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16/10/2007 5th Annual Surf trip
I haven’t posted a blog for ages so here goes.
On Friday morning myself and the fat one headed down to Croyde in North Devon for our annual surf weekend. The trip down was pretty uneventful. We stopped at Sedgemoor Services to eat our sarnies and Rob continued his plight to assess the goodness of every Scotch egg in the country. This particular one I had bought from Dahyus Butchers in St-Johns. It is currently second in his league table.

We arrived at the caravan park at about 4, laden down with supplies, well booze mostly. As usual we were the first to arrive in the palatial fibreglass palace. We went straight down to the beach to assess the surf. It was messy and quite windy.

We then headed to the Thatch for a cheeky half and an early dinner before returning and waiting for everyone to arrive. Next was Chris, Lyne and Vicky , (one of Lyne’s friends) who got there about 8 then came Ben, Jen, Leanne and Gary at about 9ish. This was a great improvement on last year when Ben and Jen had arrived at 2.30 am. We drank booze and generally chatted about stuff. Ben then turned on his laptop and started showing everyone our wedding photos. We eventually went to bed at about 1.

Next day I cooked up some bacon sarnies and the rabble went down to hire surfboards, the chap at the hire shop kindly pointed out that Croyde was mental and not to go there if we had any doubt in our ability. He also told a nice story about his mate who was an expert surfer who had broken his neck in conditions similar. Basically the waves were 3-4ft and clean but there was no substance to them and they were reaching the crest and then just falling vertically down. So we decided to go to Saunton just up the coast. All the boards were piled into Chris car and the boot tied shut. We got to Saunton and the waves were much more fun. The drag was immense though, when I got out after about an hour I was about 200 metres down the beach from where we started. I nipped back to the car and got changed then everyone else appeared. We headed back and showered etc before drinking lots of tea and settling down in front of TV and watching Richy Rich a really crap film that was on before the footy. I was saving myself for the rugby so went with Gaz and Ben to Braunton to stock up on booze. After we got back we went for early dinner at the Thatch. Myself and Vicky got chatting to some excitable Welshmen about surfing and rugby. They were obviously supporting the French.

Myself, Rob, Ben, Jen, Leanne and Gaz headed back to the caravan to watch the rugby in peace whilst the others stayed in the Thatch. James, (Vickys chap) arrived at this time too. Anyway, the rugby started and we scored a freaking try in 2 minutes then proceeded to be behind for the rest of the game. I used my usual defence mechanism and went to sleep for most of the second half waking up in time to see the good bit. So anyway, we beat France and now we are in the final. Bond and Jennie are getting married on final day so I have a great reason not to watch it, which will stop me stressing out. The others arrived back and we drank some more. I was knackered and went to bed at about 12 ish. I have no idea what time the others carried on until.

Next morning Bob cooked us some scrambled egg. The surf was similar at Croyde so we went to Puttsborough, which is a huge beach with Woolocombe at the far end. The waves were fab, I decided not to surf as my knee was very sore. Ben, Jen, Leanne and Gaz also weren’t surfing as they were leaving at lunchtime. They kept me company for a bit then disappeared off home to Suffolk. I then sat and watched random people surfing because I had lost the others ages ago. In fact the first I knew Bob and Lynne had got out was when Bob came running up behind me. They had been dragged about 200 metres away. Vicky also came out too and we went to the little kiosk to have some lunch. I think I like Putts more than Croyde because the beach is so huge it apparently never gets as busy as Croyde. We sat overlooking the beach whilst eating baps filled with fried food and drinking earl grey, life really doesn’t get much better.

We eventually headed back to the caravan and lounged around. Bob and I then went into Croyde to check out the sales in the 2 or 3 surf shops, then obviously we went for a cheeky half in the Thatch. On the way back we bumped into the others and decided to go for dinner at the Mannor pub. I have to say the food here is excellent. Bob had a huge paella and I had enchilada mmmm. Chris and Lynne we supposed to be leaving that evening to go on a boat-training jaunt but they decided to stay and get up early the next morning. We headed back and lounged around some more before going to bed. Chris and Lyne disappeared at about 6.30. We got up and loaded up the car at about 9, said goodbye to Vicky and James and headed home. Well actually we stopped at the pasty shop first and then at Cribs causeway to do some shopping but then we headed home.

And now it’s Tuesday and I’m at work, oh joy. Still it was a great long weekend.

About time… 07/07/07
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It had to happen finally. Time sort of happened and before I knew it, it was the day. I woke up at my usual time of 6:30 so sat and did some crosswords waiting for the old people to get their asses out of bed and make me some breakfast.

The sun was shining away outside, which it hadn’t done for weeks. Eventually the folks got up and my dad disappeared to go and get the car washed and do random stuff at the marquee. My mum started to fuss around to, doing the buttonholes etc. I felt like a bit of a spare part so just sat outside replying to the many text messages. We nipped up to Weobley Church to see Steve. Then at 10:00 Jayne the hairdresser arrived and started to create. The girls, (bridesmaids Emma, Smally and Sarah and Sarah’s bird Lisa) arrived soon after and suddenly the house was full of people rushing around. Jayne commented that it wasn’t like a normal wedding because I was supposed to be screaming at people and getting all panicky but that was never going to be happening. The time ticked on, Jayne finished the girls hair and started to unwind mine. It was crazy which is exactly the look I was going for. My mum was loving it, all those mouths to feed, she did us a nice lunch and everybody sat and chilled for a bit, well actually I was chilling out most of the day.

My god parents arrived, my god father Jeff was driving the girls to the church in his classic ford Cortina and his mate Bernie was driving me and me dad in a bright red old jag, (like morses car). After a few tins of hairspray I put the dress on finally, there was a very brief second of nerves when my hands started to shake but it soon passed, probably because Emma grabbed my hands and said “you’re fine!!” Anyway, everyone else disappeared leaving me an me dad, we got bored waiting so went outside to the car. Joan the next door neighbour was there waiting to see me off. Good job we did leave early coz we soon found out the Jag had a top speed of about 30 mph.

We arrived at Norton Canon Church and Rev Bob and Lyn were there to greet us. There was brief second of complete shock on Bobs face as I hadn’t told him the colour of my dress but he soon recovered and gave me a big hug.

We went in and everything went swimmingly. Rev Bob was his usual comedic self and had Rob and myself in stitches towards the end when he was singing and struggling with the high notes of bread of heaven, he just said under his breath, ‘I’m such a twat!’ You don’t expect that sort of thing from a vicar. He definatly added to the day immensely, as there were only two reasons to be getting married in church the first disappeared when we found out that Weobley church was going to be closed so I wasn’t going to be married in the Church where my brother was buried. The second reason was Rev Bob. He was always there for us, even though he knows I don’t worship the big dude in the sky he was at the hospice when my brother was dying. Admittedly it was more for my mum than anyone else but he still came even though my parents had only just moved back to Weobely after an absence of 40 years. So I got married in Norton Church, my dad was born in Norton Canon and my mum was born just down the road, my grandparents, several great aunties and uncles are asleep in the ground there too so it wasn’t as if I was a outsider!!.

So the service was fab, we went to sign the register and I finally turned around and noticed there was church full of people looking back at us, I hadn’t noticed they were there before. Then off we went out of the church. There was a pause for photos outside and various congratulations; and I finally got to see who had actually made it to the wedding. I think everybody had which was good as some had to travel a long way.

Rob and I then got in the Jag and headed off to the Three Horse Shoes for a nice glass of cider and some more photos. The photographs were being taken by my aunty and her husband John. John dropped a bit of a clanger when he spotted Sarah had a ring on her wedding finger and asked her who her other half was, she pointed to Lisa, he said no your husband she once again pointed to Lisa. I’m sure he must have been a touch embarrassed but I’m also sure Sarah found it quite amusing.

Anyway, dinner was served, well somebody roasted a pig and we all tucked in. My cousin Kev sort of took over at this point as it was a buffet not everybody could go up at once so he scared people into going up a table at a time. I felt slightly guilty at this point because Rob and Chris who are usually complete atomic dustbins when it comes to eating couldn’t eat because they were so nervous about their speeches. Anyway, strawberries, from the farm, down the road for dessert, mmm my favourite.

Then it was time for the speeches, my dad first, I was worried he would cry, he had a very brief moment when he mentioned that the 3 Horse Shoes was the last place my bro had been for a drink before he died but I grinned at him and it soon passed. He thanked all the usual people, like my godparents Geoff and Sheila for sorting the cars and growing and arranging the flowers on the tables. Frank and Linda who’s pub we had invaded, my parents went to school with Linda. My Aunty Pauline and her husband John for doing the photos. Roy who sorted the car park. And finally my mum for being fab, she grew and arranged the flowers in the church and the bouquets, button holes, made the cakes and set up the tables. He also pointed out that we had sooo done it on the cheap but if that’s what it takes to create a wedding where everybody is involved and to make it as unpretentious and as relaxed as possible.

Then it was Robs turn to speak, he thanked everybody again including my girls, Emma had to cope with me choosing a dress, Smally had made my stationary and just offered moral support, Sarah had been dizzy and amused everybody. And he thanked his boys Ben and Chris who had been great but he was a bit scared about their speech. The couple of days before the wedding they kept nipping off to the garage to practice. Then it was Chris and Bens turn, they did a marvelous rhyming speech entitled Ode to Jackie and Rob a copy of which is now hung at the top of the stairs. It was great and they won lots of fans that night, (not just because of the speech either!!)

