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Get a grip!!

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I’m fed up with hearing about the Russel Brand and Johnathan Ross thing. It has been the top story on the ews for the last 4 days!! Come on BBC put things in perspective. There’s been a massive Earthquake in rural Pakistan with thousands of people cut off and all you can talk about is this non story!!

Brand is controversial and so to a lesser degree is Ross. If you are easily offended then don’t flipping watch or listen to them. I’m not saying what they did wasn’t wrong but I don’t see what it has to do with 28,000 people who blatentely didn’t listen to the actual show. After the show was aired last Saturday there were 2 complaints, the BBC apologised and then all hell let loose. People must have heard the apology and decided they would quite like to be offended and searched out the clip on the internet, or even worse, they haven’t heard it at all and have just complained for the hell of it. Brand and Ross have both apologised to Andrew Sachs and it’s up to him and his grandaughter if they want to accept it or not and not the general public.


Rather cross

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I think I actually restrained from commenting on this at the time but as it seems to have popped back up in the news I thought I would have a little chat/rant about it.
The BBC have reported that one of the teenagers locked up for kicking a young girl to death has had his minimum sentence reduced from 16 years and 3 months to 15 years and 4 months. The other yobs were told that their minimum sentences still stood. I know it’s a token gesture but I don’t think it should have been cut at all. The story is just heartbreaking.

In brief a young couple were walking through the park and started chatting to a group of lads. The conversation turned sour somehow, (probably because the couple were Goths and the group of teenagers, scum who can’t cope with someone looking or dressing a bit different to them) and they ended up knocking the lad unconscious. His girlfriend tried to protect his unconscious body and ended up getting stamped to death.

Anybody that kills a young woman and almost kills her bloke for dressing a bit different to the norm should be locked up and never released. It’s not just the act itself (which was truly horrific) but tales of the court case left me revolted with this stinking pit of a country. The parents of the yobbo scum were giggling in court. Yes all a big laugh isn’t it?! Your kids have been sentenced to life in prison at the age of 15 and it’s flipping hilarious. Probably not admitting that their little angles could have possibly have done this, and if they had it was obviously the Goths fault for looking different. There is a very sad under class in this country, which seems to be taking over. We are supposed to be a tolerant nation but this just goes against everything that occasionally makes me proud to be British. So fucking what if they look different to you!! If we all looked the same the world would be a very dull place.

I’m not normally an aggressive person and am normally quite tolerant but in this case I hope you rot in hell you filthy scum bags!! Karma will come and get you.

Subway, dogs and secret army’s

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My goodness it’s cold today. There was a bit of sleet around yesterday and Malvern looks like it’s had a sprinkling of snow. It took Bob ages to defrost the car this morning.

Anyway, I had rather a nice weekend, it went a bit like this.

Bob came and picked me up from work and I went for a nice little run as a sort of pre-emptive strike on all the unhealthyness I would undoubtedly be facing over the coming couple of days. Spex arrived not long after I got back and I cooked us some bangers and mash. We lurked around for a bit then went and met Dev, KP and May-Z at a local drinking establishment, (the Wheatsheaf). They had bought along a pressie for Spex. It was this weeks Zoo magazine. Now feel no obligation to point out this magazine is a load of tat, we all know this, the reason for the purchase was the special Kerry Katona section. Spex has a bit of a phobia of Kerry Katona so seeing her in all her naked glory was quite stomach turning, (for us all not just Spex). Dev, Kp and May-Z had also been busy ‘editing’ the pictures of Ms Katona so that she seemed to be screaming SPEX very loudly.

The drink flowed and the arguments didn’t for a change, we laughed lots about really random stuff. May-Z seemed to think that Subway smelt of yeast so we somehow came to the conclusion between us that everyone there must be suffering from thrush. I also vaguely remember something about and unlocked gate and a dog. And also talk of the SAS but I better not mention that. Then to the main reason we were there, to organise a trip to see Ebby. We decided in about 20 seconds a date so we really didn’t have to all meet up for this but hey, it’s nice to get out. We stumbled home and all went to bed.

Next day Myself, Bob and Spex wandered into town for some lunch and met KP and Dev in the Swan. May-Z had gone to see his beloved Birmingham City play. We then were at a bit of a lose end. After much standing around in town deciding if it was too early to got to the pub I went and purchased Trivial Pursuit and we all went back to our place to play it whilst drinking tea. We are definitely beginning to show our age. A sort of plan was formulated, I would cook dinner for everyone and then we would go into town to meet up with May-Z and his mate Rich.

