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Little ditty

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Let me tell you a story….it’s about a song, a song which I think may have changed my life. That’s a very powerful statement and of course I have no proof or indeed any way of obtaining any proof unless someone wants to clone me, erase the memory of the aforementioned song from my head then create another identical universe as well as a time machine to drop the clone back off to September 2009 and see if the clones life turns out differently to mine. No? Well ssshhh then.

I may have mentioned it before, in fact yes I have in my blog about End of the Road Festival 2009.
Ebby and I went to watch a band called The Low Anthem at EotR 2009. I had heard of them before but I can’t say I knew any of their tunes. We stood there in the bright warm sunshine, incidentley the only really nice weather we had had all that Summer and this was the second weekend in September so it really did feel sort of special. Just to go immediately go off on a tangent, (you’d expect nothing else) I haven’t mentioned it before but my memories of that year and the early part of 2010 are quite hazy. I was just sort of ‘acting’ at life. Doing what I thought I should be doing and occasionally getting drunk and talking about death with some very understanding friends. Anyway, I digress, (as always).. I will forever remember the moment I first heard the Low Anthem live. This hideously melancholic beat started to sound and the lead singer sang a song in an incredibly low whispering voice which to me felt like everyone else had just disappeared and he was singing to me..about me and the ridiculously dark person I was at the point in my life. What little emotion I showed outwardly came bubbling to the surface and I started to silently cry which I have certainly never done at a gig before. As the song finished Ebby hugged me and whispered to me that the song was written for me.
The unknowining tumour is fixing its home in the damp bed of the catacomb
As the raging war on the high wire unfolds she buries her teeth in the flesh.

After an incredibly emotional set that also had Ebby in tears I think we may have wandered off and found some booze. I think I can pinpoint this moment in time as when I first began to see the world through less grief stricken eyes, it really is amazing what a song can do.

When I came home from EotR 2009 I tried to find the song… I could only remember the above lyric. I searched on the net and found it hadn’t even been recorded let alone released yet. I found a version on youtube Here (apolgies for the awful sound quality) eventually that I used to listen to when I needed the hit of emotion, not always melancholic as the song eventually made me smile.

I went to End of the Road 2010 and it just so happened that the Low Anthem played again. Ebby and I got near the front and the band start to tell a little story about the song they were about to sing. They were sat in their tour bus at End of the Road 2009 waiting to come on and do their set when they penned a song that they were quite pleased with so sang it straight away when they got on stage whilst it was still fresh in their memories. It was obviously Smart Flesh which was the song that moved me…they sang it for me again but it had evolved. No longer so stupidly dark and melancholy, it had moved with me to a lighter brighter tune, still fraught with emotion but bearable and after it finished I had a huge grin on my face.

It’s just been released on their new Album which has been named after my song ‘Smart Flesh’. Listen to may not move you and you may find it dull like Bob does but that little song….my song will stay with me forever as reminder of who I was for about 18 months of my life, a shell of a person who wouldn’t have survived without good friends and an unbelievable husband. To quote another band “together we’re invincible”


Ooooh a list

Posted in Music on 10/12/2009 by bimbo78

Ok here we go I should really be packing but I’m getting distracted by tunes. ….. inspired by Spex’s list on his top ten gigs he’s ever been to I shall endeavour to recount mine also. Also as we are off to ATP tomorrow I would like to almost do a before and after as I’m expecting to be blown away by Modest Mouse and maybe even Mum, (no pressure). In no particular order…..