Next we all started to have a bit of a wander around the tables trying to talk to as many people as possible. This is quite difficult and it feels like you are trying to spread yourself really thinly, so I gave up and danced instead. Well there was the first dance err first obviously, me and the fat one danced to Muse: Invincible whilst singing at each other. And that is how the night continued, I sang lots and ran around wearing a big purple dress. Sarah’s shoes started to hurt here so she swapped with Emma’s boyfriend Benner. He looked fab in purple sequined shoes. The cider flowed lots, apparently Frank, (the Landlord) complained to my dad the following day because he sold out, there’s no pleasing some people.

Myself and the fat one danced all night then got our taxi back to The Stagg, the room was gorgeous and had a free standing bath in the middle of the bedroom, very odd but great. Apparently it was difficult to persuade the others to leave the dance floor but they all left eventually.

Next day my dad picked us up and took us home. It was all over and all a success.
Thanks everyone.

The honeymoon blog is coming soon, I promise.

The great flood, (again!!)
Thursday, 26 July 2007 at 09:19
Let me tell you about the last few days.
Obviously on Friday at work we were keeping one eye on BBC Hereford and Worcester after the Met office reports of possibly 2 inches, (about 50 mm) of rain falling in 24 hours across the region. It even mentioned the counties most likely to be affected these being Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.

It was absolutely pissing it down all day and had been most of Thursday night too. It got to about lunchtime when I had a call from Bob, he head abandoned work and was trying to get home, we already knew the main Hereford to Worcester Road was closed which would be the route he normally takes so he was on his way to Bromyard, (where I work) to get on the A44 to Worcester. He had to take a major detour to get to Bromyard and had to drive his little Ford Ka through some scary water before getting to Bromyard. Then from there to Worcester which was mine and several other peoples way home in my office. We waited expectantly for his call to see how the roads were. He called at about 20 minutes later and said leave now and borrow works four wheel drive if you can. So I let Dr Bob, (who lives in Evesham) Simon, Robin and Roy , (who live in Worc) know what was going on. I loaded the Nissan up with a towrope and set off. Dr Bob had already gone but me and the boys went off in convoy with me at the front in the 4×4 so they could see how deep the water was and decide whether they want to risk it.

We turned out of Bromyard and were immediately faced with a torrent of brown water flowing down the hill out of Bromyard about 5cm deep but going really fast. There were several absolutely terrifying bits of the journey, (I have no photographs because I was concentrating completely on not getting washed away). Just before Broadwas we waited for ages to drive through about 1/3 mile of water which must have been about 0.3 m deep and flowing across the road at quite a pace, I could feel bits of the road under the tyres had already started to disintegrate. Then there was another really deep bit by the turn to Cotheridge church, this was flowing even faster.

Then, the worst bit, there is a little dip in the road just after Laylocks Garden Centre. There was a police van there stopping the traffic from the Worcester side going through but we had no choice as the waters were likely to have risen behind us. I watched a couple of lorries go through and then it was my turn, the water was so deep it went over the bonnet of Robin and Simons cars, (I reckon maybe 0.6 m). Just as I was pulling up out of the water something caught my eye. It was Dr Bob talking to the police man. His car hadn’t made it through so I tried to bang on the window whilst still moving as I needed to get out of the water so Robin who was behind me could get out too. Luckily Simon was flashing his lights at him and he noticed me and jumped in soaking wet. Poor bugger.

That was the worst of it over but if I had left it much longer I wouldn’t have got through 4×4 or not as a landslide engulfed the A44 at Knightwick. As we turned into Worcester we saw loads of drains spurting water back up through the holes in the top. The A44 garages just past Dines Green looked under threat from the Laugherne Brook, (which is usually a tiny little stream that Worcester Uni students use to practice their gauging skills). And indeed they were but I’ll get onto that later.

We pulled into my street followed by Simon. And in splodged a very grumpy Dr Bob. We got a call off Robin to tell us he was safe at home and we checked with all the others going towards Hereford that they were ok too. We left my boss Webbo a message as he was in Reading telling him under no circumstances to attempt to get home especially as the Tarmac on the M4 was supposedly lifting due to the water and the M5 was at a complete standstill. His other option was the M50 but the photographs of that resembled a swimming pool.

Anyway, Roy turned up and took Dr Bob in the 4×4 to move his car off the road but it turned out somebody already did that he then dropped Dr Bob back off who was not going to even attempt to get back to Evesham. Roy then went to rescue his wife who was stranded in Bosbury, he called back at about 10 O’clock to tell me he had finally made it back, so it took about 4 hours!

We then ventured out to Tesco to try and get Dr Bob some clean dry trousers to wear, it was freaking shut! So he ended up wearing a towel and blankets all night.

Rob and I were supposed to be going to a wedding reception on Friday night but there was no way in the world we could have got to it. I felt horrendously guilty as I’m sure loads of people were in the same boat as us, (no pun intended). I hope Bethan and Ade made it to their ceremony and reception and had an excellent time and didn’t even notice there were a few people missing. So anyway, we didn’t have any food in coz we were expecting to be out all weekend and the shops were shut so we were a bit worried. We didn’t need to stress though as Dr Bob had been to the nice butchers on his way to work and had loads of lovely meat which he donated to us for putting him up. So I made us some nice bangers and mash to eat and we had a few beers and watched the news lots and listened to BBC Hereford and Worcester as the drama unfolded. I texted Mer who works in Coleford and lives in Gloucester, she was stuck in traffic and also driven through some very scary water and was currently stuck in traffic. Later on the situation got worse, she needed a wee, and was still stuck in traffic about 10 miles from Gloucester. In the end she turned around and went back to Coleford and spent the night at a work mates.

Saturday morning Roy came over in the 4×4 and picked Dr Bob up who had decided to volunteer at the ambulance station coz he has lots of medical training and they were a bit stretched. It took Roy well over an hour to get over the river coz the old bridge had been closed by now. That left me and Rob at home with nothing to do so what would two newlyweds do in an empty house after unexpectantly having a free weekend, that’s right we put our wellies on and went and looked at the flood water, (freaking hydro-geeks). The Severn was quite high but not as high as I had seen it before. There was some crazy dude stood on New Road telling everyone that the bridge was going to collapse. We went and looked at the A44 garages next as we had seen a terrifying picture of it on the BBC website showing the water at about 1 metre deep. The water had gone but the usually little Laughern Brook was still a raging torrent and there was debris strewn across the road including parts of a brick wall that had collapsed.

We nipped down to the Severn a couple of times that day, well that was nowt all else to do as all of the routes out of St-Johns were closed apart from the by-pass which was backed up big time. We tried to go to the Co-Op but there was queue to get in, that really annoyed me. People were proper full on panic buying and there was no apparent need to, luckily we still had lots of meat left over from Dr Bobs donation so we just bought some fruit and veg from the green grocers next door and went home.

Later that evening we nipped down to the Crown and Anchor and its cellar was flooded so we decided to support them in their time of need and had a few drinks. Dr Bob called me to tell me he had made it home, I still have no idea how he managed that. Sunday was much the same, we still couldn’t get out unless we drove miles out of our way so we cleaned the house and also nipped down to the floods quite a bit. The level was a little bit higher.

Monday dawned, now how were we going to get to work. Hereford to Worcester Road still very flooded, there was the small matter of a landslide across the A44 so me and Rob had to drive about 10 miles out of our way to get to work via Great Whitley. At work we had to boil our water coz it had only just been reconnected. The rain on Friday was confirmed as 83 mm in Bromyard, 135 mm in Pershore and I think it was about 100 mm in Malvern. Later that evening we tried to go and do our weekly shop, fat chance!!! There was literally no fruit and veg left and all tinned stuff had gone too. So we made do. We tried again last night, (Tuesday) at Tesco in St-Peters, they had lots of fruit but still no veg. What is going on??? Are people still panic buying? If so why the hell are they buying veg coz this isn’t exactly going to last.

Anyway, I think this story says loads about how much of a geek I am as I finished the blog about the flood before the one about my wedding!!!!

Lv J

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
RIP Silsoe
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Been a bit rubbish about doing the whole blog thing recently.

So last Friday me and the Fat one ventured across country to Silsoe for my graduation. I finished my MSc last September but coz Silsoe is such a small campus they have to wait for the students from this academic year to bugger off home for the summer before they can hold the graduation ceremony.

We arrived and checked in to the George hotel in the village, it seem to be stuck in the 1930’s when it comes to décor but it will do. We then strolled to the campus, this was quite a shock as all of the traditional halls which I called home for 2 years on and off have now been demolished. The campus has been sold to a property developer. Anyway, I went and put my batman cape on. Going off at a tangent, (unusual for me I realise), freaking graduation gowns are so not made for women. The little thing that connects the hood to a button on your shirt is rubbish unless you arte wearing a tie to stop the entire thing hoiking your blouse up. AND the thing repeatedly fell off my shoulders, which is really annoying. Coupled with this it was really warm so not the day for wearing a big black gown on top of a suit, yuk!!

My old folks arrived and immediately wanted food so I had to walk to village shop with them whilst looking like a complete prat in my gown. We milled around for a bit looking ridiculous, with all the parents smiling and looking dead proud, (so they should be). Then my lot decided it was time for booze, I’m surprised it took them so long. We had a nice cheeky half and my mum asked exactly what this graduation thing was for, ahhh bless her. She really had no idea why I had been coming to this strange campus for 2 years apart from it was something to do with water. It is actually quite impressive she remembered the water thing, during my BSc in Geography she told most of the family I was studying psychology for some reason.

