Things are just great.

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I’m in such a good mood so thought I would share it with everyone…..
On Friday I drove down to Jens for her WAG hen do, small tangent here. Bob is still very close to his friends from school, there are his boys, (the lads) and the girls, (the bints). As each of the lads has found themselves a partner we were gradually referred to as the WAGs. Jen decided she would have a special evening involving the WAGs which is very thoughtful.

We went to Newmarket races in the evening which was lovely in the warm summer evening. The racing sort of passed us by slightly as we indulged in some drinking. The main event, Spandau Ballet were on. Now I know I am knocking on a bit they were a bit before my time but I have always quite liked Martin Kemp. We skulked around at the back not being able to see much but getting quite excited whenever a song came on that we vaguely recognised. Gold, True and the other one about Barricades were all we actually knew. Myself and Jen concocted a plan involving storming the stage, chloroforming the base player, taking him home and tying him up. Needless to say we didn’t succeed. Anyway, it was a very nice evening and the trip back in the minibus was rather musical and not by my doing for a change.

Next morning we lounged about for a while before driving the Aldborough which is a lovely little town by the sea. We wandered about the shops for a bit before having fish and chips on the beach in the bright sunshine. There was a lovely breeze which just made it perfect.
We drove back to Jens and all packed up and headed off.
So today I am alone as Bob is on Bens stag do, I’m on duty so can’t drink but the sun is shining and I’m lounging in the garden flicking my digital radio between 6Music’s coverage of Glasto and the cricket. I’m just full of love for the beautiful British Summer at the moment. It keeps us waiting, it threatens never to arrive and on a couple of occasions recently it hasn’t arrived at all!! So when it does appear, screaming HERE I AM HAVE YOU MISSED ME?! With the cobalt blue cloudless sky and bright sunlight, us Brits scream, loudly back yes you bastard now come here and heat my skin up, take this freaking 3 years of pretty shit summers paleness off me.
The mixture of Glasto coverage and this weather is making me crave festival action also. Don’t get me wrong I think my Glasto days are well and truly over, (I could reminisce about my trip to the 25th anniversary as a 16 year old but I won’t) but I can’t wait for the imminent festival season arrival in the form of 2000 Trees for me. Spending time with my friends listening to tunes and having a few bevies in hopefully the beautiful British sunshine is filling me full of fuzzy blissfulness. Oh things are just marvellous at the moment.

That may all change later when Germany knock us out of the World Cup!!


A very brief sporting interlude

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Right ok, nothing has inspired me to blog for quite a while now this is due to a combination of factors. Firstly I can’t comment on a few of my very favourite subjects because of my job. Also one of my friends told me recently I write some of my very best blogs when I am cross and I just don;t get as cross about stuff like I used too. Or if I do by the time I find myself in front of a computer it’s dissipated.

Well I decided to harness the anger I feel right now, it concerns footy so if you aren’t interested tune out right now. I love the beautiful game but really do always feel that England never fail to disappoint with tonight being the pied de résistance. On paper England have one of the best teams in the world but against Algeria they couldn’t even score a goal. I don’t want to be one of those scathing incredibly negative proses which I am sure will be abundant tomorrow in the press. What I want to say is…England fans are the most intrepid, most loyal in the world. We will truly go anywhere to see not just England play, absolutely anybody play the beautiful game. In some cases there are more George crosses in the stadiums than the actual teams playing national flags. This is more than a game to us. And then it comes to England’s actual games. They cannot want for support, the national anthem being sang with passion, (more for football than the country itself) this is the one and only time the English are allowed to be semi patriotic. I could say a great deal more but i won’t apart from this…. On paper you are great, trueley some of the best players in the world playing the fats paced Englisg game, you have the best support in the world we will really go anywhere you do…and that’s what you give us you useless bunch of overpaid prima donnas.

Bimbo’s electoral comment

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I should be making smart comments about the election but I’m not. I shall try though.
So a coalition for the first time since 1974…it’s odd but in my eyes a coalition should be a good thing as it means politicians will actually have to chat with each other and make agreements instead of slinging mud at one another.

