Ta daaaahhh!

My name is Jackie I am a sort of freaky deaky scientist of the waterworld, (that’s me up there sat on that rock). I live in Worcester but work and am from the deepest darkest depths of Herefordshire. I am married to Rob AKA Fat Bob.

This blog is intended to be a space for my musings, rants and stories. I feel very passionate about a number of things, music, food and the environment being the most important but I’m sure that will all become clear with time anyway. I’m also quite partial to an extreme sport or two. I’ve had a few bits of awfulness happen to me in the past couple of years so at times the blog is very depressing and also incredibly repetative but you’ll excuse me for that I’m sure.

There are several people who’s names will get mentioned quite a bit so maybe a bit of background may help.

Rob, AKA Fat Bob that’ll be the bloke then, we met at university in 2000. I was living with someone else at the time but he turned out to be a bit gay so myself and Bob got together. We married in July 2007.

I’ll go through the members of a certain secret society first as they are the most tech friendly and therefore the most likley to actually read this blog.

Andy AKA Spex. I would say one of Bobs mates from uni but no he’s my mate too. In fact one of my best mates.

Neil AKA Dev I met him through Spex only a couple of years ago but it seems like forever. He lives in Worc too so we often get quite drunk together and talk rubbish

Kathryn AKA KP Dev’s significant other. A Texan with a penchant for JD, Yay. She has a very British sense of humour, ( that is suposed to be a compliment)

Ebby, we became friends via the LXDSAS, (labrador crossed with a a deerstalker appreciation society). I feel a very strong bond with Ebby which is odd as we don’t see eachother often at all.

Then there is my girls, (and a couple of boys) I love my girls but they won’t ever read this blog. Or maybe they will prove me wrong.

Claire AKA Smally. I met her at uni and we have been mates ever since. We used to get outrageously drunk on Vodka and terrorise the male populataion of Worcester Uni. She was one of my bridesmaids and now has a husband called Pete and a little girl called Ella.

Emma AKA Mer, I met her on a field trip to Province in the South of France whilst at uni. We used to drink gallons of red wine and quote Eddie Izzard and Monty Python at eachother. Also my bridesmaid She now lives in Wiltshire with her blokey Benner.

Sarah AKA Syrah, the first person I met at uni, also a red wine lover but not so keen on surreal comedy. Also a bridesmaid of mine. She defected down south to Romford and lives with her lovely South African lady called Lisa and has a bun in the oven.

Simon AKA Bond. He was my office mate at HL. I worked with him for years and we both live in Worcester so quite often go to the Hat and get drunk. He is married to Jennie.

Trev AKA TH, my oldest friend, quite literally mate. He was a ranger at the coutryside park where my parents owned a cafe. He is quite a bit older than me but has a very young outlook on life, probably fuelled by his penchant for younger women. His lady Claire is about 18 years younger than him and roughly the same age as me.

Kev AKA KT, my cousin. He lives in Northern Ireland but we are very close. He has been my surragate brother for years, (before my own even died). He is building a house in NI with his lovely lady Olwyn.

And briefly Bobs mates that he has know for many years.

Chris, one of his best men, he went to school with him. He lives with Lynn in Oxfordshire

Ben also a best man, that he went to school with. He lives in Suffolk with Jen 

Gaz. He knows Bob through Chris, but has know him for years. Gaz lives in London and gets us great gig tickets.

Sam. Also knows Bob through Chris. He runs an online snowboard magazine. He lives in Edinburgh with his lady also called Sam

Danny. He knows Bob through Sam I think and possibly went to school with him. He owns the house that Gaz lives in in London but is currenlty selling it so he can move in with his lady Kate.


2 Responses to “Ta daaaahhh!”

  1. andyspex Says:

    Hello and welcome to the random world of blogging.

  2. bimbo78 Says:

    Hello!!! Well you promted me to make a proper blog which I had been meaning to do for some time.

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