It was time for me to go, I wandered off with Bav to a room where we were put in alphabetical order, then we all filed out and into the big hall and sat in rows. We were told again how fab we were before there was loads of waffle about some dude from the Ford Motor company who got an honorary degree. I think honorary degrees are a bit like ones you buy off the internet, basically Ford gives Cranfield loads of dosh and in return this chap gets a degree. I didn’t see him in the computer room at 2am trying to get an assignment done, Git.
My row stood up and I wandered up on stage to get my certificate when my name was called. Shook hands with the chancellor, never met him before but he seemed like a nice bloke. Then sat back down. The vice chancellor then told us again how great we were and we followed the procession out. Rach and Bhav went home. Then that was it, well apart from the ball……

My folks left and me and the fat one sat in the bar with Ben and his parents for a bit before going to get ready for the ball. First there was dinner, that was lovely, we had some vino and champers included so got a wee bit tipsy. Then the party, there were dodgems again, great!! And a bouncy castle and a bucking bronco thing.

A couple of lecturers (Trucker Hess and Andrew Gill) turned up. I was very disappointed Andrew wasn’t wearing his kilt, (at the last ball we had a very drunken conversation about what he was wearing under it, I told him probably the same as what I was wearing under my ball dress). Anyway Annie was gloriously drunk this time and very amusing, she told me all about her pet tick called Jerry, which she had met on a hike up a mountain in Scotland and bought home with her.

We had several drunken goes on the dodgems, it is really odd driving whilst drunk. And we had a very liberating bounce on the bouncy castle which is really knackering and there is terrible potential for flashing your pants. That is why I didn’t go on the bucking bronco especially as I saw an unfortunate lady fall off and backwards roll and her dress ended up around her waist exposing herself and her control pants to everyone watching

There was lots of dancing before we finally had enough and headed home about 3am. It was the last graduation to be held at Silsoe as the campus has relocated to the main Cranfield campus. I’ll miss the place especially the faboulous atmosphere casued by the insane mixture of people from around the world. And obviously the people, you have to be at Silsoe to apprecaite the close knit community which I’m sure will not remain intact after the move to Cranfield. 200 people studying and playing really hard in a small village campus, it was great. RIP Silsoe, almost gone but never forgotten.

Monday, June 18, 2007
And now to Muse
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Well what can I say?
On Saturday morning me and Fat Bob made our way down to London. We got to Paddington Station about 11:30, after a nightmare tube journey, (why is it always the tube you need that is having engineering work done??). We arrived at Gary and Danny’s place in Balham about 1 O’clock threw our bags down and shot off to meet Spex at Waterloo. From there we ventured back north across Das Kapital until we reached Wembley Park Station. We got off the tube and walked towards the start of Wembley Way. We were greeted by that freaking massive arch, I have only seen it from a distance before but it is very impressive. Anyway we plodded along Wembley Way avoiding the touts and started queuing. Now unfortunately the weather was not smiling on us, there was a massive storm with big fat rain, (that’s a technical term). Me and the fat one had our big waterproofs with us but still got wet legs, Spex got soaked, literally wringing wet. Never mind it added to the occasion, as we discussed it was better it came on the Saturday than the Sunday when My Chemical Romance were playing and all the emo kids eye/guy liner would have run.
We got into the stadium and lurked around in the bar area for a bit, it was rather pricey but hey you only live once. Then we decided to wander to the pitch which is where we would be standing for the next 7 hours or so. Nothing can quite prepare you for the feeling you get when you come out of the tunnel. We were at ground height but Wembley is in a bit of a hole so we entered the stands at about half way up, into bright sunshine. It is just immense. All I could manage to say was F**king hell look at that!!There was a big case of goose bumps all around. The Stewards were desperately trying to encourage people to walk down the steps onto the pitch and not loiter at the top fumbling for their phones to take a pic. I did point out later on that we did pay for this stadium so I thought we should at least have a brief moment to marvel at it. Anyway we finally descended onto the pitch and wandered around looking upwards at the stands open mouthed for a while. Then I rang my dad to tell him where I was.
Zane Lowe appeared on the stage for a bit and spun some tunes, we drank some more booze. Then it was time for Rodrigo y Gabriella, (or Rodger and Gabby). I hadn’t heard much of their stuff before but they were really good. Just lots of mellow Spanish guitar music. Zane played some more tunes then on came Dirty Pretty Things. I was looking forward to them but to be honest they were rubbish. There was just no rapport between the crowd and the band.
Spex’s flatmate Jim somehow managed to find us in the crowd. Off we all went for a quick pie break and then it was time for the Streets. Despite Fat Bobs comments all the way through about how shit they were I really enjoyed them. I still do admit that it was an odd choice for a Muse gig but hey ho.
After some more Zane the moment arrived. Matt, Dom and Chris levitated up through the middle of the pitch and were really close to us. Then they played Knights of Cydonia, very cool. Their set was amazing. There was quite a comical moment towards the end, they had just come on for their second encore when Spex mentioned they should play Unintended, which is my favourite Muse track and has quite a lot of history as far as myself and Bob are concerned. I said I would truly love it if they did play it but I hadn’t heard them play it live since the first time I ever saw them which was over 6 years ago. Just as I finished the sentence I heard the familiar starting chords of Unintended. OH MY GOD!!! Had they somehow managed to hear me even though I was about 100 metres away from the stage. Once again all I could do was swear much to the amusement of everybody around me who had listen to me say they would never play it. Anyway I sang every word of it, and by this point I had almost lost my voice so I have no doubt it sounded crap so I apologise to the fans around me. But I could now die happy.
Most of the way through the gig I had said it is going to be the last time I see my beloved Muse and I think I still stand by that. As I mentioned above we were about 100 metres away from the stage. When I did catch glimpses of them on the satge they looked like little lego men. It is certainly a lot different to the first time I saw them at the academy in brum which wasn’t even full. In the queue to that gig Matt, Dom and Chris actually walked out of the front door to the academy and got in a taxi which drove down th road slightly before stopping right in front of us, the door opened and Matt leaned out shouting at someone to hurry up and some chap came running down the pavement and jumped in the taxi. There were murmurings in the queue and amongst us we finally decided yes it probably was them, we didn’t even know what they freaking looked like. Anyway I digress. I don’t want to see them in such a large venue as Wembley again and as they are not likely to play small venues it means that’s it. Although seeing them abroad is another option, in Berlin they played quite a small venue.
I’ll stop digressing now, we started to shuffle out of the stadium, as we got out and managed to get onto Wembley Way I had images of us still being there 3 hours later. However, even though there must have been 75 thousand people all heading towards the same tube station it was remarkably incident free. We walked along for a bit then slowed down as we went past a row of about 6 mounted police across the path. We then walked again and slowed down as we got to a second row, then the same again but as we got to the third row there was announcement that they needed to stop people getting onto the platform for a bit. The horses all turned 90 degrees blocking our way. It was so impressive, they were literally right in front of us. I had never realised before how effective mounted police were, the horses sort of pacify because everyone is like oh look at those beautiful horses and also everyone is really concerned about spooking them so is just quiet and well behaved. And they are so well trained, everyone was patting their noses and stroking them as we went past and they didn’t seem to care at all. The horses moved and we went on our way, we said goodbye to Spex and Jim and walked straight onto a tube. It took us less than half an hour from leaving the stadium to getting on a tube. Well done Met Police and Tube people.
We got back to Balham in about an hour, we were a mess. We shouldn’t still be gigging at our age. Bob’s knees hurt and my ankles were just rubbish. We went to bed.
Next morning we went for breakfast with Gaz and Danny and then left for Paddington. Obviously our train was delayed because it was broken. Then finally off we went home. We stopped for pizza on the way back which was a nice end to the weekend.
Oh well, its my graduation on Friday so got that to look forward to.

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Freaking weddings
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Never plan a wedding. Get somebody in to do it for you if you are even thinking about it. It’s not like I’m a stressed, I’m just really freaking annoyed. All I ever wanted was a nice chilled out day with my friends there. Well that was ruined from the start. I have a freaking huge family on my dad’s side and he insisted that I invite every single one of them even ones that I haven’t seen for about 20 years, so there are 35 members of the Spencer clan invited. Rob doesn’t have a big family, in fact there is his dad, 2 sisters, niece, nephew and him.
Anyway, it meant that Rob could invite his vast array of friends and I was very much restricted because of the numbers. So I chose very wisely who I invited and had to think who I really really wanted to be there.
Now if people really can’t come I don’t mind, but most people have known about this since last year so it’s not like it came as a big shock. My ‘best mate’ has just called me to tell me she can’t come because of work, not sure if I believe her but at this moment I don’t care, another one of my really good friends can’t come because of some rubbish excuse when really he is just scared his girlfriend will find out that me and him used to have a bit of a thing. There are some good things to come out of this though. You really find out who your friends are at times like these. Namely the two people that have been receiving emails from me this morning with me ranting about being a billy no mates.
So maybe I will get my dream wedding with my vast family, who I s’pose aren’t too bad after all and all my friends that really care about me. Everyone else can go fuck themselves.