We are yet to see the logistics of this coalition, Liberals will obviously be there as they currently hold the keys to power, (hahahah evil laugh) and I wouldn’t swap with Nick Clegg right now that’s for sure. On a slight tangent but staying with the election, what happened to the liberal vote?? They were doing so well in the opinion polls but they ended up losing 5 seats. I voted for them and a lot of good it did me; Mike Foster lost his seat so Worcester has turned from red to blue. . I think the Tories lured some of the Labour voters into a false sense of yellow fever by drumming up loads of liberal support so some of the Labour voters voted Liberal as for once it was seen as not being a wasted vote then they all the blues went out and voted Tory. It annoys me that people try to tactically vote, there are not only 2 alternatives and if people would actually assess and read manifestos they may actually see that!! Well maybe. Ohh and it’s good to see the Greens getting a seat. Well done.

Anyway Mr Clegg, he has already said he thought Brown had let the country down and if he did go into coalition with him he would be going back on his word. Plus Brown would need other parties to join the coalition as Lab Lib would still not have a big enough majority. Labour are waving a carrot on a stick though with offers of referendums on Trident and things like that, ( I like the suggestion from Dev that we should say we are keeping it but then secretly disarm) Cameron on the other hand is offering fuck all apart from the chance for Liberals to be in Government for the first time in god knows how long, (1974 short lived coalition??). Clegg should go with the Tories as they got more seats so that means the majority of the country want them in power, ( we are a democracy after all) However, (now please tune out now if you are offended by bad language), the Tories are a bunch of cunts. So Clegg is in an impossible position, go with the better offer according to his principles but side with a guy that you hold partly responsible for the economic crisis etc etc. Or go with what ‘the people’ want and forget your principles. Mr Clegg, given the minutely small possibility that you may be reading this blog there seems little point in giving advice but I reckon you should toss a coin. I would prefer a Lab Lib, (plus friends) but let’s not forget that means Brown will PM again without actually being voted in!! He’s a dictator!!! Oh I’m so mixed up.

Bit of poilitics

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I just can’t seem to get any sort of interest worked up inside me about the forthcoming election. As far as I’m concerned the most recent escapades, (although gracefully as ever shoved down our throats by the beautiful British press) of our glorious leaders have shown their true colours. Not all of them obviously but there seem to be so many rotten apples that it is a wonder that the whistle wasn’t blown a lot sooner when it came to the expenses scandal. I do hate our need in this country to know everything about any ‘celebrity’ or anybody remotely famous. A desire in a great deal of Brits that is fanned by the awful trashy publications which traipse after media sluts such as Kerry Katona and Jordan who have no discernable talent but somehow manage to cling to fame. Anyway, I am digressing as ever, my point is we have been bombarded with tales of politicians for so long with scandals about affairs and dubious activities. Really it has nothing to do with us as long as it doesn’t effect their ability to do their jobs. However, the expenses, oh my goodness. You come across all high and mighty, berating benefit thieves etc when what you have done is far far worse. You are in a position of power, charged with running the country. We pay your sodding wages and this is what you do you bunch of common criminals.

The issues seem to have effected all parties but undoubtedly the mudslinging has started in earnest. How about for a change you apologise for your inadequacies and promise, and I mean really promise that it WILL NOT happen again. Then tell us your polices instead of picking holes in the oppositions ideas and squabbling like children. This is why there is voter apathy, we’re fed up of hearing you whinge and whine about what the other side is doing, tell us what YOU are going to do and allow us to make an informed judgement. Possible? I doubt it.

Jurrassic Coast: Rocks and Rowdiness.