First Aid Kit at End of the Road 2009, two teenage Swedish sisters who just had me captivated. I wrote about it in my End of the Road Blog but I shall just reiterate… their cover of Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Peasant Song was wondrous and their own songs were exceptional too. Even given the odd circumstances, (a very very hot tent which ended up meaning I was on my own for part of the gig as the others ‘could take it’)

Weezer Glastonbury 1995, (yes indeed I know how old that makes me sound). Now why wouldn’t you want to start your gig going heritage by going to the 25th Anniversary of possibly the most famous festival in the world? Well that is exactly what the 17 year old Bimbo did. Coming from the sticks I had only seen local bands previous to my little trip to Glasto so the whole experience actually did blow me away. Weezer had released ‘the blue album’ but I hadn’t listened to it much. We, (as in me and my first chap Chris) went to see them on the other stage as the others, (a gang of about 10) had gone off to see other more famous stuff. Chris had smoked too much weed and ended up just sitting on the ground. Whereas I was just awe struck with these odd looking geeky rockers. This was me at the time, (and still is) but there just hadn’t been such a thing in my spectrum before. It was fine to be a complete nerdy geek and also love tunes. I decided there and then not to even attempt to follow fashion or be cool. Buddy Holly came on and we all went nuts.

Flaming Lips 2009 as written below. Just fabulous.

Muse Birmingham Academy 2001. I had bought Showbiz in about 2000 after hearing it round Bob’s place. We weren’t together at the time, (we were on a break!!) but I just couldn’t get over the beautiful mix of almost orchestral melodies mixed with that voice and guitar. OK Bob and I had split up before this point… but it is almost thanks to Muse and Showbiz that we actually got back together, I won’t elaborate as it is a dull tale of love triangles. When we saw them they properly blew me away. I can’t remember ever feeling like that before at a gig. Just immense. They played their upcoming single off the ‘new album’ Plug in baby and everyone went nuts. Also when we were in the queue waiting to go into the gig Muse walked out of the front door and got in a car and drove off. I turned to Bob and a couple of other people in the queue were muttering but yes indeed most people actually didn’t recognise them, that is the closest I have ever been to Matt Bellamy and I didn’t have my butterfly net!
The Low Anthem End of the Road Festival 2009. I wrote about this here. Suffice to say I have never cried at a gig before.

The Hives V 2004.. Oh my god I have never known a band engage the crowd quite so well before this, quite literally in fact as we ended up taking part in a mock wedding ceremony whereby the crown married the band. . I think this is where my Scanda love stems from.
Pulp Glastonbury 1995 A seminal moment, I shall say no more. Oh is this the way they say the futures meant to feel….

Explosions in the Sky 2009 End of the Road Oh my goodness. The company the alcohol and 3 very drunken chicks screaming for a lovely chap who has since become a mate to snog me. He didn’t.

The Young Knives Hereford 2008. The combination of this being one of my favourite bands playing my home town is actually quite mind blowing.

Killers V 2004, despite what I say about them these days when I first heard the Killers and first saw them live they were just fabulous. I always assumed they were British because of their sound, (I feel the need to point out that that is a compliment). They were on the 3pm slot on the 2nd stage after they had just released Hot Fuzz. It’s Indie Rock and Roll for me!!!!

And that’s it, so many bands that should be in there and it may of course be subject to change when the blonde brain decides to remember stuff. …I can’t believe the Foo Fighters and Terrorvision didn’t make the cut as well as loads of other stuff from End of the Road. There you go all is fair in love and war, (and lists)

Oh Yoshimi……

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I had a bit of a crazy couple of days at works at the end of last week. The weather was looking particularly awful for the weekend especially on the south coast. Oh joy of joys that was indeed where I was off to. I wrote a couple of emails to my friends resident at the south coast and also to my dad who was going away to Torquay for the weekend telling them all to wear their heavy shoes. I took a half day Friday and escaped the mounting chaos of the flood forecasters. The rain decided it would accompany me all the way down to Pompey but did not fall quite so intensely as I was expecting. I arrived nice and early, Spex had also left work early so we lounged about for a bit. H then arrived after an 11 day stint at work, oh my god the poor thing. Spex rustled up some grub whilst we planned logistics. It was decided we would enter Pompey via public transport as that would be the last thing ‘they’ would be expecting, take them by surprise that’s what I say. We arrived close to the Guild Hall and piled through the door straight to the bar. This bar sold 2 pint glasses which Spex decided to partake in, luckily for him he didn’t have to order it at the bar, the guy behind me just said my word, you’ll need two hands for that! How rude!! Hannah and I decided against such excessiveness. The outcome was Spex looking Like Merry and Pippin in Lord of the rings when they find out that it does indeed come in pints.