Monday, June 11, 2007
A ha me hartys.
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Thursday was my company’s 21st anniversary. To celebrate a boat party was booked on the Severn leaving Worcester at 2 O’clock. Moya the lovely lady in accounts sorted it all out and also booked a steel drum band to play whilst we pottered along the Severn. She decided that the party should be fancy dress and took inspiration from the steel drums naming it a Caribbean theme and told me to come in grass skirt and coconuts. Far be it from me to spoil her plans but I felt it necessary to point out that grass skirts were worn by the Hawaiians which was about 3000 miles away from the Caribbean. I then said I was going as a pirate. The theme was changed to a Hawaiian/Caribbean themed party, myself, Moya, Mandy, Claire, Ruth and Laura came as pirates, complete with wooden cutlasses made by Mandy’s husband.
Most of the blokes copped out and just put a Hawaiian shirt on. There were a couple of notable exceptions. My office mate Simon wore a bright shirt, a sarong and a lovely coconut bra with a hula hoop as an accessory. My boss came dressed as Captain Hook with a fake curly black wig complete with guy liner and hook. Good effort.
Anyway we made our way to Worcester and boarded ‘The Pride of the Midlands’ at about 2 O’clock and began the party. Things started well as I waved my wooden cutlass at passing boats and threatened to board them. The steel band started up and we decided to have a limbo competition. Well 4 of us decided to have a limbo competition, myself, Simon, Mik and Julian all pranced around whilst everyone else stared at us and refused to join in. We managed to get a few more people to hula by ensnaring them in the hula hoop and refusing to let them leave until they did it.
After 4 hours on the boat we disembarked and went to the Old Rectifying House. I nipped off to the cash point with Dr Bob and was spotted by Steff in town, I didn’t see her but it explains why Dev sent me text in piratical speak.
I’m going off at a tangent here, Mik and Julian were quite drunk, this is nothing new, however Mick used to weigh a stupid amount of weight and has lost 6 stone in the last 12 months or so. He doesn’t drink much anymore so trying to keep up with Julian he ended up absolutely rat arsed and fell asleep in the pub. He sloped off out of the back door when everybody else went to get some food. Sneaky little minky. There weren’t many people in the pub apart from us, (about 45 of us) in our ridiculous costumes, we got some really odd looks but as the drink flowed it seem to matter less. There was a chip eating competition, I think Colin won by fitting 13 in his mouth, big gob!
The mini-bus arrived to take the Bromyard lot home where I am told they went back to the pub. The Worcester dwellers and the guys staying in Worc, (guys from the Stirling/reading/SW, NE and NW offices) stayed in the pub until we were chucked out. The conversation as usual entered the gutter which is odd when one of the guys has just been made a director, he was the worst of all.
Anyway next day at work, I got there bright and early at about 8, Mandy was already there, Mik surprising got there early, I suppose he slept it off. That was it for a bit. Everybody did eventually make it in apart from Rich who kept his name as the drunken idiot and had to take a days leave. I don’t know, these young ‘uns can’t take their booze.
I have just been looking at the photos, ohhh dear! Some may end up on here in a bit.
Shiver me timbers, etc etc.

Thursday, May 24, 2007
Talk of wedding dresses
This is a bit of a girly post for me, only read if you have any interest in wedding dresses otherwise you will be bored.
I had to go for my first wedding dress fitting last night. I haven’t seen the dress for a year and was terrified it wouldn’t fit me. I’d forgotten how much I loved it, which is so odd for me. For starters I’m not a dress type person.
When I was choosing it I rang Mer up and we went to Worcester. I started looking really early because I assumed it would take me ages to find something I had a positive opinion about. Anyway, we went to all the usual shops and the assistants were around me like flies, this was until I voiced my opinion about white wedding dresses. For starters white hardly suits anybody and certainly not somebody as pale as me. Secondly it’s a crap tradition started by Queen Victoria, the normal colour to marry in before she did it was blue!! AND this irritates me the most, the reason white was chosen has nothing to do with the whole virginal thing but was merely to demonstrate in times gone by how rich you were because you could afford to buy a dress that would only be used for one day, i.e the fact it was white meant it would get filthy and not be able to be worn again.
After telling the shop assistants politely that I didn’t want white I was greeted by a number of reactions, the first shop the old dear told me they didn’t do white anyway, I glanced around the shop at the dresses and was about to challenge her when she said they are all ivory and cream, to which my response was shades of white then??! She then gave me a catalogue to look at and pointed out the various other shades of white I could have if i so wished, and quickly left me and Mer alone. The second shop was really busy, they did have a lilac dress which was quite pretty. The third shop sent me to the bridesmaid department because they didn’t have any non-white dresses. Fashions have obviously changed in the last year because this shop now has a black dress with a bright pink corset in the window.
Oh the fourth shop, I will name this one. It’s called Pronuptia and the first thing they said to me is ‘do you want to try some on’ I started to back away and head for the door but Mer managed to stop me. ‘Yes, apparently I do’ . Ok there are some rules, you have to try one big dress on, one coloured one and one straight one because you never know what you want. I pointed out that I did NOT want a big white dress but Mer made me try one on anyway. I deliberately picked the biggest meringue they had there. I came slouching out of the changing room with a big hoop under my skirt and a pillow shoved down my back to make the size 16 look like it may fit me. MY GOD I have never looked so stupid, how women manage to steer those things is a mystery, you wouldn’t be able to sit down without the skirt flipping up and flashing you assets. I then tried on two red dresses one of which was stunning. One of the assistants pointed out it was her favourite dress in the whole shop. I said I did love the colour, the lady helping me dress then asked if it was a coloured dress I was looking for. When I replied yes all of the assistants in the shop suddenly appeared. ‘She wants a coloured dress, this is what we have been waiting for’. Suddenly all of the dresses that weren’t white appeared and all of the white dresses that came in another colour also appeared. I must have been there for 2 hours trying on dresses with Mer and 3 assistants sat watching me parade around and a lovely lady helping me burrow my way into the dresses, (honestly it’s like pot holing trying to get into a dress). Every time somebody else came into the shop they were got rid of quickly.
I found the one I thought I might want and it came in the colour, (I’ll just say it’s not white) I wanted but they needed to get it in for me to try again. So a couple of weeks later I went to the shop by myself when I got there, quite randomly they had another dress in that colour too. When I tried that one on I had ‘the moment’ that everybody talks about. Wow, I looked great, it probably helped that it was my size and I didn’t need to get pinned into to it but I looked fab even if I do say so myself, (which I do). They asked if I wanted to order it but something in my head stopped me, it was my mother voice. My mother is very untraditional but for some reason every time I mentioned not wanting a white dress she got upset, when I told her on the phone all she said was ‘oh dear’ So I made an appointment to come back with my mother the week after.
We wandered into the shop, I tried my dress on and my mother had a big beaming smile on her face and a tear in her eye, apparently I looked great. So the dress was ordered, that was in June last year and it still looks great and fitted me perfectly apart from the hem needs taking up about 6 inches but this is normal. So I think maybe, I may be all set. Unfortunately it has now been confirmed that the church I wanted to marry in will definitely be closed but I am stopping on the way to Norton Canon church to see my brother anyway.

Thursday, May 24, 2007
One night in Athens
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Last night was odd. I had been building up to the moment for so long. I obviously had predicted that there was no way in the world that Liverpool were going to win, but I always predict that. I don’t like to build my hopes up because normally they are dashed extremely quickly. I can’t normally bear to watch important games and spend my time pacing around the garden or trying to distract myself online. But this time I actually watched most of the game and I wasn’t my usual stressed self. During the 2005 final I was so stressed I couldn’t bear to watch the penalties, I hid behind a cushion and looked at Bobs reaction to see what had happened. I was desperate for them to win. And when they did things got knocked flying as jumped out of my seat and started crying. I can’t remember much about the 1984 final apart from what I called at the time ‘the man with the funny legs’ and my brother running around the house with me on his shoulders after we had won, I’m sure if had still been with us he would have tried this again in 2005 although I may have squashed him.
It was karma we stole it from them last time, (like stereotypical scousers). All I wished was not to be embarrassed by our performance and I wasn’t. We played just as well as them, (better in the first half) so all is fair in love and war/football. Just try not to be too sad. It’s ours next year.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Not an L plate in sight.
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It was my hen weekend the weekend just gone. Let me tell you about it.

I’m was never really into wandering around some big city covered in condoms and L plates and getting so drunk that I ended up throwing up in the street at 9 O’clock, with loads of random acquaintances. Waking up the next day with no memory of what I have been up too. So I decided to go to one of my favourite places on earth, (St-David’s in Pembrokeshire) with a few of my very close friends.

Firstly there was my 3 bridesmaids who I met 10 years ago at Worcester uni, (oh my god that makes us sound old). Emma, (AKA Mer), Small, (never known by her real name), and Sarah.
Eleanor, who I met at Hydro-Logic about 4 years ago.
Bhav who I met my first day at Silsoe uni about 3 years ago
Lisa, Sarah’s other half who I must have met 2 years ago.
Mer arrived at my house on Thursday night and we drank lots of red wine. We got up bright and early on Friday morning. I did some of my weird Callanetics stuff and she went off to get her barnet chopped. Then we loaded up the car and drove for hours on the A40, across the Brecon Beacons in the pouring rain. As we ventured further west we could see little pockets of blue sky as the clouds began to clear. We drove through Haverfordwest, from there we took the road to St-Davids. Mer mentioned that she wanted to see the sea, no sooner had the words left her mouth we rounded the headland at Newgale and were greeted by the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline. The sky still looked quite stormy so it looked even more dramatic with streams of sunshine through the dark clouds bouncing off the sea.

We arrived at our hotel (Twr-y-Felin, I’ve stayed here before, see my blog from July last year about mine and Bobs trip to St-Davids). It’s a converted windmill and prides itself on being an ecohotel. We checked in and wandered off into St-Davids to stretch out legs. We went to a lovely establishment called the Farmers Arms for some dinner where Bhav joined us a while later.

Then back to the hotel bar to wait for everybody else. Sarah and Lisa turned up, then Small then finally Eleanor. The fellowship of the Twr-y-Felin was formed. Now the bar at TYF is quite bizarre, it has a nice bar at one end with some fridges stocked with organic lager, cider and wine, it also has some nice squishy sofas which are surrounded by windows, it however does not have any staff. You help yourself and write on a sheet of paper what you have had. Very trustworthy. Anyway the fellowship tucked into some red wine and laughed quite a lot; I’m not even sure what at but it seemed extremely funny at the time.. We eventually retired to bed. After a nice night’s sleep in my top bunk we had an extended breakfast with lots of chatter before embarking on our coastal walk.
We walked through St-Davids where we toyed with the idea of booking some coasteering, we decided to leave it and see how we felt after our walk. We ventured south out of St-Davids to St-Nons where we joined the Coast path, apparently St-Non was St-Davids mum, she gave birth in a field surrounded by some standing stones which protected her from a thunderstorm. Where she gave birth a spring supposedly sprung up, (some people may say it was from the thunderstorm not the birth of a sprog). Anyway a chapel was built for St-Non and then most of it fell down.

