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For those of you that follow me on Twitter or are unfortunate enough to be my friend, (on Facebook or otherwise) you may have noticed a resurgence in my indignant rage. It’s like someone switched a switch in my head and I’m back to being an angry outspoken borderline feminist. I haven’t felt like this in 4 years. Expect new blogs full of rage (against the machine). Or maybe I’ll keep it to Twitter and FB.


Waltzing with the Balance of Power.

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Do you think if I just launch straight into a blog nobody will notice that I have been absent for a number of months.? I’m going to give it a try so sssshhh don’t draw attention to me. (Bimbo slowly opens the door and squeezes herself quietly into her blog)

My musical taste is getting more diverse I think. I’m getting more and more into alternative folk but then again it has been more in the public eye recently what with the likes of Mumford and Sons and Fleet Foxes wandering about with their waistcoats and braces on. I’m not a massive fan of the aforementioned but they’re ok. Mumford and Sons have a couple of really good tunes and one of Fleet Foxes song is really tremendous…when sang by First Aid Kit. Bob absolutely detests Mumford and Sons and he is backed up by Neil and KP. The word urchin and mass produced has been bandied around….

I think an effect of listening to more folk has meant that I have been downloading more ‘hard rock’ to offset it. A couple of days ago I downloaded a few Bellowhead tracks after watching their set at Glasto and straight after also downloaded some Pantera and Magadeath. It’s almost like my Itunes has a balance of power fight going on. Maybe the Folk could form an alliance with the Post Punk and General Alternative to try and snatch power from Rock. It’s unlikely to succeed.

Anyway, the reason I decided to write this blog was a little seed Spex put in my head a couple of weeks ago by mentioning Waltz’s. How many Waltz’s do I have on my Itunes? Without listening to my entire music library I guess I shall never know but let’s go for the more obvious ones first, (like the word Waltz in the title!!)
Owl Waltz by Seabear
Waltz #2 by Elliot Smith
Waltz for Richard by First Aid Kit
Waltz for Lumumba by Spencer Davis Group, (this is a very fast Waltz!)

Right that might be it for the easy ones but some more that spring to mind.
Blackout by Muse, (this is actually the song that started my mind ticking ages ago if I’m honest. Bob has seen me Waltz around the kitchen to this tune on numerous occasions. )
Crown of Love Arcade Fire
Iris the Goo Goo Dolls.
Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead
Where did you sleep last night Nirvana.
Flightless Bird American Mouth, (once again very obviously a Waltz). Iron and Wine
My name is Jonas, Weezer.
Nothing Else Matter, Metallica.

Now I am sure there are lots more lurking in my itunes library and I may add to this list in the future.

OOhhh look..a rant from Bimbo

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You know it took me a while to remember my log in details!
I think I may be blogging again properly soon. Things are beginning to feel normal. I obviously haven’t been in the deepest darkest depth of emoitus recently but there’s been something missing from me. I didn’t really know what it was until the other day when I got incredibly cross about something and realised that was exactly it. I hadn’t felt indignant rage about something for over 18 months. I used to get cross and I mean really cross about stuff all the time as some of my old blogs prove. The subjects were very wide ranging from injustice in the world, the weather and climate change oh and several peoples rant at Sarah Palin for berating our NHS Part 1 and part 2.

In this case it was a comment from a member of my family who should know better that riled me. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back really after suffering his little comments for years and occasionally telling him to shut up. But then there were a few too many remarks over Christmas about how myself and my friends should behave including some homophobic comments. I know he wouldn’t consider himself homophobic at all but I believe it is so stupidly ingrained in him because of what he does for a living that he thinks what he spouts isn’t offensive. Anyway the comment towards me was a response to some sarcastic comment I made. Apparently sarcasm isn’t pretty….It seems innocuous enough looking back but when antecedent remarks are taken into account coupled with the fact I was tired I just sort of snapped..
Fuck you!! To start with I don’t give a shit if that were the case and secondly and most importantly why the hell should it matter?! Are ladies just put on this earth to look pretty?! Visual stimuli for twats like you? Perhaps some men like a chick to have some edge, some sass and not just be some vacuous ornament. I thought better of you considering your lovely lady.
As I mentioned via my Facebook status I have worked my ass off my entire life to get where I am today and occasionally I feel incredibly proud of my own achievements. I’m not a stupidly intelligent person. I didn’t have pushy parents in the slightest but just the incredible force that was my mother beaming her stoicism from her very core, (and you should know that too as she protected your mother from some of the horrors of the world) and my dad..bless my dad..he never pushed but I knew whatever I decided I wanted to do in life he was there. Oh and let’s not forget your dad either…he really did tell me I could achieve whatever I wanted in the world.
And one comment from you dismissed all of that and made me feel like some stupid little girl. I still love you to bits, (and I think that’s why it has upset me so much)…but you have a lot to learn. And one more homophobic comment and I will punch you.