It comes in pints!!

We wandered in and saw the support, Star Death and White Dwarfs, (shouldn’t that be dwarves?). Which is indeed an odd name for a band. A white dwarf is the final evolutionary stage of a quite small but dense star. It doesn’t have any fission going on anymore so the luminosity is caused by just thermal energy. This will fade over time and leave a black dwarf so a white dwarf is on the way to being a dead star, (which is incidentally a fabulous song by Muse: You used to be everything to me, now you’re tired of fighting….. apparently about the relationship between the British Government and George Bush) Woah there, tangent city, my head is completely full of coherent thoughts again. I need to empty them out to make room for more. It’s like in the last 2 years my head has been storing all the stuff it would have been thinking about normally and has picked now to let it all come flooding into consciousness. So you must excuse my excessive randomness.

So anyway, Star Death and White Dwarfs were really good, quite seventies and funky. They were really digging the fake smoke. A little too much it turned out as about 5 songs into their set I saw a dude in a high vis vest run across the front of the crowd and start talking to the lead singer. How rude I thought. The lead singer stopped and that’s when we all became aware of the fire alarm going off. Ooh dear, we all wandered out into the crazy wind outside and finished our drinks, luckily it wasn’t raining. After about 15 minutes we traipsed back in and the support apologised profusely before continuing. They finished with a cover which just sounded so strangely familiar, the suddenly it dawned on me. It was freaking Borderline by Madonna. Oh my god, how infinitely better than the original.

The good thing about our little excursion outside was that we didn’t have to wait long for the main event…ladies and gentlemen may I introduce The Flaming Lips, complete with big dancing rabbits at the side of the stage just like they are famous for. Unfortunately Justin Timberlake wasn’t amongst them. Now I can’t remember how long I have loved the Flaming Lips for. Not full on Oh my god they are my favourite band type love but they have certainly written one of my favourite songs ever. Yoshimi is in my top 10 songs. I also love that they are a bit out there, a bit kooky, some may say a bit like me.

So Wayne Coyne comes on the stage and gives a kind of safety announcement before getting into a giant zorb and crowd surfing, hahahahaha. He disappears off before confetti cannons cover the smiling laughing crowd in confetti and streamers. Giant balloons appear and the crowd get to bash them around as Mr Coyne sheds his zorb and starts singing. They were just amazing, I can’t actually articulate how immensely awesome were. The crowd were great too, no animosity no baying for space. People were shaking hands and singing with complete strangers, it may have had something to do with the 2 pint glasses but I just think it was the unbelievable happiness their music produces. Spex has put together a play list so there you go. At the end of the main set they went off to rapturous applause, we cheered and stamped and sure enough Mr Coyne re-entered the stage. Unfortunately it was to tell us that two people, including one of the giant dancing rabbits had not liked the strobes in the last song and the dancer was actually at the side of the stage still having some issues. Oh my god how guilty did we feel for cheering them back onto the stage. He just asked us to stay chilled and quiet for a bit until they knew everything was ok. After about 5 minutes they retook the stage and played do you realise. Woo hoo!! So maybe it was the little incidents that added to it. H had mentioned outside this is how great nights start and she was right.

In the taxi home we discussed how legendary it had been, we all agreed up there possibly the best gig ever and given how many gigs those two have been to that is indeed an immense compliment. We chatted into the early hours hearing the stupid wind picking up outside. Next day we went to the Arthur Conan Doyle exhibition at the museum, yay!! I know this isn’t a particularly feminine author to like but I do so don’t make me fight you. We mooched around other bits of the museum as there was little else to do with the storm raging outside. We took in some ‘art’ and an exhibition about the footy club before leaving. We drove along the sea front, well I say drove, I think we would have continued to move even if Spex had taken his foot off the accelerator, it probably would have been sideways though. It was stupidly wind, later I heard 100 mph gusts were reported which may explain this insaness. We had a nice quiet night on Saturday going out for dinner and then going back chatting and drinking.

