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Essex and a bohemian pregnancy

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I nipped down to Romford at the weekend. Actually can it be called ‘nipping’ when it takes 3 and a half hours to get there? I have absolutely no idea. Sarah came to pick me up from the station, my goodness that was a shock. She is 8 months pregnant, the whole point of the visit being to see her before baby decides to make an appearance. Last time I saw her and Lisa was on my birthday but the less we say about that the better, let’s just say this was a much happier occasion. She is definitely defying gravity, I have no idea how those things stay in there, surely it can’t be completely down to pelvic floor muscles?

Lovely mummy

Lisa cooked us dinner and daddy Jazz put in an appearance also. I lounged about on the floor causing trouble whilst being told stories of the unusual bohemian pregnancy, apparently some hospitals just aren’t really happy with 4 parents putting in an appearance during scans etc whereas others don’t mind at all.

Lisa and I got quite merry and talked quite a bit of rubbish. Oh hang on… no that was just me. I do apologise. Actually no I don’t, I think it is just expected of me. We watched a bit of TV whilst I balanced on Sarah’s birthing ball, oh and Tim Minchin was on Jonathan Ross, I love a man in eye makeup. To stop being shallow he is a very talented antipodean and has such an expressionful, (did I make that word up?) face. I wanted to get tickets to see him but he is in Brum this weekend coming and I am otherwise engaged.

I have a vague recollection of going to be quite late but I really couldn’t tell you. Anyway, I slept really well and wandered downstairs about 8.30 to clatter about for a bit and talk to the cat. I watched a bit of Question time on Iplayer but got too cross and had to turn it off before I threw the lap top through the window, as it wasn;t my lap top or indeed my window I thought this may not be a wise plan. Now I could have written an entire blog about QT as would have been the norm back in the regular blogging days but I don’t want to give the BNP any of my time, I’ll just say I hope that is political suicide Mr Griffin. Oh and there is no such thing as an indigenous people in this country. We are all descended from Romans, Angles, ‘Celts’, Picts, Saxons, Vikings and Normans to name just some random invaders from the top of my head. So stop spouting half true’s and disguising them as ‘history’ to people too stupid to realise what you are trying to do you stupid, arrogant racist tosser. So much for not getting cross! I haven’t got that cross about stuff for ages though, it’s like the return of my life force. Sigh.

I was joined by the girlies who managed to calm me down with coffee and a bacon sarnie, (why do people always try and feed me up, oh yes I remember, thanks chicks). The paper arrived and I attempted the crossword. I freaking hate you Times crossword. I swear I’m getting more stupid and you and Jeremy Paxman have been put on this earth to prove it to me. Leave me alone!!!!!!
Sarah and I waddled into town and when we got back Benner and Mer had arrived, yay!! ( By the way Benner, could you send me some of the photographs so I can shove some in?) We waddled off to see Nori and Roger who had a baby boy about 6 weeks previously, oh my god babies everywhere!! Benner got hassled into holding little Kai whereas I managed to busy myself constructing an activity centre type thing for Kai whilst not making eye contact with anybody whilst they were holding the sprog. You see I’m more at home with screwdrivers than babies. We waddled back and more dinner was cooked and wine consumed. Papa Gay turned up and we talked about some really serious shit before I drew a map of Britain on the aforementioned Times, (that’ll teach you for irritating me newspaper, ha feel my geographical ability) to show Gaiton where various places in Britain are. He drew France underneath to show me where he was from, I have to say France was a little out of proportion but good effort. (Geek!) We posed for lots of silly photographs and I do believe I started licking Mer’s arms before telling Ben quite a lot that I was going to sleep with his girlfriend, in a Southern States accent. Yeah, sorry about that. I promise I won’t lick her arms if we go to Paris, (Bimbo really is returning to normal if she is licking and biting people as well as refering to herself in the third person)

me n lisa

mummies and a daddy

me n mer

Secretly proud of them puppies

Next day I actually did watch the rest of QT and read an article mentioned in it by some other hatemonger about Stephen Gately. My freaking god I hate the Daily Mail. Anyway, shhh before I go off on one again. We all lay on the big sofa bed in the living room reading the paper and watching Sarah’s tummy wriggling about. Then we finally managed to get up properly and headed off in our various directions homewards. Lovely, just lovely. Good luck Sarah, Lisa, Gaiton and Jazz. And thanks Ben and Mer.



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One of the chicks I went to Cranfield with is currently on an epic journey around south America. I spotted she had uploaded a load of photos today from various places. I really need to get away. I ended up scanning loads of old photos of my travels from the days before digital cameras, (you remember those? no?)
So here are a few of the more stunning ones, some the quality isn’t that good. It certainly hasn’t helped my wanderlust in the slightest but then again I was very foolish to think it might.


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Yeah so I deleted last nights post. Sue me!!

Oh f**k, again….

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Oooohhh dear blog avoidance!!!!!
Best not write or I’ll break my new rule.
I did have a lovely time in Brighton the weekend just gone but I won’t discuss that just yet.
The dark is rising I fear.