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Crimble, Feasts, Cocktails and Horns

Posted in Drunkeness, weekends with tags on 10/01/2010 by bimbo78

Pics coming soon for this…

So I haven’t written my ATP blog, I did start it but then got quickly bored so failed to finish it. I hadn’t been looking forward to Christmas at all in 2009 as it would be the first without the old matriarch around. It was as lovely as ever though. Just nicely chilled. Then came ‘The Feast’ in between Crimble and New Year. As I had been a miserable bugger Neil, KP and May-Z came around to my house and cooked me dinner, well actually Neil and KP cooked us all dinner and a splendid dinner it was too. We drank rather a lot, (well I did) and played the obligatory game of Trivial Pursuit. Bob won again. We listened to lots of tunes including Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer who had me tittering no end.

After a few days at work for me came New Years Eve, I as usual hadn’t arranged anything as I am really not a big fan of the pressure that is applied to everyone to have such a fabulous night on NYE. Also this year being so very different in every way I was even more loathing, especially as NYE would have been the old girls 65th birthday. So as usual we made no plans. Neil decided he wanted a cocktail party and so we all invited ourselves around to Steff and Pete’s in Malvern, the theme this year was a resurgence of last year’s ‘Hat Club’ in that we had to wear a silly hat. Myself and KP both picked one of those silly mock top hats that is tiny tiny and little more than a fascinator, (look in up boys), Neil named it the hatinator. We mixed cocktails and gradually got quite merry, Pete invented a cocktail which he named the bagpuss as it was pink and fluffy, this went down very well, (in every sense of the word). Neil and myself re-enacted the Profumo scandal pictures which I must get of KP.

Before we knew it along came midnight and we watched the fireworks, the ones on the TV and the ones in Worcester which we could see from our vantage point high up in Malvern. Champpers was opened and I got the Creme de Cassis out so we were drinking Kir Royale’s to continue the cocktail theme. I big 2009 farewell in a poignant, nay obscene gesture as I screamed FUCK OFF 2009!!! As loudly as I could. It was possibly the worst year of my life but let us just think about the positives. I have excellent friends and being surrounded by some of the ones that have seen the very worst of me this year and still invited me out and made sure things were ok is just mind blowing. Special mentions to Neil, KP, Spex and obviously Bob. You’re fucking amazing and you really did bear the brunt of ‘dark Bimbo’. I should also say thanks to my girls and their significant others who have also kept me distracted by having offspring, getting me drunk and making me laugh and cry when I’ve needed, (Small, Pete, Mer, Ben, Sarah and Lisa). And a very special thanks to Ebby and Pally who hauled me out of the spiralling black hole that I was plummeting into, who the fuck knows where I would be now if it wasn’t for you two.

Ahem, enough enough enough…. we kept drinking the champers, or should I say myself and Neil did I think. Ours hosts left us to as they retired to bed. We carried on jabbering absolute nonsense until around 4.30 when we finally persuaded ourselves we should go to bed. After a drunken nights sleep I felt remarkably chipper the next day but it could be said I was still drunk. We busied ourselves cleaning tidying and cooking bacon before shouting at the television for not agreeing with us on the last decades best tunes. We finally left Steff in peace and limped off home for some well deserved sleep.

A few days later we indulged May-Z’s birthday wish of going to Jericho in Oxford and parping some horns. Myself, Bob, Neil and KP caught the train from Worcester, (which I think we may have been the entertainment on as I kept catching people laughing at us) Spex and H drove up from Pompey and May-Z caught the train from London village with a mysterious lady in tow. Before the others got there, myself Bob, Neil and Kp went to the Blackwells book shop, oh my good god, it was immense and I really could have spent all day in there. Anyway, we had work to do. We had a good giggle blowing horns etc before going to the Eagle and Child for a quick pub lunch. This is where Tolkein and C.S Lewis used to hang out, so we went through the door in true LXDSAS nerve and started talking about the most recent Dan Brown to try and offend as many people as possible. It didn’t work.

We wandered back towards the centre of Oxford through the biting wind towards the Steampunk exhibition which unbeknown to us was being held at the museum of the history of science which I got rather excited about. I saw some fabulous contraptions and fell in love with the watches made by Vianney Halter. There is also so proper old stuff on display in the museum and I got to see a couple of oriraries which I have a slight obsession with. I just really really want one and always have. Strange girl. We went and had a quick look at the Radcliffe camera and the Bodelian library before sighing under the bridge of Sighs and disappearing down a tiny dark alleyway to ‘The Turf’, another pub with very low ceilings, (ha ha Neil hit his head).

‘The Turf’ is famous as it is really old and had a lot of famous people drink in there, (so have most of the pubs in Oxford I imagine as it has a very good university apparently!!). Spex started talking about a bird called the Great Bustard, (or something like that) which is the size of a table and flies like a frisbie. I did an impression of one on the walk back to the station, leaping into the air and trying to spin around with my arms outstretched. Anyway, we said our goodbyes and disappeared off in various directions.