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Oh Christmas Tree

Posted in Uncategorized on 28/12/2008 by bimbo78

Christmas was actually just as lovely as ever. I had far too much to eat and drink as usual. There were 12 of us this year. I had to help a bit more with the preparation as K and O had done the dinner this year, their first Christmas dinner. My uncle usually did it, he even managed it last year although I did end up sending him out of the kitchen as he was struggling to take stuff out of the oven. Unfortunately my cousin S got a work phone call just as the main course was being dished up, and he is in the sort of ‘profession’ where he couldn’t ignore it. He did as much as he could over the phone but had to go into the camp later on.
As we all sat down for dinner there was a moment of angst, I sat in my usual spot next to where Roy should have been. I tried to persuade Marcus to sit there but he said no that K had to so he did. For the last 20 or so Christmases I have sat next to my uncle Roy on Christmas day. He would insult me and laugh at my jokes, especially if I insulted him back. He would listen to my problems too and give his honest opinion on absolutely anything. I’m going to miss him so much. As we drank to absent friends we all managed to stay dry eyed, it’s what he would have wanted and I swear at that moment I could smell pipe tobacco wafting through the air.

On with the festivities, we were all too stuffed for cheese and wine and so we drifted into the sitting room. I lay in front of the log burner like a huge cat whilst everyone else chatted away. The minutes ticked by and more booze was drank. S and Vikki left with the children. Then it was time for Doctor Who so the proper grownups threw us out of the sitting room to watch some hideous soap whilst we withdrew to the study. K got his hip flask of port out which he has taken to carrying everywhere. He got it from a friend who had died in action. Nice!

More vino and port was consumed then we went upstairs and finally had our cheese course at about 8:30. After more chatting around the huge dinning room table we headed home. It was lovely and actually very similar to how it would have been if he had still been there. Which of course I think he may have been.

On boxing day we wandered around to Phil and Ems for dinner, this was nicely chilled out. Then last night we wnet out for a curry with Bob’s old school mates in Cleobury. Time for me to see my friends I think. Sarah has gone to France for New Year and I think Mer is moving house, I really hope Smally is about. I really need a cuddle.


Last wedding of the year

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The wedding was lovely if not a little emotional. I’ve never been to such a small wedding before, it makes you feel very special for having been invited. Seeing K happy and with such a lovely lady means so much to me. There was lots of eating and drinking and a little bit of crying too. Now just Christmas day to get through. It is going to be so odd.

In the bleak midwinter

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It’s been an odd few days. My work Christmas party was the usual drunken affair. I ate far too much which meant that I didn’t actually drink a huge amount as I was too full, I was very glad of this the next morning. We had a good old dance and I offended the 70’s obsessed DJ by asking for Nirvana. He played it and everyone loved it.

Next day I had a very stressful day at work thanks to some stupid client of mine. Anyway I’m not going there as I don’t want to think about work. Then yesterday, (Saturday) was my beloved uncles and godfathers funeral. It was a very emotional day, the church was tiny and so many people had turned up that there was a PA system outside. This meant as we followed Roy in there were crowds of people doing that awful sympathetic look. I know they can’t help it and it’s human nature but it does make you feel like you are in a bit of freak show. Two of my uncles best mates said tributes to him, I have no idea how they both held it together so long. Then K read a poem.

We all went back to a hotel for some booze and food. O’s family had flown over the day before for the wedding, they came to the funeral too, what a place to meet your daughters future in-laws. People slowly drifted away leaving just the close family. Then we left too. I was a miserable bugger the rest of the evening. Bob tried to cheer me up but ended up making me cry again by saying, “it’s awful that he has gone but you are a better person for having known him”. Oh my god how true is that?! Such a kind generous person, so fabulously insulting and brilliantly intelligent.

So now here I am on Yule up early waiting to go for a run. It’s K’s wedding tomorrow. How hideously ironic is that. I’m going to visit Smally later as I am feeling the need to see people I love. Live life, you never know when it is going to be cruelly snatched away.

Oh and happy Yule, the shortest day, the bleak midwinter. Say hello to the sun, it’s coming back to us.

Bah Humbug

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I’m not in the mood for partying which is a shame as it is the work Christmas party tonight. These are normally a drunken noisey affair. I might drive so I don’t get too inebriated. I have so much work to get done before tomorrow. I’ve actually booked time off over Christmas and New Year which I am so looking forward to.

I drove all the way to Milford Haven and back yesterday. 8 hours driving fro a 1 hour site visit. Still it’s better than being stuck in the office.


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Somebody must have been listening. The light has gone to shine elsewhere and I’m sure it’ll shine brighter than most. Goodbye. I’ll see you again one day. Oh and give Steve a cuddle from me.

Falling apart

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F**k it all. I can’t cope with it. Just put the light out and let him be peaceful. Let the pain stop and let the grief begin. The glimmer has gone anyway. How did I do this last time, I don’t know. I can’t remember.

Broken crockery

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I wrote an extremely melancholic blog a few days ago. I never actually posted it as it was far too personal in the end. It was along the lines of my family being very close and likening them to a broken plate that had been glued back together.

Well lets hope there is plenty of glue left. I think we are going to need it.