It was incredibly windy but really beautiful. The sky alternated between nice and sunny and huge dark stormy clouds. It didn’t rain though. We walked along the ridge towards Worcester Beacon, the contrast between Herefordshire and Worcestershire is so apparent from up there. On our right was flatish Worcestershire with it’s Triassic mudstone and on he left beautiful rolling hills of Herefordshire, (I am so biased!!).  We wandered off the main track down towards Holy well. Got slightly lost on the way back but it was all fine. We stopped and had a drink at the Pub/hotel near British camp, a strange conversation ensued about oak panelling our tiny sitting room. Rob wondered if you could get away with using MDF and would it look a bit silly in a 1930’s house. Maybe a drunken activity of the future?!  All the fresh air made us really tired so we were in bed nice and early for a Saturday night, luckily not much to drink so we didn’t hammer any MDF to the walls.  

Next morning Rob buisied himself DIYing and I watched the remembrance parade. Then off I went for a run, nearly 7 miles Yay!!. Then we finally managed to paint the kitchen. It was really satisfying covering up the horrible dirty stained magnolia walls with a nice pale olive green. Rob even managed to get a couple of cabinets on the walls after. I don’t want to tempt fate but I believe it may be just about finished by next weekend, (apart from the tiling). It just needs another lick of paint and the base cabinets and work top sorting.  

We watched The Birds, which I have never seen before then went to bed making sure all the windows were shut and there were no birds were gathering outside.

The Mighty Foo’s

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I’m currently at work with no central heating and no network connection, the phones were broke too but they have been fixed. Therefore, I shall take this opportunity to write about last night. I left work at 4, Bob and my dad had been doing DIY all day so the kitchen is really starting to take shape now. Enough of this talk of DIY, we jumped in the car and headed towards Brum, the motorways weren’t that horrific so we stopped for a snack then turned off for the NEC. The stereo systems of all the cars arriving was just a huge melodic tribute to the Foo Fighters. We had parked in some random car park and had to wander past all the tour buses to get to the entrance. There were loads of big, menacing black buses with blacked out windows and Chech number plates. These obviously belonged to our friend Serj Tankian formally of System of a Down.  We walked through the entrance and were immediately hit by the strange mixture of people. Of course there are always strange people at a rock gig but there were people of our age who had been big fans of Nirvana and then made the automatic progression to the Foos. There were teenagers that had heard the Foos recently and liked them, and obviously there were 14 years old wearing Nirvana t shirts, (they weren’t even born when Kurt passed on!!) AND there were little kids, like 6 or 7 years old, (wit their folks). One little girl had a Serj Tankian shirt on. IF I ever have kids I want one like that.  We found our seats, we only just managed to get tickets so were expecting rubbish seats. Block 10 row Y!!! But they were actually great, the last but one row from the back but right in front of the stage so there was no turning at an awkward angle to see stuff. Which was good until the man with the biggest head in the world sat in front of me. I could still see though. There were two empty seats next to me anyway. Old Serj took the stage, I have only heard one of his tunes but he was quite good. He has one of the most unmistakable voices in rock, almost mock operatic with his incredible vocal range and bizarre accent. They finished and about 45 minutes later the main event!!!  We had seen the Foo’s at the NEC on their last tour but I always forget just how much energy they have and what a fantastic show they put on. They took the stage and just ROCKED!!! I sung my heart out and leapt about and swayed until my knees ached, (I’m so too old to mosh). The little acoustic bit they do was even more fantastic than normal as a stage came down in the middle of the arena so they were actually really close to us. The acoustic bit involved some more musicians coming on with a cello, violin and an accordion, oh and for some reason Taylor had some help playing the drums at that point too, (ahh beautiful Talyor Hawkins, mmmm). Dave played most of Everlong on his own as I’m sure everybody reading this that have heard the Foo’s live will have heard, just stunning.  At this point the two empty seats found their owners, a couple wandered in watched a few songs then disappeared again for a fag. Very odd, they came back but then left before the encore. Speaking of encores, the set finished and they left the stage. There was much screaming foot stamping and clapping. Suddenly on the big screens behind the instruments a face appeared, it was Dave, he was outside having a fag. He gestured that he didn’t want to play anymore, we all booed, he held up a finger to say he would play 1 more song, we all booed, this went on until he agreed to play 3. They came back on stage and I think played 5 more tunes. Dave said that they were enjoying it so much that they would just play until they couldn’t play anymore. Seeing Taylor Hawkins leave the stage at the end I think that was true. He could barely stand and it took his last iota of energy to throw his drumsticks into the crowd.  Yay for the Foo Fighters. I can barely talk or walk this morning and I missed Liverpool wining 8-0 last night but it was worth it.