We headed onto he coastal path and walked on through the gusty wind and stormy sky. We stopped at one point where we saw the coasteering party on the rocks below us, I was suddenly very glad we had not booked coasteering as the poor chaps looked like they were struggling somewhat and could be dashed against the rocks at any moment.

We headed on and got to the pretty harbour at Poth clais where we had a little rest and some chocolate, and a spot of milking, (don’t ask) before continuing. We stopped quite often to sit on deserted pebble beaches and throw stones in the water, (and at each other) or just on mounds of grass overlooking the cliffs. We saw a seal at one point who I have to say looked like he was having a bit of a tart around after some attention or some food from us.
Next stop was St-Justinians, 7.5 miles into our trip where there is a lifeboat station and not much else. Poor Smallys little legs had enough by this point so she took the opportunity to catch the bus back to the hotel with Mer. Everyone else wanted to continue to Whitesands even with me telling them it was another mile and a half, (actually turned out to be 2.2 miles). The sun came out and started shining with all its might.

So we continued and eventually made it to Whitesands, unfortunately the tide was in so the beautiful beach did not look as good as it could have but it did mean there was less distance to walk for people to dip there tired feet in the sea. Eleanor had a bit of accident with one wave and ended up soaked from her knees down, oops.

We wandered up to the little café and had some food whilst we waited for the bus. There was bit of a scrum for the little bus that eventually arrived and 3 American tourists who had been waiting just as long as us didn’t get a seat so my friends being as gorgeous and lovely as they are got off and let them go back to St-Davids coz Sarah and I could quite easily go back and pick them up in the car.

We all arrived back at the hotel eventually and had showers etc before meeting back down in the bar for a well deserved drink. Bhav had found the stairs to the top of the windmill so we went up some very steep spiral stairs to the top where there was a little room surrounded by windows where we had an amazing view of the coast.

Later on back in the bar Eleanor had prepared a little quiz for me about Bob. I had to answer questions about him and us. I got most of then right apart from his favourite female celebrity who I should have really remembered was Nell McAndrew. The most romantic moment we didn’t agree on either although I do agree walking along a deserted beach in Aberdarron in North Wales was lovely. I thought it was in Kaikoura in New Zealand, once again a deserted beach where we sat and built a fire and watched the sun go down. We also disagreed on our ‘first time’ together, basically he got it wrong. Tee hee. I did know his favourite food though, and that he is a man that likes female bottoms. Also I got his perfect night out word perfect, nice restaurant, nice wine, pub after for some more drink and a bit of footy on the TV. Anyway thanks Eleanor for organising that, they decided I was allowed to marry him.

Time for dinner, I booked us a nice Italian restaurant which Bob and I hadn’t managed to get a table at last time we were there. The food was great and so was the wine. There was lots of laughing once again I toasted all of my friends for being great and making it to St-Davids, (it took Sarah and Lisa about 6 hours to get there)

We waddled back to the hotel and the bar where we had some champagne, kindly supplied by Mer. More toasts followed. We were all exhausted form out trek so we retired to bed nicely merry. I think everybody slept like a log.

The bad weather caught up with us and it was raining on Sunday, we braved the rain and went down to the beautiful purple tinged cathedral. There was a service going on so we hung around outside until it had finished then went in. The advantage of being there on a Sunday is that I got to hear the organ. I have a bit of a fascination with organs so this was great. The cathedral is very funny shape with the floor sloping up towards the organ and the pillars on either side splaying outwards. I have since discovered this is due to an earthquake in 1247 twisting the cathedral. Never mind, it gives it even more character.

After our bit of culture we went to some shops. Sarah and Lisa then decided to head off after there monster journey here they did not want the same on the way back, and so the fellowship was broken. The rest of us went to a nice café for coffee and cake before heading off ourselves. The rain was horrendous on the way but we arrived safely back in Worcester and everyone else also made it back in one piece.

All in all a nicely chilled out hen weekend with fab company and stunning scenery. Thank you guys.

Love Jacks

Thursday, May 10, 2007
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Grief is a terrible feeling, loosing somebody knowing you will never see them again. It can be made worse by others, that look of pity but the worst of all is the silence when you walk into a room, some people don’t know what to say or how to deal with it so silence is their answer. I know they are just scared of upsetting people but their actions tend to make things even more difficult to bear.
Grief never really goes away, you think its gone and there are no more tears to cry but then a song may come on the radio or somebody may say something and all the dark thoughts will come flooding back. It may be months or even years later but those dark thoughts will remain there, that’s what makes us human, our immense attachments to others, our unequalled feeling of loss when somebody leaves us. I imagine this feeling is even worse when the person leaving you does so suddenly without warning and reason.
It’s not all dark thoughts though, there is light too. Grief brings out good in friends, people who you never thought cared show you that they really, really do. Even when you have drank so much gin that you really just can’t stop crying even if you wanted to your friends will be there to just sit and tolerate the anger the self pity and just the grief. People can be fucking awful but they can also be the most amazing things on earth. There is good to be seen even in the most terrible of situations.
Love Jacks

Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Postman Pat and Sam squared
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Last Thursday Bob and myself had a bit of a get together with Dev, Kathryn and Andi. We had a few jars in the Farriers then moved on to the Hat and Hero’s. I got a bit drunk which was quite amusing. Dev and myself for some reason started to have a conversation about Postman Pat, in particular the Farmer who was in Postman Pat. We could not remember his name, It came to me later that it may be Bill Fenn but it turns out that is a friend of my dads. Dev had a sudden burst of memory the next morning and informed me it was Peter Fog or Ted Glen.
Anyway, on Friday me and the chap headed off for the train station and sat on a train for 6 hours to Edinburgh. We wandered around Edinburgh for a bit and were then met by Sam boy and Scoppa who escorted us to Sam’s place in Stockbridge. Sam boy is one of Bob’s mates from home, he lives with Sam girl. Scoppa knows Sam from his ski season in Whistler and also came boarding with us to Slovakia back in January. He is on his way back home, (Australia) from his season in Italy via Edinburgh.
We went out to the local pub on Friday evening and discussed in depth the problems with the Bush administration and how religion had a lot to answer for. As we were a bit pissed the solutions we came up with to these issues got more ludicrous throughout the evening. We stumbled back to Sam’s and fell into a drunken sleep.
Saturday dawned and none of us seemed particularly hungover, if they were they were doing a good job of disguising it. We wandered around Edinburgh some more and went to the Loch Ness experience on the Royal Mile. Now this consisted of s 25 minute film hosted by some ‘expert’ with a really big beard. The film was actually quite interesting and discussed the likelihood of there actually being a beastie lurking in the dark depths of Loch Ness, what spoiled it somewhat was the attempt to make the film 3D which felt very mid 80’s. The 3D didn’t seem to work on me and kept making me go cross-eyed. I needed a drink. We met up with Mike and tried to find somewhere in Edinburgh that was likely to be showing the Cricket World cup. We succeeded only to find rain had delayed play, flaming typical!
We then bought some supplies and went back to Sams and soaked up the Scottish sunshine in his garden, (no I’m not being sarcastic, it really was sunny). Talk turned to haggis, Scoppa and Bob wanted to sample some. Mike with his insider knowledge booked us into a restuarant that sold it. We got there and discovered it didn’t, hey ho never mind. Sam bird joined us after arriving back from a trip to the ballet in Aberdeen, (how somisterfricated). I had a nice big are steak which was lovely. We then headed off to the drinking establishments of Edinburgh and found somewhere showing the Cricket. Bob and Scoppa watched it, Scoppa being the most untypical Aussie I have ever met was supporting Sri Lanka.
We drank lots again and put the worlds to right again, then leaving Mikey to party the night away at a club, (these youngsters ey?) the rest of us stumbled home. Now here is an interesting tangent, Sam bird and myself we heading the group home when we noticed a very drunk lad leaning against a wall. Just as we approached he stepped out in front of us and passed out whacking his head on the pavement. Sam bird immediately knelt next to him and shook him to make sure he was ok. I was being really helpful and was just saying ‘head, head, head’ in a bit of drunken slur. She rolled his head over to confirm he had whacked his bonce and had quite a cut just next to his eye that was oozing with claret. I immediately rang for an ambulance having had experience of head injuries mixed with alcohol before, (not me). After being transferred to the ambulance line the phone rang for about 2 minutes before anyone answered. By which time, Ronnie, (we later found out) was throwing up, they were supposedly sending an ambulance when Ronnie decided he didn’t want to lie in his own vomit and got to his feet. I informed the lady on the phone of this and she made me ask if he wanted an ambulance. Obviously he said no. I was quite annoyed as the chaps face was streaming with blood and the cut was showing no signs of clotting. Anyway, we decided a taxi wouldn’t take him to hospital in his condition and told him he couldn’t go home to an empty house. Ronnie then decided he would go to his girlfriends house who didn’t live far away. Sam boy rang said girlfriend explaining the situation and handing the mobile to Ronnie. We left him to make his own way to his girlfriends telling him to go to hospital. In hindsight we should have walked him home or waited for her to arrive but we suspected there may have been a bit of a domestic on the phone between Ronnie and his bird so we left him. We had a call from the girlfriend about 15 minutes after we left Ronnie, she was going to look for him. As we didn’t hear back we assumed she found him, probably leaving him with another cut on his head for getting drunk and falling over.
Sunday morning dawned, well actually I woke up at 10:30 which is really late for me. We had a nice cooked breakky and Gaz arrived from London, he was going to a wedding in Glasgow on Monday so joined the party for one night only. Off we wandered next to the Water of Leith. We went through a little village within the city which was very odd but very nice, think its called Dean Village. Then we headed off to the Modern Art museum. Saw a few cool paintings and stuff but also stuff that I would describe as tat. A room full of balls doesn’t really require much artistic flare. Still at least the cakes were good in the café.
Back at the flat Mikey arrived again and we all reminisced whilst watching snowboarding dvds of our trips. Les Arcs 2003, Livignio 2004, (Boys on boards) and lots of pics of Morzine 2004. We finally had haggis for din dins which was lovely, and drank some more but not too much. I spent much of the evening discussing the merits of myspace with Gaz and helped him set up a space whilst having abuse hurled at us.
Monday morning Sam and Sam left for work, Bob, Gaz and myself left for the station leaving Scoppa to catch his flight later.
At the station we waved goodbye to Gaz then took our train back, which incidentally took 5 hours. All in all a nice long weekend with lots of walking, drinking and eating. Cheers everybody.