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This all happened a few weeks ago but as I have been less than efficient with my blog updates recently I have decided, (with a little prompting) that now is a good time to write about my little trip to Dorset.
On a Friday a few weeks ago I finished work early and drove little Oskar to Malvern to collect Neil KP. It was the first time I had been to their new abode so spent some time poking about admiring their iron mouse and basement, (as well as the rest of the rooms obviously) in their lovely Victorian house. I do have a bit of a thing about Victorian houses, the lovely red bricks and the feeling of security that you get knowing that they over engineered and over built everything they touched. The new fledgling field of building with bricks ensured that, hence why they are still standing over 100 years later. And will no doubt last at least another 100 easily. Anyway, I digress as usual.

We squeezed ourselves back into Oskar and set off southwards avoiding the motorways completely. The snow damaged roads played havoc with our progress, little Oskar fell in a few pot holes but we managed to get him out again. We arrived at Ebbys to baked potatoes and vino, mmmmmmmm. Anyway, we soon got absolutely hammered. I’m not sure what happened. One moment we were all fine the next we weren’t myself and KP in particular. It may have had something to do with the JD being opened. Then we had a bit of an emotional time, I do apologise for the tears. I know most of my friends have never seen me cry, believe me I don’t make a habit of it but after KP saying such utterly beautiful things to me I saw no option. Thank you KP and thank you Ebby and Neil for dealing with us.

Next day I arose bright and early to find Ebby already pottering about. James had a bike race organised so he was bustling about the place organising things. After a very leisurely breakfast we decided we needed to get out so we piled into Ebbys car and headed to the coast. I snoozed most of the way there until I heard a conversation about rivers whilst barely conscious. Neil had mentioned Stourhead being on the Stour but it not being the same Stour as that in the West Midlands. My eyes fluttered open very briefly, “there’s loads of Stours” and I went back to sleep. I have been berated for talking about rivers in my sleep because of this.

We arrived at the Lulworth Cove car park and headed up the steep hill towards the Durdle Dor. I’ve never been to the Jurassic Coast which is indeed a travesty given my favoured subjects at School, College, Uni etc…..I used to love a bit of coastal morphology and can indeed still remember the mnemonic to signify the rock formation of the coast. It’s ‘Silly Farmers Sons Piddle Down Drains’. I can’t actually remember what each letter stands for though so as a mnemonic it actually hasn’t worked but it was from my A’Level studies, (13 years ago!!). I imagine the P stands for Portland Limestone. I shall look the rest up now to satisfy my own curiosity. …Right after getting completely distracted by looking up the geology I’m afraid I have failed. I shall have to come back to this later.

We sat on the beach looking up at the Dor which really is a stunning natural Arch. I started to rummage about on the beach picking up bits of shiny flint and orange quartzite. Neil got upset that everyone else had found interesting pebbles and started to rummage about himself.

As we wandered back along the cliffs in the early spring sunshine we noticed we were hearing snippets of other peoples conversation as they passed us. Myself, KP and Neil recounted the tail to Ebby of a little trip to the supermarket on our way to ATP in Minehead. 2 guys walked past us and all we heard was “and she was so mangled they could only identify her from the serial number on her breast implants”
We decided to have some fun…two people were walking towards us and just as they wandered by Neil quoted one of Bob’s favourite sayings
“of course Bob doesn’t call it a genocide, it’s population realignment”
Hee hee how juvenile.
Other gems include:
“and we found the best lubricant to be jam”
“but they’ll never find the body”
“did I tell you about the time I licked princess Anne’s face”
“so there was no option but to saw off her hands”
“apparently it’s only murder if it was premeditated”
And as a salute to the lads we overheard in the supermarket that inspired this game
“and they could only identify his body by the serial number in his penile extension”

It certainly made the post hangover walk back to the pub go by much quicker, I was however shocked to discover when we arrived back at the car park that there was not a police car waiting to cart us away for murdering someone, cutting her hands off and burying her before maybe covering her in jam. A well deserved lunch ensued at a lovely little pub which had the dizziest barmaid on earth. She had obviously only just started doing the job but she was so awful she was funny. We devoured our lunch before strolling down towards Lulworth Cove, on the way KP took a photograph of another man’s cock, hee hee. We had a quick look at Lulworth Cove, oooh lovely dipping strata before getting rather chilly in the early spring chilly wind. Brrrr. We piled back into the car and I immediately fell asleep. I briefly awoke at tittering as a van in front of us clipped a hedge and my mischievous friends decided they were going to call the phone number that was advertised on the back of the van to tell the driver to look out for the hedge. Then more snooooooozzzzzzing.