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Hell might freeze over later and I might actually write a full blown blog post….I could do with some pics first though which i will have to steal from someone else……….

Light not dark.

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It’s amazing what influences my decision to write again. I haven’t had a good day today. I shan’t elaborate too much as I really don’t know what is happening. All I will say is that I am sending the strongest healing vibes I can muster. Please sweetie feel better.

Things are just great.

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I’m in such a good mood so thought I would share it with everyone…..
On Friday I drove down to Jens for her WAG hen do, small tangent here. Bob is still very close to his friends from school, there are his boys, (the lads) and the girls, (the bints). As each of the lads has found themselves a partner we were gradually referred to as the WAGs. Jen decided she would have a special evening involving the WAGs which is very thoughtful.

We went to Newmarket races in the evening which was lovely in the warm summer evening. The racing sort of passed us by slightly as we indulged in some drinking. The main event, Spandau Ballet were on. Now I know I am knocking on a bit they were a bit before my time but I have always quite liked Martin Kemp. We skulked around at the back not being able to see much but getting quite excited whenever a song came on that we vaguely recognised. Gold, True and the other one about Barricades were all we actually knew. Myself and Jen concocted a plan involving storming the stage, chloroforming the base player, taking him home and tying him up. Needless to say we didn’t succeed. Anyway, it was a very nice evening and the trip back in the minibus was rather musical and not by my doing for a change.

Next morning we lounged about for a while before driving the Aldborough which is a lovely little town by the sea. We wandered about the shops for a bit before having fish and chips on the beach in the bright sunshine. There was a lovely breeze which just made it perfect.
We drove back to Jens and all packed up and headed off.
So today I am alone as Bob is on Bens stag do, I’m on duty so can’t drink but the sun is shining and I’m lounging in the garden flicking my digital radio between 6Music’s coverage of Glasto and the cricket. I’m just full of love for the beautiful British Summer at the moment. It keeps us waiting, it threatens never to arrive and on a couple of occasions recently it hasn’t arrived at all!! So when it does appear, screaming HERE I AM HAVE YOU MISSED ME?! With the cobalt blue cloudless sky and bright sunlight, us Brits scream, loudly back yes you bastard now come here and heat my skin up, take this freaking 3 years of pretty shit summers paleness off me.
The mixture of Glasto coverage and this weather is making me crave festival action also. Don’t get me wrong I think my Glasto days are well and truly over, (I could reminisce about my trip to the 25th anniversary as a 16 year old but I won’t) but I can’t wait for the imminent festival season arrival in the form of 2000 Trees for me. Spending time with my friends listening to tunes and having a few bevies in hopefully the beautiful British sunshine is filling me full of fuzzy blissfulness. Oh things are just marvellous at the moment.

That may all change later when Germany knock us out of the World Cup!!

A very brief sporting interlude

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Right ok, nothing has inspired me to blog for quite a while now this is due to a combination of factors. Firstly I can’t comment on a few of my very favourite subjects because of my job. Also one of my friends told me recently I write some of my very best blogs when I am cross and I just don;t get as cross about stuff like I used too. Or if I do by the time I find myself in front of a computer it’s dissipated.

Well I decided to harness the anger I feel right now, it concerns footy so if you aren’t interested tune out right now. I love the beautiful game but really do always feel that England never fail to disappoint with tonight being the pied de résistance. On paper England have one of the best teams in the world but against Algeria they couldn’t even score a goal. I don’t want to be one of those scathing incredibly negative proses which I am sure will be abundant tomorrow in the press. What I want to say is…England fans are the most intrepid, most loyal in the world. We will truly go anywhere to see not just England play, absolutely anybody play the beautiful game. In some cases there are more George crosses in the stadiums than the actual teams playing national flags. This is more than a game to us. And then it comes to England’s actual games. They cannot want for support, the national anthem being sang with passion, (more for football than the country itself) this is the one and only time the English are allowed to be semi patriotic. I could say a great deal more but i won’t apart from this…. On paper you are great, trueley some of the best players in the world playing the fats paced Englisg game, you have the best support in the world we will really go anywhere you do…and that’s what you give us you useless bunch of overpaid prima donnas.