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Hot Hot Heat

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To coin a phrase, phew what a scorcher.
Everyday last week I was getting increasingly irrate with the weather forecast as it seemed I was doomed to sit in an office through the nice sunny weather and have to cope with rain at the weekened. Well not for the first time the Met Office got it a wee bit wrong, (that isn’t a dig, I know how difficult weather forecasting is). Anyway, it got up to 31 degrees in Worcester yesterday) and it was sunny all weekend, if not al little humid on Sunday.

I don’t want to whinge but could we just have nice 20 degree heat not 30 degree heat. I aint designed for it. I ‘m certainly not designed for running in it, so what did I do on Saturday and Sunday evening. Yes that’s right. I must be an idiot.

It’s rather humid today too and there is a weather warning for big thunder later, I can’t wait. I love a nice thunder storm.


Letter to my teenage self

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Letter to my teenage self.
Things I sort of wished I realised.
1) Don’t worry about the music thing, something will come along very soon.
2) That guy who you end up going out with because you feel sorry for him, well after you dump him DO NOT get back together with him.
3) If you do get back together with him make sure you dump him again before he goes to university and don’t believe the shit about him killing himself, he doesn’t have the balls and you know it.
4) Linked to the above, wait longer. 15 is too young to be doing that sort of thing.
5) Spend more time with Steve, he won’t be around as long as you think.
6) Try not to give a shit what those slaggy girls at school think. They all ruin their lives by getting up the duff at 15/16
7) Take geology at 6th form college not history.
8)Try not to become so obsessed with the old bloke. He does fall in love with you in the end but it’s too late. However, he teaches you a lot of stuff!!!
9) Men love curves don’t fight against yours, they’re beautiful and so are you.
10) Those 2 mates from primary school. They’re not very nice people so stop hanging around with them.
11) It’s fine not to like boy bands.
12) It’s fine to fancy both
13) Andrew is lovely but he’s gay. That shouldn’t stop you getting together with him though, you realise before he does.

Nice little trip down south

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I’ll have to be very quick at typing this as I’m stupidly busy.

I had a very nice weekend. I took a half day on Friday and caught the train to London. Bob meanwhile went up to Leeds to watch South Africa bat all day in the cricket at Headingly.

I got to Paddington about 3ish. Sarah was still at work so I intended going shopping. Well here was one particular place I wanted to go, it was a sort of pilgrimage for me. I wandered down Regents Street and on to Carnaby Street. I knew it was here somewhere and then I spotted it. The one and only Howies shop in the entire country. I went in and started smiling inanely to myself. I love Howies but they have only ever been an online shop until about a year ago when they decided a shop is what they wanted. They have Howied it up quite a lot. There is a sink in the shop and a load of empty bottles so you can fill up on tap water. There is also a timer light switch on the outside of the shop so you can switch it on at night if you want to have a look at their window display. I read they had some legal wranglings about this, as the council wanted the shop to be lit all night and Howies refused. Anyway, I was disappointed as there were hardly any size 10s left in the entire shop but I had succeeded in my pilgrimage. I bought a t-shirt then went and sat in a nice café and drank some coffee.


Sarah had been having a bit of a mare at work so couldn’t finish early so I headed over to Stratford to meet her and we caught the train to Romford where she lives. We had a chilled out evening drinking vino and watching TV. Lisa, (Sarah’s bird) had got a new job that involved working silly hours so she didn’t get back until after we had gone to bed. Her job before was a bit of a nightmare. She was a carer, which generally involved driving around Romford getting old people out of bed in the morning and putting them back to bed in the evening. She actually loved this and loved her old people but the company she worked for took the piss slightly. She didn’t get paid any petrol costs, she got paid less than minimum wage, she didn’t get any holiday allowance she just didn’t get paid if she took any time off. Anyway, one particular old lady Lisa looked after, her son told Lisa she should find a job where they appreciated her. The little old lady ended up passing on to the next world but her son, (Gary) got in contact recently and offered to find Lisa a job within his company. He is a sort of one man band wireless internet provider, so Lisa has been tearing around the country with him, learning to be a bit of a computer geek as well as getting up onto the rooves of buildings etc..It is completely different o anything she has ever done before but I wish her all the luck in the world.

