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The beautiful game lived up to its name last night. Well done Spain, it’s about time.
Oh by the way I’m back. I’ll write a blog about my little trip in the next few days.



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Has anybody heard about the production of oil from algae. The idea has been around for a bit but seems to be gathering momentum, (I wonder why that is). Anyway, I read somehwere it is Carbon negative. That’s right the production and use absorbs more Carbon than it produces. Quick!! Put it into mass production.

Dinner Party Continued

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Ok number two on my fantasy dinner guest list is Sir Joseph Bazelgette. I’ve written about him before on my previous blog let me just dig it out…..
I obviously just got distracted by my old blog and have spent the last half hour looking at all my old stories, most of them were written when I was in the midst of MSc hell. Anyway it turns out I only wrote a little bit about Sir JB but here it is, it is refereeing to a green list that was published n the guardian back in Feb 2007.

Obviously Jospeh Bazelgette should have been higher too. Only at number 19 for wiping out cholera in London AND it is down to him that London has so many big green parks. Admittedly he wiped out Cholera by accident, he thought it was due to miasma or bad air. As the London streets were full of sewage he thought it was the smell of this sewage that was causing people to get ill and not the open sewers leaking into the water system. He designed the massive sewage system that is still used today. All of the sewers converged in several big tunnels, (the Victoria and Chelsea embankment being two of them). Where the sewage was pumped along the side of the Thames by (at the time) the worlds biggest steam engine. It however, was pumped back into the Thames BUT it was below the tidal limit so the effect was huge. The Thames was cleaner and the people of London no longer had contaminated water to drink. He has a little statue on the Victoria Embankment which everybody ignores so next time you are there go and see him, it is directly opposite the exit to Victoria Embankment underground.

Hydro head hero

I know I’m a geek but Bazelgette had an amazing effect on the world. So he is duly invited to my dinner party.

Dinner Time

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I have decided I’m going to have a fantasy dinner party. There will be 9 other guests apart from me and they can be dead or alive. I reckon this will spread over a couple of posts as my brain is mush at the moment.

1) How about Queen Boudica, (I must check that spelling). The warrior Queen who led the true brits against the might of the Roman Empire. She was queen of a tribe that came from Norfolk called the Iceni. Her husband, (who had been a sort of pal of the Roman Empire) died and his province passed on to Boudica and her daughters. Well unfortunately the Romans weren’t as advanced as they have been made out to be and didn’t recognise women as heirs. They snatched her kingdom. Little buggers!

So she led a revolt consisting of the Iceni and some other tribes, (including the Trivonates) against the Romans. They managed to destroy Cochester which had been the capital of the Trivonate kingdom until the Romans had seized it and erected a temple to the former emperor Claudius there and actually got the locals to pay for it. Well Boudica and her troops soon burnt that down. The Roman dude Suetonius hurried back from North Wales where he had no doubt been crushing the locals to deal with the uprising. Boudica had made her way to London. Suetonius decided he didn’t have enough men to defend it so it was sacraficed. She burnt it to the ground and killed anybody who had not evacuated. The same happened in St-Albans. The scrap moved along Watling Street to somewhere in the West Midlands. Boudica and her daughters rallied their troops against the might of the Romans and there was a battle. Well she lost and posined herself but it was a great fight and it almost persuaded the Romans to abandon our island. But of cousrse Britain wouldn’t be what it is today without the Romans. I feel a Monty Python moment coming on but I’ll resist.


I’m not sure what we would discuss over dinner but I think she is great.

Blahh blah blah

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Just looked at the results of the 10 km I did on Sunday. I came 81st out of 104. Just including the lady runners I came 15th out of 30. Not bad at all.

Aside from that I am not in a particularly good mood today. I’m fed up with stuff in general but there are a few things inparticuar that are playing on my mind. I guess I’ll just do my usual trick of not adressing there is an issue and hope that it’ll go away. Nobody would want to listen anyway.

A mixed weekend.

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I’ve had a lovely weekend, let me tell you about it.

On Friday evening Bob and I went and picked up Dev and KP and off we went to the Courtyard in Hereford to see Hattie Haydridge and Norman Lovett doing stand-up. This was part of the 20th anniversary of Red Dwarf first being aired. I don’t think I have ever mentioned it before but I’m a bit of a fan of the old Dwarf. I’m not a die hard Dwarfer or anything but I have watched them rather a lot. It first started accidentally. I was watching TV in my room when I was little and I remember the announcer on BBC1 saying what was about to be on BBC2 and talking about a cat and a space ship. Being about 9 I found this intriguing and so put on BBC2, it happened to be the first ever show. I was hooked.