Friday, April 20, 2007
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So it happened again and still they don’t seem to be listening.
Around 29,000 people die from gunshot wounds every year in the US. Around 10,000 of these deaths are murders. Last year in Britain, with a population of 60 million, guns were responsible for the murder of 46 people. The figures speak for themselves.
I am outraged to hear that Americas National Riffle Association reporting that if Virginia Tech had not been a gun free zone then the College students would have been able to defend themselves. Woooooaaahhhh there, if the gun laws were stricter then the freaking nutter would not have been able to buy a dam gun in the first place, therefore nobody would have been shot!
And all this toss about it being written in the constitution about having a right to defend yourself with a gun. Change the constitution, or get rid of the freaking thing. Having a single written document is very short-sighted as it is such a hassle to change it. I’m not going to get into a debate about the constitution thing but the UK seems to have survived pretty well without one.
There seems to be an unhealthy attitude towards guns in certain places. To me guns absolutely terrify me and I am quite happy for that to continue. The only place I ever see guns in this country is attached to the police at airports. It doesn’t matter how much I travel it is still a huge shock when I go through the departures door and their they are with semi automatic things hanging around their necks. I have no problem with the police having guns; although I think the UK have the only police force in Europe that is not armed as standard. I also have no problem with farmers having shot guns, (providing they have a license and have passed all the checks and abide by all the rules). But for anybody else, just why would you need one? Buying a gun is showing a willingness to kill somebody, I know not necessarily in cold blood but the willingness is still there.

Le weekend
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I love the bank holiday weekends. I used to despise them probably because I had to work at my parents café and used to spend most of the day serving ice-cream to cheerful people enjoying themselves, whilst I was stuck in a sweltering kitchen where the overworked ice-cream machine would occasionally spit liquid ice-cream over me in a fit of rage. This had the terrible effect of making me very attractive to wasps and making me stink after a couple of hours.

Anyway these days I have bank holidays off, yay!! Which was particularly useful on Good Friday because I had one of my random attacks of insomnia on Thursday night and so spent the night watching TV until about 5am. I still managed to get myself out of bed at about 9 am though and spent the day pottering around doing a spot of gardening. Bob went to work. We went for a walk along the river in the evening when he got back and ended up walking about 6 miles, which was unintended but still quite pleasant.
On Saturday morning we drove down to see Spex in his brand new flat, (executive penthouse, ooohh err) in Portsmouth. When we got there Anthony was also there. We then all headed down to the sea front and went to an all you eat Chinese for lunch. I think I would have filled my face a lot more if it hadn’t been for some of the immense people in there, one guy was eating when we got there and was still munching away when we left.
Then we strolled along the seafront, Anthony wanted to take the ferry over to the Isle of Wight for tax purposes. We decided against it and carried on strolling. On return to the Penthouse we watched Pompey beat Manchester united on Sky much to everybody’s delight, especially Spex. Now Sky is still a bit of a novelty to me having never had satellite and never intended getting it. But we did manage to tune in to the Fanzone commentary, which involved a supporter from each side doing the commentary. It was hilarious and I am seriously considering getting Sky for this alone.
Later on we went back into the town for a few bevies, Spex had to meet his mate Rich whose Birthday it was. We walked into the Goose, possibly the dodgiest pub in the world. We were greeted by some scantily clad ‘ladies’ who wandered past us saying “excuse moi! I aint fucking French or nothin!!” and then punctuated this by laughing like a wounded moose. We had one drink and left. We then went to a nice studenty pub where Spex got accosted the moment he walked through the door by a large breasted woman who thought he was Darrell. Later on in the evening she also asked me if I was Darrell. After getting nicely merry we headed to a club, this turned into a major mission as we went the wrong way and it was 1.30 by the time we got to the club, surprisingly we didn’t get let in which was probably for the best. The boys then had an amusing conversation with some Welsh men in the taxi queue one was dressed as a Gorilla and one as the incredible hulk. I on the other hand was talking to possibly the campest man on Earth who was asking me if I had ever been to Joanna’s night club, apparently it was the longest running club in Pompey as it had been going for 45 years, but it was closed now. Only bad girls went to Joanna’s so the fact he was asking me was a slight insult, or maybe he was just a good judge of character. Camp man’s friend was trying to tell me he had been involved in the battle of the Nile with the incredible hulk and the Gorilla. We got our taxi home.
Now I feel the need to talk about Sky again. We switched it on when we got back and I was astounded to find that about 5 channels were taken up by this thing called babestation. The premise seemed to be scantily clad women who were generally dog ugly gyrated on the screen in front of you. If you wished to spend about £10 a minute you could speak to the aforementioned dog ugly women on the phone whilst they were gyrating. I am completely puzzled by who would actually call them. I also wonder how much they get paid to make a complete tit of themselves on TV.
Next day we all surfaced and played a very amusing game. Spex has a fab sound system in his gaff which includes speakers in the ceiling of each room which can play whatever is on the stereo or TV or whatever. Anyway, Spex’s flat mate Jim has incredibly bad taste in music, so the aim of the game was to play atrocious music really loud in the bathroom to really offend whoever was in the shower. I made Spex play Celine Dion and the Darkness for Bob as these are two of his least favourite in the world.
We then went to Hayling island and watched all the sailing boats go past whilst secretly hoping the one of them would fuck up and end up getting whacked across the head by their boom and ending up in the sea. It was a nice beach as we avoided the built up bit with the obligatory amusements and fairground rides. We spent our time hurling pebbles at giant lampshade on a pole just offshore, we failed to hit it.
Then it was time to go, Anthony was dropped off and we picked our stuff up from Spex before heading off. On the way home we stopped at Stonehenge, I have never seen it before. It really took my breath away. I have no idea how they managed to get some of those stones there from the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire, (which incidentally I used to visit every month as I used to monitor Prescelli reservoir ). We passed woodhenge on the way home, disappointingly there was no strawhenge.
On Monday Bob toddled off to work and I went to my mums and ate lots of food. Mmmm.

Back at work now which sucks but at least its just a 4 day week.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Confessions of a blonde.
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I do sometimes wonder how I made it to the ripe old age of 28. I can seriously be the dizziest person on Earth, even dizzier than Bob.

One day last week I had been out in the field in the morning and thought I would nip to the gym in my lunch hour before returning to the office. I went home got changed and went to grab my iPod to put some new tunes on it. I reached into my bag and pulled out my ipod sock but catastrophe!! It was empty. I then started to go through in my head where I had last seen it last. A couple of days earlier I had got back from the gym and was helping cook dinner when I suddenly thought, oh my god, I’ve left my IP at the gym, ran to my bag but when I saw the sock I assumed everything was fine. I then got it into my head that the sock has been empty all along and that I had actually left my Pod at the gym 2 days previously. I jumped in the car and raced to the gym babbling at Aimee the lovely instructor as soon as I walked through the door that my IP had gone. Nothing had been handed in so I raced back out of the gym and back to the office where I thought maybe just maybe my Pod was sitting on my desk waiting for me. I couldn’t find it so rang Aimee who had a good look around the changing rooms and said she couldn’t find it. Moya at the office grabbed my car keys and rummaged around in my car finding all sorts of crap but no IP. I decided that my poor shocking pink nano was gone forever and some bugger had picked it up.
I then thought maybe I should order another one without telling Bob as it was my Christmas pressie off him. But then decided I would have a look at home before doing that. I skulked home about 5 and walked through the front door, put the post on the table in the hall and felt something underneath the post and there it was. It had been there all along. Literally 20 cm away from where my bag had been sitting. I must have taken it out a couple of days previously when I first thought I might have left it at the gym.
Bob walked through the door a couple of minutes later and asked why I hadn’t gone to the gym. I told him my story and he laughed at me as ever. My poor dizzy brain, I wonder if dying my hair would make any difference.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Am I the only one who gets mad about this?
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The world has gone crazy and I feel like an observer of a freak show.
Now I don’t want to be sounding old and wise here but when I was a kid things were so different. Childhood obesity didn’t exist, I’m not even sure adult obesity did but now apparently we are in the middle of an epidemic. I watched a TV program about the heaviest teenager in Britain last night, she was 34 stone!! Oh my god. She had managed to lose 7.5 stone in a year though so was down to 26.5 by the end of the prog so well done to her and keep it up.
One of the reasons for this upsurge in obesity has to be the lifestyles people live these days. I was lucky enough to have been brought up in a Countryside Park. My parents owned a cafe there, at weekends they would go to work and I would go and play in the wood. They wouldn’t see me for hours, as long as I was back by dark then no worries. I can’t imagine the same thing would happen now. And it’s this change that has effected the kids. Parents can’t keep a watchful eye on their kids 24 hours a day so the kids are staying in and playing computer games and shovelling rubbish down their necks.
I’m not a parent but I do completely understand why parents are so scared of stuff happening. My concern is things are actually no worse than they ever were it’s just the media that has blown things out of all proportion leading to parents being terrified and kids not having a proper childhood anymore. I mean people talk about the Soham murders, obviously this was tragic and Ian Huntley was evil but then you could argue that Myra Hindley and Ian Brady were far worse as they murdered far more kids and taped it!! Now there must have been public outcry at the time, (I’m not that old so don’t know) but that didn’t seem to effect children’s freedom.
Busy parents is also no excuse for feeding your kids crap, my parents worked 7 days a week 50 weeks a year, (yes they were allowed 2 weeks off a year). Yet my mum or dad always found time to come back home and cook me dinner that was made with actual food instead of stuff that comes covered in plastic in a little card sleeve that you bung in the microwave for 10 minutes. And I know that the same was true of my cousins yet they don’t seem to know how to feed their kids properly, no wonder they are such tear-aways, they survive on crisps and pop so they must be high as a kit most of the time. So what happened? When did microwave meals become the norm?
What the solution to this problem is I don’t know. You can’t tell parents it is suddenly fine to let your kids run around and be free because it isn’t. Maybe parks should have wardens and stuff to just keep an eye on children but then this will only help kids who live in town or city that had a park. Rural kids like I was would be in the same situation. As for the food issue, I would say it’s a question of education but it needs to be people of my age that need the educating. That Jamie Oliver program just shows how pathetic and short-sighted some parents are. He went to the effort of making them decent healthy food, which the poor darlings didn’t like so mothers were passing through McDonalds through the fence!!!!!! In my day if you didn’t eat it you wouldn’t get anything else and there would be no pudding so you went to bed hungry.
I am food obsessed, I have an eating disorder, (I use the present tense because I believe it is something you never get over). So maybe I am not the best person to be preaching about this but it makes me so mad. But then it is my recovery from bulimia that maybe makes me see the world differently. I can’t bear what people are doing to themselves and their children.