Next day Sarah and I had planned to go into Romford and look at Wedding dresses. Lisa was going to work again after she had a bit of a lie in. We only found 1 wedding dress shop so went back home and had lunch out in the garden, yay, a little bit of sunshine. We decided it would have to be Oxford Street for dresses but we would go a bit later on so it wouldn’t be carnage. Sarah also didn’t want to go on the tube because she said it would be like going to work on a weekend. So we caught the train to Liverpool Street and got a bus to Oxford Circus. This was quite cool coz we got to go on a bit of a tourist trip. We went past St-Pauls, Trafalgar Square, The Courts of Justice and Piccadilly Circus. Then we fought our way down Oxford Street to Selfridges. They only sell Vera Wang Dresses and there were stupidly priced, I saw one for over 10k. Anybody that has enough money to spend that on a wedding dress and chooses to, should have the money taken off them for being so freaking stupid.

Anyway we wandered down Oxford Street, (or should that be fought our way) and into a couple more department stores. I think it was Debenhams that had the nice dresses in. I won’t say anymore than that on the subject.

Sarah and I then retired to Soho for a nice little drinky, it was about 7:30 by this point. We found a seat in between a hen party and a couple of blokes. One of the blokes was an irritating sod and after establishing that we weren’t waiting for anyone else sat listening to our conversation, even though we were talking about weddings the message didn’t get through. I then got accosted through a window by a drunken chap wanting a date. He could obviously tell form the back of my head it was true love. So we left and went somewhere nice and gay so we wouldn’t get hassled. GAY bar was already busy. We stopped for one drink downstairs in the dykey bar then spoke to Lisa on the phone. She was with Gary still and was going to come and pick us up and take us to Docklands for din dins. Sarah and I piled into the car and got a nice chauffeur driven tour of London again whilst Lisa and Gary argued like an old married couple about which way to go. Gary is a proper Londoner, Lisa is from South Africa and was driving in Central London for the first time. Gary kept telling Lisa the way she should have gone after she had already passed the turning. Well it amused me. We drove past the statue of my hydro head hero Sir Joseph Bazzlegette. I pointed him out to everyone but they weren’t very impressed.

We pulled up at the pub in Docklands overlooking the Thames. I can’t remember the name but it was by the Discovery ship that Scott took to the Antarctic or wherever it was he went. I think Gary was secretly quite happy about being in a pub with 3 young ladies, (his words not mine). Anyway, we had a nice dinner then another drinky and Lisa took us all home. On the way Gary discovered my love of old comedy when I started quoting the Goon Show at him. His mate rang who had been at the London Weekender and seen the Human League so we serenaded his mate for a bit with the one and only human league song we know, (obviously don’t you want me baby). We dropped Gary off at this house and then tootled over the Sarah and Lisa’s. Definitely time for bed.

Next day we lounged around in the garden for a bit then I caught the train home. It was a very nice weekend.

Actually quite excited

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After much whinging I am finally getting to see my friends at he weekend. I’m taking a half day at work and am nipping down to London village to do a spot of shopping, (well I want to go to Howies on Carnaby Street). Then I’ll be meeting Sarah and going back to hers. I have no idea what else is going on apart from that but I’m sure it will involve some Red Wine

Birthdays, Weddings and Barmitsfas

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I was 30 on Friday as you may have deduced from my previous blog! Bob and I didn’t do much. There had been talk of going out with some of his mates for a balti as they were coming home for a wedding. Sam boy didn’t make it as his train from Edinburgh was cancelled so he had to travel down early Saturday. The others had all decided to travel Saturday too. So Bob and I stayed in and drank vino and watched The Hits which was showing The Offsprings idea of the 50 best rock videos ever made. So I had a bit of a dance to some of them just to prove I still had it. Bob agreed I did but he has to say that.

On Saturday we went to Emily and Randles wedding. Bob went to school with both Em and Randle, they have been together for years and finally tied the knot. The wedding took place at Knowbury which is on the side of Clee Hill. The ceremony was really nice and they managed to get all the photos done before a big shower descended upon us. We adjourned to the pub down the road. I had had a bit of a dodgy belly for a few days so didn’t drink very much at all. I think I may have decided to do this at all weddings in the future as it is quite hilarious watching the drunken buffoons, (my husband amongst them) dancing and talking nonsense.

At about 9 the band started up, they were quite funky and played some cool covers. Randle is in a band, (Cantaloop) they have been around for years. They are really talented but for some reason have never made it huge. They are also quite funky. All the members of the band were there including all the ex members, (one of whom is now in the Fun Lovin Criminals). There were rumours afoot that Cantaloop would play but we had all decided they wouldn’t as who the hell would want to be in the band on your wedding day?! They proved us wrong. At about 10:30 we were outside when we heard a very brief sound check and the unmistakable sound of a trumpet and saxophone. We rushed in. The hired band had let Cantaloop use their drums, mikes and amps but the other had bought their stuff with them. They only played two tunes but they were amazing and Randle went nuts on the drums. I think it is fair to say they blew the hired band off the stage. Anyway, Bobs dad came and picked us up and we went to bed.

