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Dinner Time

Posted in Cool chicks with tags on 06/06/2008 by bimbo78

I have decided I’m going to have a fantasy dinner party. There will be 9 other guests apart from me and they can be dead or alive. I reckon this will spread over a couple of posts as my brain is mush at the moment.

1) How about Queen Boudica, (I must check that spelling). The warrior Queen who led the true brits against the might of the Roman Empire. She was queen of a tribe that came from Norfolk called the Iceni. Her husband, (who had been a sort of pal of the Roman Empire) died and his province passed on to Boudica and her daughters. Well unfortunately the Romans weren’t as advanced as they have been made out to be and didn’t recognise women as heirs. They snatched her kingdom. Little buggers!

So she led a revolt consisting of the Iceni and some other tribes, (including the Trivonates) against the Romans. They managed to destroy Cochester which had been the capital of the Trivonate kingdom until the Romans had seized it and erected a temple to the former emperor Claudius there and actually got the locals to pay for it. Well Boudica and her troops soon burnt that down. The Roman dude Suetonius hurried back from North Wales where he had no doubt been crushing the locals to deal with the uprising. Boudica had made her way to London. Suetonius decided he didn’t have enough men to defend it so it was sacraficed. She burnt it to the ground and killed anybody who had not evacuated. The same happened in St-Albans. The scrap moved along Watling Street to somewhere in the West Midlands. Boudica and her daughters rallied their troops against the might of the Romans and there was a battle. Well she lost and posined herself but it was a great fight and it almost persuaded the Romans to abandon our island. But of cousrse Britain wouldn’t be what it is today without the Romans. I feel a Monty Python moment coming on but I’ll resist.


I’m not sure what we would discuss over dinner but I think she is great.