So we got to Courtyard and went and sat in the theatre. I was shocked to find only about 40 people there. It hadn’t been very well advertised but this was a little sad. On came Hattie Haydridge, her style took a little getting used to, (long awkward pauses) but I really liked her, especially the joke about the cardboard internet. Then Norman Lovett came on, he amuses me greatly. He seemed to be able to make people laugh using some plastic bags and a pair of socks. Just genius. There was however one irritation, it was the die hard dwarfer sat behind me, every little reference to RD and the guy was saying to no one in particular in a loud whisper which series and which episode. I resisted the urge to turn around and say F**KING SHUT UP! I’m a dwarfer but I know it is a little sad to show you know that much detail about a show, that you have devoted your life to it. That’s what puts me off going to one of the conventions, coz it would be full of freaking tw*ts like him. There was then a little question and answer session in which we learned there will be no RD film as the American money has gone. We also found out that Norman Lovett doesn’t watch RD unless he’s in it. I find that quite sad as it means he won’t have seen my favourite episode, Polymorph in RD3. They hung around afterwards to sign stuff. I think I was more star struck meeting the Holly’s than I was the Young Knives. Anyway, a good time was had by all, I think.

On Saturday Bob got up at stupid o’clock as he couldn’t sleep. I rolled out of bed at about 9 and decided I wanted to go for a walk. So we drove into Wales and wandered up the Sugar Loaf near Abergavenny. We walked up the very quiet side of the hill. There were some stunning views of the Skirrid and looking down towards Llanthony and Lanvihangel Crucorny. It was odd we saw about 2 other people whilst walking up but we could see the outline of loads of people up at the top. Well after we got to the peak we discovered the busy route up from Abergavenny direction. So we didn’t linger very long on the peak, we wandered back down amongst the sheep and the Skylarks. We drove back via the butcher in Bromyard to buy some bangers and had a nice little BBQ. I had a glass of vino but not too much.

Bob on a rock

Jax on a Rock

Next day Bob went to work and I intended doing the Warndon Village 10 km, which I believed started at 11am. I didn’t get up until 10 so that put pay to that, well until I was perusing my copy of Runners World whilst I ate my breakfast and discovered it didn’t start until 2pm. Excellent. It was also the Race for life in Worcester that day so it was really busy. I wandered down to the bus station discover that the Council had diverted all of the buses and closed the bus station. Thanks, if there had been some sort of warning I would have ridden by bike. I got a taxi up to Warndon, which cost me £8. I went and entered the race then sat there like a Billy no mates waiting for the start. This was my first proper competitive race so I was a little nervous but once we were off I was fine. The route was around the cycle paths and back lanes of Warndon Villages, which is actually quite scenic. The laps were 5km long and there was a 5, 10 and 15 km race so 1, 2 or 3 laps of the route. I found my pace and plodded along with some guys running the same pace as me. They unfortunately were only doing 5km so after one lap they disappeared. I ran on my own for a bit then, then two chaps over took me then stayed just in front of me for a while so I paced along with them. Then for some reason they both stopped and started walking so I was alone again and apart from overtaking a few people on a hill towards the end that was it. I sprinted towards the line with loads of people cheering encouragement and finished in 55.24. That’s less than 9 minute miles so I am very pleased. About 2 minutes after I finished the first 15 km racer finished, that’s just a silly time, stop it!

I hung around for a bit to see the presentations. The winning “lady” in the 5km was also the winning child. A 13 year old who did it in 20:47. Oh my God, she is a name to watch in the future, just a shame I don’t remember what her name was. The winning guy in the 5km broke the track record at under 17 minutes. That’s stupid too. I didn’t stay for the 10 km results, (well I wasn’t going to have won now was I?!) I went to the bus stop to discover a bus had just gone and there wasn’t another one for an hour. Great. I walked to the Hospital to see if they were more frequent from there. They weren’t so I walked the 4 miles home. Just what I needed. Given that by the time I got into Worcester the shops were shut I couldn’t go food shopping so there was no food in the house. When Bob got back from work I suggested we went out. So we nipped into town to Saffrons and had a lovely dinner.