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Mistletoe and vino

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It’s Christmas eve and I’m at work, booo hisss!!! Oh well I’m only doing a half day and I got to see the most stunning sun rise this morning.

Bob is picking me up at about 1:30 and taking me home. I might then go for a run. Then we will have to wrap pressies before driving to Bobs dads. Then we’ll go out in Cleobury Mortimer in the evening with all of Bobs old school mates. He’ll get a bit drunk and I’ll drive us home and feel a bit smug in the morning. Then it’s a bit of pressie opening with Bobs dad and sister before driving to my parents. Some more pressie opening then off to my Aunty and Unlcles for din dins and alcohol consumption.

 Merry Christmas everyone.


OOhh it’s almost Yule

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Yule tomorrow. Welcome the sun back by lighting a fire. 

Fabulous news

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This is the first opportunity I have had to post about my cousin. He came home from Iraq on Tuesday after a very fleeting visit. I just can’t articulate how happy I am. Woo Hooo!!!!

Festive Gossip

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T’is almost Yule and I am starting to feel a bit more festive. We went to Top Barn Farm Shop on Saturday and got oursleves a little tree which I have decorated, (very tastefully) I need to find some holly and mistletoe to put up too.

The weekend was fairly uneventful. I had my Christams Party on Friday lunchtime which wasn’t as rowdy as normal. I was dissapointed I missed the gossip though. I have only just found out now that one of the young lads snogged the new girl, who is getting married in July. Yep well done on that honey, how to ensure you have a reputation. I was back home by 6 ish, I sat down and watched some Dr Who then went out to meet Bond in the Hat for a few more bevvies.

Saturday dawned, Bob and I grouted the kitchen which took for ever then we cleaned as the house was filthy. Then we just vegged out. I fell asleep at about 10, woooh Rock and Roll!! Sunday was pretty similar, I went for a run then we just chilled some more.

The good and the very bad.

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I had a very nice weekend down at Center Parcs in Suffolk. Bob and I went down there with his old uni housemates. We stayed in two chalets. Myslef, Bob, Phil and Em in one and Rich P, Laua, Rich C and Bethan in the other, ooh and Molly the dog. I’ve never been to a Center Parcs before, it was very nice. I’m not sure I would want to go during the school holidays though as I imagine it is chaos.

The first day was mostly taken up with getting there and moving into our little huts. We discovered the fattest wildlife in the world lives at Center Parcs. I have never seen an obese squirrel before. Later on we went and checked out the pool, which was freezing!! In the evening we had din dins that Rich C and Bethan had cooked and hada  few bevvies.

Next day it was chucking it down and blowing a gale so qwe decided agianst the outdoor activities we had contemplated. So Bob and I went for a bit of a ride on our bikes before joining the other for a few games of badminton. Well I say games, the truth is I have never played badminton before so I was awful but it was quite amusing.

We spent a very relaxing afternoon in the Spa trying all sorts of steam rooms and saunas. I have decided I want a sauna, maybe we could get one put in the garage. Bob and I did the feezing cold hose down and used the ice fountain afterwards. It is horrendous for a brief second, then all of your muscles just relax. Ahh lovely. In the evening we went out for dinner at a place called Hugos, and had some more booze.

Next morning the boys went to play golf, the girls adventure golf, (maybe girls are more adventurous). Anyway I didn’t do either, I went to the gym and tried to get rid of my lack of running headache that had been developing. It worked. Later on we played a few games of pool then the others went swimming whilst Bob and I went for another ride. Now Bob isn’t very experienced on a bike hence why we kept dissapearing off to go for rides. It was teh perfect place to perfect riding if you have never done much before as cars are not allowed most of the time. Anyway, he decided he wanted to learn how to do hand signals and I had to describe how you ride with one hand. Well how do you? I can’t remember not being able to ride a bike. I just said it was like steering a car with 1 hand. He seemed to do ok so maybe I am a good teacher.

That evening we had chicken pie with red cabbage and mashed potato which Rich P and Laura had cooked. It was lurvelly. And guess what we had some more booze and played pictionary, girls against boys. We won, yay!!Then we played charades and the ABC game. Then it was most definatly time for bed.

In the morning we stayed for brekkie then went home. It was a nice relaxing break. When I got back I got a text off my cousin saying he was off to Basra tomorrow evening, (today). Great! At least he delayed telling me until I got home.

I’m sending as much protective energy as I can muster. Stay safe sweety.

Just ignore it

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I am sometimes very dark but normally just light. I have a heart of gold but you need a big hammer to chip off the stone casing that surrounds it. Sometimes the darkness engulfs me, I feel it surrounding me and dragging me down.  My head starts to wander off into the strange realms of what I call head flip time. I haven’t had it for a while but it always there, at the back of my personality. It can shine through when I have been drinking and I’ll say the oddest stuff about death. Bob understands it, he lost too. If anything he lost more than me. Not that it is just the loss that made me like this. The ED too. That has become a symptom of the head flip but existed long before. I have a feeling the head flip will happen again soon. I am about to lose again.

F**king Cancer

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I may have to re instate ‘The Dark Room’ so as not to make the main blog page too depressing. But hell if this stuff is happening then I’ll just write it.

My uncle is so poorly, and I am so sad. He has been zapped with radiotherapy virtually every week day for 2 weeks to try and relieve the pain he is in. The consequence is he is hurling his guts up constantly. I dearly hope he makes it to Christmas to see us all together again. My mum is a realist when it comes to this sort of thing and she thinks maybe not. I’m clutching my clear quartz crystal and sending as much positive energy as I can. 

After all that has happened to my family in the last few years we are so incredibly close. I don’t want another one to go. Although I’m sure Stevie will look after him when it happens.