On Sunday I drove back in the winter sunshine towards Dorset, I drove past the Lamer Tree Gardens where End of the Road Festival took place and I couldn’t help a smile coming to my lips. Then I arrived at Ebbys for Sunday lunch…there was definitely something wrong I could tell. I didn’t question her but have since found out. What bizarrely parallel lives we live sometimes young lady. Xx. Anyway, lunch was lovely but I was so tired and was desperately trying not to succumb to the lurgy which I could feel attacking me, so I didn’t stay long and don’t really remember much of the drive home. That’s really bad isn’t it? I shall stay longer next time and we shall drink vino and talk about everything in the world.

Right now, time to hjave a good stab at getting rid of this freaking cold. Is it too early for a hot toddy? I believe it may be.

End of the Road

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That’s it. That’s it that’s it!!! Really that’s it. I’m fed up with it being so freaking gloomy, (my blog). I tried to just ignore it for a while but having the most recent blogs just hanging there being all gloomy and melancholy is just a constant fucking reminder. SO, no more. No more freaking gloom*. Something extra special nice happened this weekend just gone so here goes.

After a right old palaver I drove down to Ebby’s on my own on Thursday night. We stayed up late drinking far too much and talking about stuff which I won’t mention or I’ll be breaking my promise in the first sentence of my story.

She had to go to work the next day so I drove over to Lamer Tree Gardens on my own to the End of the Road festival. I wandered around in a bit of post hangover daze taking in the sights of the stunning setting. I had an Indian head massage which involved also a shoulder rub. The chick told me my stress heads could be caused by my ridiculously tight shoulder muscles, (NB for future reference don’t have an Indian head massage on the first day of a festival unless you want to walk around looking like an oil slick.) At about 3ish the tunes started and I headed over to the garden stage to see Mumfod and Sons before indulging my Scanda love with Loney Dear, a very energetic Swede who is so impossibly talented I can’t even find the words to describe it. His happy tunes bought a smile to my face as being alone I was able to sway and jig around as much as I wanted too. At one point he got us all singing except my side of the crowd decided they were too good to sing for the little fella, well apart from me and he returned his love by blowing kisses at me, well certainly in my mind that’s what he was doing.

I wandered around some more until finally meeting up with Ebby, (that is a long story). We went to get our stuff and bumped into James, (Ebby’s lovely chap) so we all headed off and pitched our tents in a nice quiet corner in an attempt to lessen my insomnia. We saw some more bands, (Dirty Projectors were not good) before I started to get stupidly excited. Explosions in the Sky, oh my god. We swigged vino from a plastic bottle, (have I ever mentioned how utterly classy I am) and I stood there with an inane grin on my stupid face. Just then a huge guy stood in front of me, it always happens. A voice behind me commented saying it always happens to him. I turned and smiled at quite a short dude with a nice smiley face and a bit of a beard then carried on swigging vino and being swayey and cheerful. Then a tap on the shoulder and he asked who these guys were coz they were really good. I said “explosions in the sky!!” a little too enthusiastically and may have got a bit of spit on him. Ebby slurred at him, “do you want some vino I just ate hoummus so it might have garlic backwash.” He smiled and took the vino. (I must just interrupt this blog to say how stunningly pretty the sunset is tonight, the sky has turned lilac to peach to pink and then mauve). We jabbered wholeheartedly for a bit before Ebby and James decided they wanted to see something else and wandered off leaving me with my new friend Pally. My first proper festival friend. He turned out to be a bit of an oddball so that may be why we got along so well. He stayed with me whilst I swayed about some more watching EitS and generally being quite bad company I should imagine. We had a bevvy afterwards at the Somerset Cider bus, (ahhhh the other place). Selling mulled cider at a September festival is a genius idea. We sat and chatted for ages and then got joined by some very drunk girls who amused me a lot.