We had a very chilled out evening. Feasting on yet more food mmmm. I snoozed some more before retiring to bed. Next day Ebby and James had to go and help her gran move house so we said our goodbyes before squeezing back into Oskar and driving back northwards. We stopped at a place called Lacock. It’s a lovely old village which is owned by the National Trust. It’s been used in loads of films and TV series as it is very unspoilt.

We went into Lacock Abbey which used to be a monastery until Henry VIII had other plans. He did his disillusioning and gave it to a dude called Sharington and in more recent year it past to Fox Talbot the guy who sort of invented photography. The ground floor is pretty much untouched and very much feels like a monastery. We wandered down the initial cloister and I had a bit of a moment. It reminded me of something, sure enough at the end of the cloister was cardboard cut out advertising Harry Potter, it was used in the first 2 films as Hogwarts. I then looked back down the cloister and had the image of the beautiful Alan Rickman gracefully striding down the corridor with his cloak billowing behind him as he played the bat of the dungeons. Mmmmm. I later found out that Lacock village itself had been the setting for Professor Slughorns house in the Half Blood Price and also Godrics Hollow where Harry was born. After I got over my accidental pilgrimage we went upstairs and saw the grand but homely rooms.

We continued our journey and nipped into Cirenester to have some lunch which was in the form of a very nice pie and mash. I dropped off the Malvernians before heading home and chilling.

Lovely lovely lovely.

Dodgy data

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And so to one of the subjects very close to my heart….climate change. What on earth is all this rubbish about recently, suddenly everyone is claiming there are flaws in data and they have been lied to therefore climate change can’t possibly be happening. Rubbish!!!!!!

May I first point out that hacking into people’s private emails is in fact illegal!

Anyway, these emails are from 1996 to present and represent discussions between professionals about their subject. I have not read the emails as this would be a breach of privacy but I imagine, (being a scientist myself) that they could contain anything, from musings about recent trips to the pub to serious discussions trying to make decisions that could seriously affect people’s lives. Part of science is to discuss things analyse the data and come up with conclusions. Questions are asked and ideas formulated, these questions when taken out of context could in fact be manipulated by a less than admirable person to show whatever they damn well want. These ideas and conclusions will also have changed greatly over the last 13 years and will continue to do so. The emails do not contain any information on a global conspiracy where climate data is concerned. The data, which has now been published in full show similar results to other global institutions. What worries me is the communicators of the supposedly dodgy data are being believed more than the scientists. These people have hacked into a scientific institutions email system and basically created a smear campaign. Sceptics are going to cling to this even though the data has been published and does not show any ill doing because of the nations need to find a way of denying climate change. People don’t want to have to change their behaviour and so will do anything to find a way of discrediting scientists. Some more information is going to be released about this soon as an inquiry has been undertaken so I shall comment more but in the meantime…Raaahhhhhh!!

And apologies for the lack of blog…I shan’t elaborate. I intend writing another one today about my recent trip to Dorset.

And the inevitable since my rock went away.

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I do apologise for the blog avoidance. I knew it would happen when Bob went back to uni.

The addiction is biting hard this time. I won’t elaborate. I’m trying to sort it out but I think I’m doing a good job at the moment of disgusing the fact I am mid relapse. And to my mates, (and husband)…don’t worry I really am fine but will be happier in a week when the relapse has had some really positive effects on my body and therefore head. Ohh I why do I suffer from this??? I’m a freaking intelligent person which I think makes it worse. Shhh now.. all of you, I really am ok, just leave me be a few days.