I love the NHS

How dare you diss the NHS!!!! You don’t even freaking live here and have therefore have never experienced it so how on Earth can you possibly have an opinion. It’s not Socialist it’s not Victorian, (although some of the hospitals are but who cares about that, they knew how to build much better than we do now). Just because Cuba has an NHS doesn’t mean you can’t have one too. Health care for the poor how can you possibly object to that. People who don’t have the money to pay into health schemes but have the misfortune of becoming ill. Have some responsibility.

Sure the NHS is overstretched due to our growing and aging population, we have an obesity problem and a drinking problem as a nation. There is a cash flow problem because we seem to be ploughing money into stupid wars. You may have to wait a while for ops that aren’t urgent, or in the case of Herefordshire you may have to travel great distances to receive care BUT!! Care is what you receive. If you have the luck that my family has had living in a country that doesn’t have an NHS we would have been bankrupt. My brother was in theatre at QE in Brum within 2 HOURS of being diagnosed with a tumour having brain surgery and they didn’t even do a credit check on us. Come here and tell me that we aren’t lucky. The acute care in this country is some of the best in the world. Oh and ambulances, we call them they come and take us to hospital and we don’t have to pay for it!! We fall down a hill and break our leg they send a helicopter! We don’t get service with a smile, (but we wouldn’t like that as we are British it makes us uneasy) we just get what we need.

Besides, I wouldn’t be able to get private medical insurance, I am now ‘uninsurable’, (yeah thanks for that as if my freaking stressing isn’t bad enough about the head thing without insurance companies ganging up on me too)
Oh and the matriarch worked for the NHS for over 25 years, you diss them she’ll come back and get you.


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