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Bimbo’s electoral comment

Posted in Uncategorized on 07/05/2010 by bimbo78

I should be making smart comments about the election but I’m not. I shall try though.
So a coalition for the first time since 1974…it’s odd but in my eyes a coalition should be a good thing as it means politicians will actually have to chat with each other and make agreements instead of slinging mud at one another.

We are yet to see the logistics of this coalition, Liberals will obviously be there as they currently hold the keys to power, (hahahah evil laugh) and I wouldn’t swap with Nick Clegg right now that’s for sure. On a slight tangent but staying with the election, what happened to the liberal vote?? They were doing so well in the opinion polls but they ended up losing 5 seats. I voted for them and a lot of good it did me; Mike Foster lost his seat so Worcester has turned from red to blue. . I think the Tories lured some of the Labour voters into a false sense of yellow fever by drumming up loads of liberal support so some of the Labour voters voted Liberal as for once it was seen as not being a wasted vote then they all the blues went out and voted Tory. It annoys me that people try to tactically vote, there are not only 2 alternatives and if people would actually assess and read manifestos they may actually see that!! Well maybe. Ohh and it’s good to see the Greens getting a seat. Well done.

Anyway Mr Clegg, he has already said he thought Brown had let the country down and if he did go into coalition with him he would be going back on his word. Plus Brown would need other parties to join the coalition as Lab Lib would still not have a big enough majority. Labour are waving a carrot on a stick though with offers of referendums on Trident and things like that, ( I like the suggestion from Dev that we should say we are keeping it but then secretly disarm) Cameron on the other hand is offering fuck all apart from the chance for Liberals to be in Government for the first time in god knows how long, (1974 short lived coalition??). Clegg should go with the Tories as they got more seats so that means the majority of the country want them in power, ( we are a democracy after all) However, (now please tune out now if you are offended by bad language), the Tories are a bunch of cunts. So Clegg is in an impossible position, go with the better offer according to his principles but side with a guy that you hold partly responsible for the economic crisis etc etc. Or go with what ‘the people’ want and forget your principles. Mr Clegg, given the minutely small possibility that you may be reading this blog there seems little point in giving advice but I reckon you should toss a coin. I would prefer a Lab Lib, (plus friends) but let’s not forget that means Brown will PM again without actually being voted in!! He’s a dictator!!! Oh I’m so mixed up.