Precipitation strikes again.

So the hurricane weakened loads as it hit land and therefore New Orleans got away with it. About 90 people died overall. Still awful but could have been a whole lot worse. I just watched a video of the flood defences, (I know I’m a geek but feel free to point it out again if you like). It looks as if the storm surge was just lapping at the tops of the levees and just the occasssional wind driven wave lapped over the top.

Message to New Orleans. Either finish those defences NOW!!! Come on it’s been 3 years it should have been the priority, before rebuilding the houses you should make sure they are protected. OR, abandon the city, don’t live there any more it’s in a coastal flood plain. The defences will need to be made higher and higher as sea levels rise and hurricanes become more agressive.

Now Gustav has been downgraded to a tropical storm, (do you think it’s upset?) let’s hope the media gives a bit more coverage of what has been going on in India. 90 people dead so far but whole villages have been washed away by the monsoon in Bihar region so they’ll never be able to tell how many peopole have actually died. The Indian Government are focussing on rescuing the million or so people stranded in villages which is excellent work but the relief camps are overflowing apparently.

Bihar, source BBC


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