pally n me

Next day James had to work so Ebby and I wandered around the site looking at peacocks, (or peatwats as Ebby now calls them) and the outdoor library. We saw Darren Hayman who was rather good and then the Low Anthem. I didn’t know what to expect but the first song had me completely captivated. It was about someone dying of cancer, well that was my interpretation and I can’t freaking find it!! It’s so annoying. Anyway, it was stunning and I had a bit of a moment. At the end of the song Ebby just put her arms around me and told me the song had been written for me. Later in the set it was Ebbys turn to get emotional when a song brought back some nasty memories for her too. We staggered off drained and emotional at the end. We met up with Pally and squeezed our way into the Tipi tent to give me a spot more Scanda love and watch First Aid Kit, two Swedish teenage sisters, (bitches being that talented at such a young age). Boy it was hot in the tent. Ebby had to go and meet James and Pally left before he melted but I just couldn’t move. The song universal soldier made me cry once again. Pally was still with me at that point but I think I managed to hide it before he realised what complete nut job I am. A little aside, Kev begins his trek back on Saturday and will be home on the 20th. Really thank fuck for that.

I got out of the impromptu sauna and found Pally waiting outside. Now the rest of Saturday is a bit of a blur as I was having a few food issues. I only had half a cider to drink but I felt like I was wasted. I know a lot of time passed when I told Pally some of my many issues, (shh don’t break the rules) whilst sat drinking tea in a double decker bus, now how much more English do you want to be!? Anyway, I think we saw Okkervil River and we definitely saw Fleet Foxes who were amazing. Then we went for a bit of a wander to the library in the woods and accidently happened upon an impromptu comedy set. Yay!! There were all sorts of goings on. Apparently the ‘twat’ factor was higher at EotR this year, it must be because I was there!

I slept really well Saturday night, so well in fact that when Ebby checked that I had actually got back to my tent at 6.30am by speaking to me and unzipping my tent I didn’t hear her, now that is really odd for me. James went home to pick up his boys and Ebby and I went to see Bear Driver followed by The Tallest Man on Earth, (Scanda love!!). I took a few snaps of the little Swedish dude and got a tap on the shoulder from a guy asking me to send the pics to him. He gave me his email address and then told Ebby how stunning he thought the Tallest man was. He was amazing and properly blew me away. Afterwards Justin asked us for a drink with his mates Ben and Sebastian. Sebastian had just met them too and was young whiper snapper who flattered me greatly by telling me I looked 25. Ooohh great. Not that I have an age obsession but Pally had also thought I was younger than my days. Whoop whoop. We drank and chatted nonsense then Justin who until this point I had assumed was gay decided he was going to sniff me, then suddenly all of them were sniffing me apart from Ebby she just licked me instead. How we managed to suddenly be having an afternoon of borderline debauchery I don’t know. Pally arrived and left quite quickly afterwards to see William Elliot Whitmore, (I really don’t blame him). Justin soon lost interest however when he found out I was married. Pally arrived back and Ebby thought we best leave to watch Steve Earle who was really good but not my bag at all.



Ebby left to meet up with James and we followed soon after. We had some booze and Pally told me his story, I won’t repeat as this not my place to do so but his suffering has been brought on by other people not just the world. I find it hard to understand stuff like that. I think I may have cried again. Jesus what’s wrong with me?! Oh yes that’ll be the grief finally coming out. We went to see the Hold Steady and saw the famous song before getting bored. We met up with Ebby and James to say goodbye before going in search of more booze and chatted more about stuff.

Next day I said goodbye to End of the Road and the lovely Pally before packing up my stuff and driving back in a half zombified state. I slept most of the afternoon and really well last night too. I’ve laughed and cried but for the first time in a long time I have done more of the former. Thank you Ebby, (and James) and thank you Pally, I felt like I had known you a million years. You probably don’t realise but I have begun to see the light again. The beauty in things the return of the proper Bimbo. I won’t dwell, I had to go through it to heal. I’ll always be me always be dark but that has to do with what life throws at you. That’s what makes me me.

*Bimbo may retract this offer at anytime without prior warning especially if the red nectar has been consumed.