Monday, March 19, 2007
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I posted a blog last September about liars. It would seem that Karma does exist. If the liar does happen to be reading this, (I know you have a myspace) then I would like to point out that I did not slash the tyres of your car although when I heard about it I laughed so much I cried. Wicked I know but definitely deserved if you consider the heartache and arguments you caused.

Friday, March 02, 2007
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The thought of a little boy dying because of a mixture of neglect and illness is awful. I have never met him, I have never met the lovely lady who is caring for him yet I feel very close to them.
Watching somebody slip away is one of the most painful things in the world. If really nothing else can be done for them dealing with the guilt of wishing it would just happen so they could be at peace and the pain would stop. And rather more selfishly so you would not have to watch them anymore. The look of contentment on their face when it finally happens, you know there are no more drugs, no more operations they can finally leave this Earth and people will stop praying for them to survive. I am hoping it will not get to this stage, I am really wishing that he can yet be saved, he is so young.
Be safe in the knowledge that if it happens there will be a big cuddly carebear to look after him up there. He will pull faces and talk funny and make him laugh. It is nearly 4 years, (on the 8th of March) since he left us, leaving me an only child. I am not full of self pity, I am full of pride not just to have known him but to have had him as my big brother, I am truly grateful.
Sleep peaceful babe, love Jacks

Monday, February 26, 2007
Weekends events
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What makes Monday mornings slightly more bearable is when you know you have had a good weekend. That slight feeling of smugness when you ask what everyone else did and they reply ‘oh nothing really’ or ‘I went to the pub’.

As you asked, I had a great weekend. I took Friday off and went to the gym in the morning so the feeling of smugness begins. Then I went and got my hair cut so I felt quite nice and sexy. At about half twelve Bob got back from work and we chucked a load of stuff in bags and caught the train to Das Kapital. We arrived at Danny and Gaz’s house in Balham about 6, (met Danny’s new lady Kate, she’s nice) grabbed some food and headed off to Brixton Academy to see the NME tour.

First on at the unusually early time of 7.20 were Mum-Ra. They were excellent, which I wasn’t expecting at all. Next on were the Horrors. First impressions and all that, the stage was dark and there was some hugely out of tune guitars screeching as they came on stage. The lead ‘singer’ came on just after wearing a big black cloak and carrying a stick with about 12 black balloons attached to the end of it. He waved this stick wildly as he launched into the first tune. Now I’m sure it is called the Indie Rock tour for a reason, I now have no idea what that reason is because this band were goth/death metal type stuff, they had been stupidly hyped which in my opinion is always a bad sign. I think maybe the NME hyped them because they realised it was a mistake booking them. Each to their own but the Horrors were not my cup of tea at all, I think I’ll leave it at that. Anyway, it gave us an excuse to head to the bar.

A couple of drinks later and we headed back towards the stage. The View came on and had a bit of a strum and left. They passed me by completely; I wasn’t actually disappointed because I haven’t been overly taken with their album.

Then the main event, The Automatic were fantastic, and if they happen to be reading this, (I know it’s a long shot) I was the one voice that screamed yes when they asked if anybody had heard of Sheep Music. We leaped up and down and screamed our heads off. At the end of their set Mum-Ra came running on the stage and joined in with Recover.

So although not everybody impressed I still left with that post gig buzz. As we walked towards the underground discussing where to go next, we all decided we were knackered and went home via the Kebab house, (obviously I didn’t have one but they did actually look quite nice).

Next morning we all woke up earlyish and hangover free so we, (me Gaz and Bob) decided to have a day of culture and went to the Imperial War Museum. I must point out here that I am not a typical girl, I studied the origins of the second world war at A-level and so looking at all the crazy guns and tanks was really cool. We then went up to the Secret War exhibition, which was all about the history of the secret services and SAS. There was video playing about the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980 and how the SAS were brought in to sort it out. Growing up in Herefordshire has its good and bad points, the gorgeous countryside is one of the good points. The place being full of SAS wannabes, wandering around in their desert boots claiming that they were the person on the balcony of the Iranian Embassy, (how many people have I heard claim that??!!) is defiantly one of the bad points. Don’t get me wrong I love the proper regiment soldiers; (certain family members would be very cross if I didn’t say that) And I realise what a freaking dangerous job they do, I sometimes wish for the sake of my nerves that I didn’t realise what they did. Anyway enough about my overprotective family.

We then went and looked at the Holocaust exhibition, which was hard work. It left me physically and emotionally drained. I think it was more graphic and in depth than some of the stuff we saw in Berlin. It also pointed the finger of blame not just at the Nazi regime but at the rest of Europe for not responding to he rumours soon enough. There were even stories that when the Russians liberated the first concentration camp they were so shocked that they immediately told the Allies who dismissed their claims as anti Nazi propaganda. However, when the Brits came across Belsen and found a pile of 10,000 un-buried bodies and found it difficult to distinguish who was alive and who was dead the story soon changed. Now I realise we were in a terrible situation, trying to defend our own country, trying to liberate Europe and also being completely bankrupt but surely we could have done more.

We then bought some Sushi and went for a drink at The Social, (just off Regents Street) and discussed the days events agreeing it was a good day but we were all quite contemplative.

Time to make our way back to Balham stopping to get some supplies. I knocked up a huge Spag Bol, which left everybody unable to move, (I’m hoping because they ate so much not because of stomach cramps or the like). The plan was to go to a few bars that night and end up at a club called the Ghetto. We got to a bar called Trash Palace at about 9.30 and left at 3 then went home, so much for the plan. Anyway, Trash Palace was great, it is quite small, mostly gay bar. It played a fab mix of Indie tunes mixed with some classics and a bit of Trash thrown in for good measure. We must have danced for about 4 hours and sung our little hearts out. Me and Bob met one of Gaz’s friend Kev and his friend Shaw who was possibly the most international person I have ever met, (Indian parents, born and raised in Japan, university in America and now lives in London). There was a guy painting people’s faces with big stardust style stars at the back of the bar, Kate, Danny, Shaw and Kev decided to indulge.

Bob made the mistake of wearing a t-shirt that had shrunk in the wash, it looked good but had the unfortunate effect of making him look a bit gay. I noticed him getting admiring glances off a few chaps, then they would turn to me and desperately try to work out if I was a fag hag or his bird. At the end of the evening we were waiting for Gaz to day his ‘goodbyes’, (how did you get glitter on your face?!) when one chap walked passed Bob and did a proper double take before asking him if he was with me, he said yes and the guy just said oh she’s beautiful. I said thanks and pointed out that Bob was beautiful too to which he said well obviously but I can’t tell him that. Thank-you random stranger for the compliment.

We then staggered out of the place, some of us staggering a bit more than others. Danny ordered us a taxi on his work account, (cheers mate) and we returned to Balham. A great night was had by all and we collapsed into bed with the nights music still ringing in our ears.

Next morning Danny drove us into town as Danny, Kate and Gaz were all off to a birthday brunch. Bob and I headed towards Paddington and then westwards home.

As we walked from Shrubhill station back to St-Johns we noticed the silence. The occasionally car passing us, not the constant drone you get in London. The birds were chirping happily in the trees. Even the Severn lapping at it’s bank top seemed to be more silent than the Thames. We had a great weekend but it was good to be back home in the relative sanity of Worcester.