On Sunday we lounged around up on the hill for a bit at the farm. Then we went to see my mum and dad. My mum isn’t well, she has a slipped disk in her back but they still insisted I came around to see them. We had the obligatory roast dinner which I struggled to eat owing to the dodgy tummy but it was still lovely. My mum now thinks I am pregnant which, strange lady.

Then we tootled off home and I fell asleep on the sofa. I would say it’s my age but I’ve always enjoyed a nap so I can’t blame it on that.

Birthday blues

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Ok I’m being selfish I know and a bit of a moody cow but I’m 30 tomorrow so I think I can be allowed to be a little miffed.

I’m just annoyed as I can’t spend my birthday with my mates (we have a wedding to go to on Saturday, one of Bob’s mates from school). I’ll probably have to spend it with Bob’s mates. Nothing against Bob’s mates they are cool but they aren’t my girls or the LXDAS lot.

So I have decided to have a 31st Birthday party next year. I haven’t had a birthday party since I was 18. I was supposed to have a huge get togther on my 21st, we went over to Gulleit Quarry in Malvern to have a bit of a sunbathe and we were actually doing a model shoot for Snowbarod UK, Sian was modelling bikinis, (back in the day when July was in the summer). My mate Wayne decided to have a bit of a climb up the side of one of the cliffs. He fell and broke his leg in two places, the bone was sticking through the skin and eveything. Myself and Eddie, (used to be the editor of Snowboard UK) went over to look after the gory bit of the injury whilst Guy and Rhys held Waynes hand. The ambulance arrived, they wanted to call the Air Ambulance but it couldn’t land so we all helped carry him to the ambulance over the rocks. They pumped him full of morphine and he stopped crying. After that we didn’t feel like going out partying.

My 23rd Birthday most people seemed to be busy so only me, Small and Bob went out. On the way home we heard a big splash as we crossed Sabrina Bridge. Somebody was swimming about in the Severn. We though it was odd and stood on the bridge to see if anybody else was there. Smally shouted to the chick if she was ok. She wasn’t, she was trying to drown herself. We legged it down to the bank. A guy on a narrow boat had heard the comotion and came out with a life ring. Stupidly it didn’t have a rope on the other end of it so the poor girl was floating around in the river clinging onto the ring. We managed to persuade her to kick her legs and she finally got close enough for us to drag her out. I called for an ambulance and they took her away.

Other crappy birthdays include my 1st birthday when I went to hospital because I drank weed killer.
My 11th birthday when I went to hospital as I had something horrible in my eye.
My 19th Birthday when my mums friend died and I toook the call from the Hospice.

It’s not all bad though. Last year I spent my birthday driving down a crazy ‘road’ in Iceland for 3 hours before hiking up a hill to get beautiful views of Laki crater lake. I’ve also spent my birthday in Edinburgh a few years back in stunning weather and in St-Davids in Pembrokeshire in not so stunning weather, but it was still gorgeous. But I still want to see my friends.

Wasteful Britain

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Is anybody so stupid that they need it pointing out that we shouldn’t be wasting food. That was my first thought on hearing Gordon Browns comments. But then I rememebred that horrendous statistic. Apparently 6.7 million tonnes of wasted food are thrown away each year. I don’t understand this. Do people just go to the shops and buy random stuff without knowing what they are going to cook?! If so then I’m not suprised stuff gets wasted. Decide your menu then make a list for freaks sake!! Think about the bigger picture. Food is a very valuable resource, if you waste it it’s the same as wasting electricty. Energy goes inot growing that food and shipping it around the world. And of course always rememebr some people don’t have enough to eat and we do so don’t freaking waste it!!!

If I remember correctly, (and I very rarely do so you’ll pardon me if this is rubbish) Post War in the UK the average spent on food was a third of the weekly income. Now that doesn’t happen now unless you eat out every night. I suspect there may be a return to these days, if it makes people appeciate food more then I’m almost pleased. However I don’t waste food so it’s quite annoying that the cost is being pushed up by these selfish buggers that do.

By the way, I have some flowers on my tomatoes finally. Yay!!