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I am an angry blog

Posted in Politics on 09/08/2011 by bimbo78

That indignant rage has returned. I think I have a good reason to be cross along with every other respectable person resident in this country. If you are easily shocked please don’t continue as my language in this blog is of the potty mouthed variety.

I am absolutely sickened by what is going on in our city centres. Mindless thuggish children seem to have taken over the streets and claimed them as their own including the contents of shops, houses and cars. What started off as a protest against the shooting of a chap by police in Tottenham, (which I’m not going to go into as I don’t know the details and don’t actually see how anyone else can either) has escalated into stupid twatish behaviour. I think one of the reasons the authorities are struggling to gain control again is because of the problems our welfare state causes. I don’t want this to be some post about ‘nanny state’ Britain and I know that is a strange conclusion to come up with but let’s think about it. I imagine the majority of people involved have never actually been held accountable for their actions. Our welfare state means that people don’t have to have any respect for each other. If people don’t want to work then they don’t have to because the state will support them. I am a fan of the welfare state I will point out at this point, it is a safety net for people who find themselves in a spot of bother but it is being abused!!!!These undesirables therefore will never learn respect for authority as they will never have to be nice to a boss. So they think they can do whatever they want and in fact will go out of their way to show the rest of the country how much they really don’t care about other people’s property or how other people think they should behave. I’m not a violent person, (aggressive yes but certainly not violent) but I believe that force may actually be the only thing that this underclass that’s erupted to the surface in this country will respond to.

So this is what they do, they use an excuse to break windows, loot shops, set fire to cars and buildings and just generally behaving like mindless cuntish bastards. What really upsets me is that they think what they are doing is something to boast about. I watched a shop burn live on BBC News last night, the shop happened to have a flat above it. The fire spread to the buildings on either side, both with flats above them. The helicopter shooting the footage moved around to the back of the buildings and showed residents climbing out of their windows with a few scant possessions and climbing across the rooves to open the windows of the burning buildings to shout in to see if anybody remained. It’s not just mindless looting, these are people’s lives, their homes…and these aren’t affluent areas. It may only be a little flat above a shop to a casual observer but it is a fucking palace to some, an Englishman’s home is his castle at the end of the day. Not to mention the risk to life, the photo taken last night in silhouette against a burning building of a woman leaping for her life out of a first story window to the awaiting fire fighters below shows the human tragedy involved here. It looks like a shot from the freaking blitz but our own countrymen/women have done this to us. Where is your respect for your fellow man?!

Woman leaping
BBC News
I suggested to some friends earlier that we needed to rise up and re take the streets for the normal person which randomly seems to have happened in quite a few places, (I’m sure not because of my random rantings). People have taken to the streets with brooms to tidy up to show that the majority of residents in the affected areas will not be intimidated and they will have civic pride despite what is going on. This has restored my faith to a certain degree but the fact that it has been shown that there are so many heartless, selfish bastards living in this country has damaged my view irrevocable.


Chilly Bees and Woolly jumpers.

Posted in Envrionment view, green, Politics on 29/01/2009 by bimbo78

There is more very chilly weather on the way with a chance of snow on Monday in most parts of the UK. The temperatures this winter have been between 1 and 1.5 degrees C below average, (according to the BBC). Now the first thing that entered my head when we had the cold weather around New Year is this going to help the Bees? The horrible parasite that’s killing the poor little buggers off has been blamed on warm winters so are we going to be ok? The whole bee thing scares the life out of me, was it Einstein who said that if the bee dies off then we would follow in a few years.

So anyway, enough of my ramblings. well actually enough time for one more related to the chilly temps. I also read on the BBC website that 2 Icelanders living up north somewhere were so appalled that our pensioners could die of cold that they launched a campaign over in Iceland. This has resulted in the lovely Icelanders sending over a container full of woolly jumpers and the like. Bless them, the currency has collapsed and so has their government. There has been rioting on the streets and they still find time to send some woollies over to a country that recently used a law brought in to protect people from terrorism against them in an effort to try to protect our own finances. Thank you.

History in the making?

Posted in Politics with tags on 05/11/2008 by bimbo78

Well done Obama. I’d like to say I never doubted you, well I never doubted you, yourself. I think you are truly inspirational and it feels very odd to say but I trust you. I have never trusted a politician in my life, (except maybe Mo Mowlam). But I was expecting another dodgy voting result like a couple of elections ago when Al Gore should have got in. But yeah, well done yanks for voting for him, maybe you finally decided it might be a good idea to have a president who can string two sentences together. We were a bit concerned for a while. Let’s hope he can live up to all he has promised.

See the light damn you.

Posted in Politics with tags on 09/10/2008 by bimbo78

The coverage is really begining to annoy me, it seems to have been going on forever.
However, is anybody else really worried that McCain will get voted in?
I hate all the the tit for tat arguing. Actually tell your voters what you intend doing and stop slagging eachother off, I think both parties are now guilty of this.