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ATP and Scanda love

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I really need to tell you about last weekend at ATP but I just haven’t found the time. I shall post ablog soon, very soon. In the meantime I am begining to get concerned about my obsession with Scandanavian music. In particular Icelandic music….Sigur Ros, Seabear, Mum, For a Minor Reflection, Reykavik…….hmmmmm.


Ooooh a list

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Ok here we go I should really be packing but I’m getting distracted by tunes. ….. inspired by Spex’s list on his top ten gigs he’s ever been to I shall endeavour to recount mine also. Also as we are off to ATP tomorrow I would like to almost do a before and after as I’m expecting to be blown away by Modest Mouse and maybe even Mum, (no pressure). In no particular order…..

First Aid Kit at End of the Road 2009, two teenage Swedish sisters who just had me captivated. I wrote about it in my End of the Road Blog but I shall just reiterate… their cover of Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Peasant Song was wondrous and their own songs were exceptional too. Even given the odd circumstances, (a very very hot tent which ended up meaning I was on my own for part of the gig as the others ‘could take it’)

Weezer Glastonbury 1995, (yes indeed I know how old that makes me sound). Now why wouldn’t you want to start your gig going heritage by going to the 25th Anniversary of possibly the most famous festival in the world? Well that is exactly what the 17 year old Bimbo did. Coming from the sticks I had only seen local bands previous to my little trip to Glasto so the whole experience actually did blow me away. Weezer had released ‘the blue album’ but I hadn’t listened to it much. We, (as in me and my first chap Chris) went to see them on the other stage as the others, (a gang of about 10) had gone off to see other more famous stuff. Chris had smoked too much weed and ended up just sitting on the ground. Whereas I was just awe struck with these odd looking geeky rockers. This was me at the time, (and still is) but there just hadn’t been such a thing in my spectrum before. It was fine to be a complete nerdy geek and also love tunes. I decided there and then not to even attempt to follow fashion or be cool. Buddy Holly came on and we all went nuts.

Flaming Lips 2009 as written below. Just fabulous.

Muse Birmingham Academy 2001. I had bought Showbiz in about 2000 after hearing it round Bob’s place. We weren’t together at the time, (we were on a break!!) but I just couldn’t get over the beautiful mix of almost orchestral melodies mixed with that voice and guitar. OK Bob and I had split up before this point… but it is almost thanks to Muse and Showbiz that we actually got back together, I won’t elaborate as it is a dull tale of love triangles. When we saw them they properly blew me away. I can’t remember ever feeling like that before at a gig. Just immense. They played their upcoming single off the ‘new album’ Plug in baby and everyone went nuts. Also when we were in the queue waiting to go into the gig Muse walked out of the front door and got in a car and drove off. I turned to Bob and a couple of other people in the queue were muttering but yes indeed most people actually didn’t recognise them, that is the closest I have ever been to Matt Bellamy and I didn’t have my butterfly net!
The Low Anthem End of the Road Festival 2009. I wrote about this here. Suffice to say I have never cried at a gig before.

The Hives V 2004.. Oh my god I have never known a band engage the crowd quite so well before this, quite literally in fact as we ended up taking part in a mock wedding ceremony whereby the crown married the band. . I think this is where my Scanda love stems from.
Pulp Glastonbury 1995 A seminal moment, I shall say no more. Oh is this the way they say the futures meant to feel….

Explosions in the Sky 2009 End of the Road Oh my goodness. The company the alcohol and 3 very drunken chicks screaming for a lovely chap who has since become a mate to snog me. He didn’t.

The Young Knives Hereford 2008. The combination of this being one of my favourite bands playing my home town is actually quite mind blowing.

Killers V 2004, despite what I say about them these days when I first heard the Killers and first saw them live they were just fabulous. I always assumed they were British because of their sound, (I feel the need to point out that that is a compliment). They were on the 3pm slot on the 2nd stage after they had just released Hot Fuzz. It’s Indie Rock and Roll for me!!!!

And that’s it, so many bands that should be in there and it may of course be subject to change when the blonde brain decides to remember stuff. …I can’t believe the Foo Fighters and Terrorvision didn’t make the cut as well as loads of other stuff from End of the Road. There you go all is fair in love and war, (and lists)

Old blogging action

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I couldn’t find a nice way of importing my 2 previous blogs so I have just cut and pasted them into a giant document which can be found via the pages down the right of the screen. Or here