We wandered to the Red Dragon and sat outside. It was a more sedate night, well for most of us anyway. May-Z and Rich decided to go to Evolution but actually ended up going to the Marrs Bar and didn’t get back until silly o’clock.

Next morning we all got up at the usual time even though we had gained an hour in the night. When I stumbled out of bed and went to find Bob, (playing some war game on the PC), the first thing he said was, Spex is NOT going to be happy. Harry Redknapp has gone to Spurs. Ohh dear, sure enough he wasn’t very happy and we spent the next 20 minutes or so watching Sky Sports News dissect what had happened. The others arrived and we all went to O’Neil’s for some lunch. The footy was on and I got to see Liverpool score against Chelsea, Yay!! I by no means thought the score would stay that way but when it did I was rather pleased. Rich left to catch his bus and everyone else came back to ours to read the paper and drink tea before drifting home. I went to the gym and so felt marginally better about the stupid amounts of food and rink I had consumed. Everyone’s happy!!

Rollercoaster ride

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As my boss would say it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I have had some fab news and also some awful news, both arriving in the same text message, thanks for that love.

I really can’t go into too much detail but someone very close to me is getting married, finally. I’m very excited about that. He is also dissaperaing off next year for another tour of somewhere very hot and sweaty and hopefully his last full on tour all together. I can’t articulate what it feels like to be told that someone you love dearly will be in such danger. I know people live with it everyday but I don’t think I could cope if I lost someone else. His dad is still fighting, lets hope he stays in this world long enough to see his son married.

This coupled with the fact I have not been on very good form recently means that I have been having an emotional old time, which is very unlike me. I’ll pull myself together and be incredibly British about it. Well actually until the wedding when I can almost guarantee that I’ll be a jibbering wreck.

Guitar Heroes and Heroines. Rock Gods and Goddesses.

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This is pretty self-explanatory and is a continuation of a conversation myself, Bob and Spex had a couple of months ago. There are two halls of fame. One for Guitar Heroes and Heroines the other for Rock Gods and Goddesses, you can appear in both lists but you have to be pretty special. I’ve tried to be unbiased and not let my personal taste in music influence the lists.

Guitar Heroes and Heroines, (in no particular order)
1. Matthew Bellamy (well he would have to be first)
2. Jimmy Hendrix
3. Charlotte Hatherley
4. Angus Young, (purely for the insane continuing riff through Thunderstruck)
5. Jimmy Page
6. Slash
7. Jennifer Batten, (I’ll even excuse the hair)
8. Brian May
9. Dave Grohl
10. Pete Townsend
11. Keith Richards
12. Jeff Beck
13. Tom Morrello
14. Joni Mitchell
15. Joan Jett
16. Dave Davis
17. Graham Coxon
18. Chuck Berry
19. BB King

Rock Gods and Goddesses
1. David Bowie
2. Freddie Mercury
3. Mick Jagger
4. Dave Grohl, (ohh there you go first to appear in both)
5. Kurt Cobain
6. Roger Daltrey
7. Matthew Bellamy, (that’s the second)
8. Debbie Harry
9. James Hepffield
10. Ozzy Osbourne
11. John Lennon
12. Axl Rose
13. Courtney Love, (I’m not sure about her, she’s an amazing front woman which I s’pose makes her a rock goddess)
14. Jeff Buckley
15. Stephen Tyler
16. Siouxsie Sioux


See the light damn you.

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The coverage is really begining to annoy me, it seems to have been going on forever.
However, is anybody else really worried that McCain will get voted in?
I hate all the the tit for tat arguing. Actually tell your voters what you intend doing and stop slagging eachother off, I think both parties are now guilty of this.

Croyde and cats

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We went surfing in Croyde at the weekend. The weather wasn’t that good but the waves were. I won’t bore you with another Croyde story but I’ll shove some pics on here later as there was a stunning sunset on Sunday.
On Monday evevning I was bustling around the kitchen when I noticed a kitten in my garden, a little ginger tom. I went outside to say hello. Then I heard a comotion coming from the garage roof, a little black and white kitten appeared and leapt onto the garden fence and onto the ground. I was marvelling at the two felines and trying to prevent them entering my house as they seemed to think a game of British bulldog was in order. They kept charging towards me and dodging me to get into the kitchen before skidding across the wooden floor. Just then another black and white kitten appeared through the gate. I then believed we were under attacked an retreated to the kitchen. Actually I didn’t, I spoke to them all and gave them a little tickle under the chin.