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Might have to leave

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I’ve deleted this post.


Goodluck and a bit of history

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I’m not a fan of celebrity culture as may have come across in my blogs before. In fact I hate it, people who are famous for being famous, rubbish. I have never watched an episode of Big Brother, X factor or that jungle thing.

However, I would never wish what has happened to Jade Goody on anyone. She started with cervical cancer, (the silent killer, don’t miss your tests girls) and that unfortunately spread even after chemo and radio therapy to her bowel. Bob’s mum died of bowel cancer and various members of my family have succumbed to the dreaded C. My aunty got cervical cancer and died a long time before I was born. In fact she was having her last stint in hospital the day my brother was born, and apparently sat outside the operating theatre in her dressing gown waiting for my mum to come out. She was the first family member to see my brother. She died not long afterwards. I thought things had come a long way since then with the whole cervical cancer thing. Jade must have a particularly nasty form of it.

It’s not a nice way to go and an awful thing to watch. Good luck Jade and I know this sounds an awful thing to say but I hope it takes you quickly in the end.

If cancer effects 1 in 3 people does that mean I have had my lot now? I don’t think that stat means that 1 in 3 get it just that you are affected by it. So this is morbid but here is a list of the people in my immediate family that died from cancer. My brother Steve, (brain tumour that came back after being operated on), Uncle Roy, (Prostate cancer that spread to his bones), Aunty Betty, (cervical that spread to everywhere) Aunty Elsie, (breast cancer that spread)
And the list of survivors.
Aunty Dianne, (Cervical cancer which they caught in time), Uncle Les, (skin cancer which he got from doing his national service in Aiden).

I may have missed some. It’s weird, none of my grandparents suffered from cancer, my nan on my dad’s side lived to 89, my granddad died young but I think it was from a heart attack. My mums mum and dad, (who will never be known as my grandparents for a whole list of reasons) both died in the same week. My mums dad died on boxing day of pneumonia and my mums mum died on my mums birthday, (New Years eve) of a heart attack. My mum has also had a heart attack so this is what concerns me more than cancer. It was a lot to do with stress as it was when my brother was ill. I’ll never forget that phone call. I was at the Environment Agency in Shrewsbury when my dad called. It was a big open plan office and I didn’t really know anybody but they soon got the jist of the conversation and just told me to go as soon as I got off the phone. I didn’t as she wasn’t allowed visitors straight away so I went first thing the next morning. I rang up work to say I was at the hospital and they immediately assumed Steve had been taken in again until I told them the situation whilst laughing away to myself, (that always makes people uneasy). I spent a lot of that week laughing at the stupidness of the situation. My sickly family. Steve was very upset, he thought he was going to lose his mum, he was there when it had happened. It must have been terrifying, the rock of the entire family being beaten by something. But it’ll take more than a mere heart attack to do my mum in. She was out of hospital in about a week, it had been a warning shot for her to sort herself out. She had always indulged in the farmers diet, too much fat and salt. She did sort herself out but it has been a real struggle.

Anyway this blog is meandering away, what started off as a message to Jade Goody seems to have become rather self absorbed as usual, well it is my blog so I think I will allow myself a little self indulgence.

Bimbo returns

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I’ve been away but now I’m back. I’ll write something a bit more substantial when I get chance but at the moment I am stupidly busy.