Bit of Muse action

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So here I am on a Saturday having a really dull day as Bob has been at work all day and I really couldn’t be arsed to do owt. Well the day just got a lot more interesting.
I was trawling Itunes looking for random tunes, (I downloaded the theme tune to the Channel 5 cricket coverage, some Australian pop rock group which is going to ruin my recommendations for a while) when I noticed the nice Muse symbol at the top of the page. You can listen to 30 second snippets of all of the tracks off their forthcoming album “The Resistance”. I have already heard Uprising and United States of Eurasia but was very happy indeed, (small understatement) to hear the rest. There is a 3 part Symphony at the end which sounded particularly amazing. I REALLY CAN’T WAIT!!!! I want to hear the soaring melodies and apocalyptic rock that Bellamy et al seem to have perfected. Bring it on.

A trip to the doctor

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“Excuse me doctor I can’t stop being a miserable git and I keep listening to songs about death and crying”

“Right ok, just a few questions. Do you wear mostly black clothes and a studded belt?”

“ Why yes I do”

“Interesting. Is you profile picture on your social networking site of choice a photo of you miserable little face taken by yourself looking upwards at your camera phone?”

“ Um no, it’s me on a swing”

“ Maybe things aren’t as bad as I thought. Have you been listening to My Chemical Romance?”

“ Well yes actually, especially Helena”

“ Do you talk about death quite a lot?”

“Normally only when I have had a few but I’m trying to stop that. I just talk about it anytime now”

“Goodness, well it appears Ms Howells that you are suffering from an acute case of emoitus. I think you should delete MCR from you MP3 player and go for a run once a day, preferably before a meal to disperse the melancholic gloom”

“Oh dear, I thought I was too old to get emoitus, I don’t even own any skull printed clothing, are you sure? And should I also delete Paramore?”

“ Emoitus can strike at any age. It is especially prevalent in miserable gits like yourself. And yes you should delete Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory and Funeral for a Friend”

“ Right you are doc, I’ll just listen to Rage Against the Machine instead. Thinking about it I have been wearing more skinny fit jeans recently, oh my god, I’ve got emoitus!”

“The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, I think we are already getting there”

Frozen fun.

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On Tuesday Bob and I nipped to the Civic in Wolverhampton to see Sigur Ros. I haven’t been too well recently and had been suffering big time with snot and headaches etc…Anyway I felt ok on Tuesday evening and so off we went. The gig has got to have one of the most diverse audiences I have ever seen. Loads of kooky people ranging from 16 to about 70. It was nice, I felt like I belonged which I have to say I don’t really feel at most gigs anymore due to the little wipper snappers with far too much attitude.

First the support band, For a minor reflection, they are a 4 piece also form Iceland. They took the stage and played just the most beautiful instrumental atmospheric melodies, after the first ‘song’ the lead guitarist said they had only ever played to about 20 people before so it was very special for them. The entire place just erupted into cheering and applause because they had blown us away and nobody quite believed they had never done a bigger gig before. (they actually played airwaves in Reykjavik but that doesn’t count). The set carried on with crazy soaring tunes with quite hard rocky guitars. I’ve since found out that the guitarist is actually one of the dudes from Sigur Ros’s little brother. There must be something in the water in their village, (probably some nasty volcanic substance)

Then after much waiting around in the interlude Sigur Ros took to the stage. The lighting was really cool giving the impression that the band were playing their gig on the sea bed, this made even more realistic by the strange Whale type noises that accompany most of their tunes. They were fabulous and very experimental as ever, (I have never seen anyone sing into their guitar before, or play it with a strange bow type thing). We got snowed on at several points throughout the evening just to make the little monkeys feel at home. I felt at home too, I’m sure I have mentioned this before but I left a piece of me in Iceland, (and I don’t mean a toe nail, that was in Austria). I felt at home there more so than I have felt anywhere before. I love my home and I really do believe that Britain is beautiful but I fitted in Iceland. Bob says I couldn’t live there because the darkness in the winter would send me nuts but I think that is what is supposed to happen. Anyway, enough of this longing for my frozen Isle of fire and ice. Sigur Ros were great and so were For a minor reflection.