Ta ta

Friday, February 16, 2007
Hydro geeks only,,1958602,00.html
This is a link to what the Guardian claim to be the top 100 green campaigners of all time. I mostly agree with the list. Although I think David Attenborough should have been top as he is seen as an iconic figure in British wildlife broadcasting and is almost putting his career on the line with his recent tough talk on climate change.
Obviously Jospeh Bazelgette should have been higher too. Only at number 19 for wiping out cholera in London AND it is down to him that London has so many big green parks. Admittedly he wiped out Cholera by accident, he thought it was due to miasma or bad air. As the London streets were full of sewage he thought it was the smell of this sewage that was causing people to get ill and not the open sewers leaking into the water system. He designed the massive sewage system that is still used today. All of the sewers converged in several big tunnels, (the Victoria and Chelsea embankment being two of them). Where the sewage was pumped along the side of the Thames by (at the time) the worlds biggest steam engine. It however, was pumped back into the Thames BUT it was below the tidal limit so the effect was huge. The Thames was cleaner and the people of London no longer had contaminated water to drink. He has a little statue on the Victoria Embankment which everybody ignores so next time you are there go and see him, it is directly opposite the exit to Victoria Embankment underground, (pic in my pics folder).
There is also no mention of John Snow in the list. I don’t mean the news reader and fan of the swingometer. John Snow actually got the cause of Cholera correct a few years before Bazzelgete came on the scene. He plotted the deaths of a particularly nasty outbreak in Soho and soon realised that there was a water pump in common with all of the deaths. He then suspected that the nasty disease was water borne and not air borne miasma as people had always assumed. He told lots of important people about this and no one listened so he went down to the water pump and removed the handle stopping the outbreak. As far as I know he doesn’t have a statue but there is pub named after him in Soho. Apparently he was also a bit of a groundbreaker when it comes to anaesthesiology, (have I spelt that right?) but I don’t really care about that.
I intended this blog to be a nice little chat about Green Campaigners but it just seems to have turned into a story about my hydrohead hero’s. Never mind I’m assuming if you get this far in reading it you must have found it slightly interesting.

Thursday, February 15, 2007
Valentines day!!!!!
I refuse to celebrate Valentines day. I always thought it was for people with secret crushes to send cards to aforementioned crushes. Now, however it seems to be a big competition amongst people who are lucky enough to have themself an ‘other half’.
All day yesterday people were asking me what I had got and when I replied nothing there was generally a look of sympathy and occasionally a comment about how rubbish my boyfriend was. We don’t buy each other cards, or trinkets and I certainly don’t expect flowers or chocolate. To start with flowers this time of year have generally been imported which means they have been flown over in big carbon emitting planes. Even if they have only come from Europe that means that they have been grown in greenhouses which have been kept hot by the unnecessary use of electricity. And chocolate just makes you fat.
These days Valentines day exists to make single people feel rubbish and non single men stressed about whether they have done enough. It’s been commercialised in the worst possible way. Materialistic stuff does not prove how much you love someone or how much they love you. If you need a day in the year to prove to your partner you love them then your relationship can’t be that fantastic.
We cooked a nice meal, (we do this every night though), had a nice bottle of champagne and watched the footy. I would prefer this any night than going to a restaurant that would be full of loved up couples publically proving how much they love each other.
Should I stop, yes I think I will.

Friday, February 09, 2007
The joys of Herefordshire
Well it snowed in Worcester on Thursday and I didn’t even attempt going to work. There were very few accidents on the roads as everyone else stayed at home too.
Today however, we were forecast some light wintry showers, so off I popped to work. The drive in consists of a few local roads in Worcester followed by the A44, (the main road to mid Wales from Oxfordshire) as far as Bromyard in Herefordshire, it’s about 12 miles. The snow started to fall at about 10am, then about 12 this turned to big fat flakes of snow, the sky was thick with it. By 2 o’clock it started to stick. All the time it was snowing I was checking the font of knowledge, BBC Hereford and Worcester to make sure the roads were fine. They were.
At 2.20 I had enough, I left work and started to drive up Bromyard Downs. I got about 2 miles from the office before hitting a wall of traffic. The road was blocked by a jack-kniffed lorry and a crashed BMW. There were many discussions with the people in cars around me. Several local farmers took the job into their own hands and started appearing out of gateways with spades and tow ropes. The traffic coming up the hill was slow too and occasionally everybody got out of their cars to push a car that was wheel spinning its way up the hill. After about an hour and half I was considering abandoning my car and walking the 2 miles back to work. I phoned Simon, who was about 200 metres behind me and we agreed it would be best. Then suddenly a call from down the road for cars to move forward. The farmers and locals had cleared the road of the accident!! They were also stopping the people coming up the hill so we had a chance to move. We started to edge forward but we had been stationary for so long the roads had about 5cm of snow on them. It was really scary but I edged forward in 1st gear going about 10mph. I got to the corner where the accident was and was shocked to see a police man in an unmarked car just sat there. He really was doing nothing!!!
I got home about 2 and a half hours after I left but at least I got home. Thanks to the farmers and local of Bringsty common and Bromyard downs. Other roads were completely closed, farmers were towing the cars individually up Fromes Hill with tractors. I saw no gritters and there were no reports on the local radio station. The truth is the local radio station is called Hereford and Worcester but really it should drop the former. Herefordshire has around 30cm of snow, It’s melting in Worcester but guess what is taking up all of the radio coverage. It’s because the presenters live in Worcester so want to know if they can get home.
Anyway I’ll stop my rant. I should be used to it.

Saturday, February 03, 2007
Pints and polar bears
It’s amazing, scientists have been warning about climate change for at least a decade and the humble polar bear has done more for the fight than any scientist could have wished for. There were two events. On that awesome program Planet Earth, the polar bear forced to swim for it as the pack ice had melted meaning there were no seals on land for him to hunt. He swam for days before landing and trying to kill a walrus, not something a polar bear would normally do because they are so big with lethal tusks. But exhausted and starving he tried his luck. Disaster he got pierced in the thigh in a battle. The polar bear curled up and gradually bled to death. Now whenever the theme tune to Planet Earth is played, the already moving song Hopipolla by Sigur Ros people text in Radio 1 talking about the poor polar bear.
Secondly the pictures all over the news of polar bears clinging to the remaining scraps of ice in the arctic. People needed proof and now it is being seen. The scorching hot summers and freakily mild winters haven’t succeeded but bring a cute, if not ferocious animal into it and this nation falls apart with angst. I don’t think that much can be done to save Polar bears as a species now. They will become extinct and it is our fault. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! Walk instead of drive, buy a more efficient car, buy energy saving light bulbs, get house insulation, turn your thermostat down, don’t buy food with stupid amounts of packaging, recycle, turn your appliances off stand-by, get a compost bin, share lifts, if you fly contribute towards planting trees to combat the carbon emissions. It’s like people know what they should be doing but just don’t do anything about it because they have got so used to doing what they want.
Anyway, I’m going to stop that before I start talking about the recycling scheme in Worcester and go off on more of a rant.
On a happy note, one of Bobs old uni housemates (Al) has built and now runs his own recording studio. It’s called the Session in Worcester. We decided to go and check it out last night before dragging Al off to the pub. It was exceptional, four big recording rooms, a mixing room and vocal room. Well done Al, I hope it is a huge success.
We then nipped off to the pub, after a couple in the Swan we went to Hero’s. I bumped into and old uni friend Simonster who I haven’t seen for years. We got drunk and talked rubbish for hours, just like old times. We then went home. It was great.

Anyway, byee. BIMBO xx

Friday, February 02, 2007
Slovakia Part Deux
This is a more eloquently written version of our trip to Slovakia.
For all you snow lovers and travel freaks out there check out it’s a combination of the two.

Thursday, February 01, 2007
A bit miserable.
Current mood: bored
I’m wishing my life away at the moment. During the week I just can’t wait for it to be the weekend, I really think I need a new job. I am still thinking about doing a PHD but it would mean a big cut in salary. The biggest studentship I have seen is 17k per year. I know it’s not about the money, I certainly wouldn’t have gone into environmental science if I had wanted to be rich, but I need to pay my mortgage.
Sometimes I think I would have been happy to take on the parents business,(little cafe in a countryside park). Then I remember that I made the crappest waitress in the world because I used to yell at the customers.
Or maybe I should have done what most of the girls did at my school and get pregnant before taking my GCSE’s then get given a council flat, have a few more sprogs by various fathers and get given a house. Sit on my big, fat, kappa track suited arse and watch Sky TV all day whilst the state funds my lifestyle.
Robs dad is getting on a bit now and soon the farm will get too much for him. Rob has finally mentioned doing something with it but he doesn’t know what. He would quite like to get some pigs and start making his own sausages, (he watched Jimmy’s farm). Maybe he should quit his job, (which he doesn’t like anyway) and build up a nice business empire. Then I could go and work there. I could set up a nice cafe selling the sausages, probably best to keep me away from the customers though.
10:59 AM

Monday, January 22, 2007
Snow and Slovakia
I have just got back from a week snowboarding in Slovakia. Well I say snowboarding but it turns out the whole of Europe is having a bit of a snow drought this winter. Let me tell you about my weeks events.
On Friday night me and the chap drove down to one of those soul-less airport hotels at Stansted airport. It was actually quite pleasant with a nice big bed and also a nice big bar, (well we were now officially on holiday). The morning dawned and the vague panic started to rise as I remembered I was going to have to get on an aeroplane again, (not one of my favourite past times). After relieving the hotel of numerous sachets of de-caf coffee and tea bags we decided we better leave before being forcibly removed.
At the terminal the others arrived, 11 in all. Myself, Bob, Gary, Chris, Danny, Sam boy, Sam girl, Benito, Mike and newcomers to the party, Sueanne and Matt. The flight was almost on time so off we went on our brand new 737 to Proprad Tatry airport, (I’d never heard of it either). The snow reports had not been promising before we left but landing surrounded by snowless mountains was a bit bizarre.
We were staying at a Chalet in the village of Demanova, which is between the resort of Jasna and the town of Liptovsky. There is a chalet run by a company called Propaganda in the village but as there were so many of us the owner of the company had rented us a separate chalet. It wasn’t as attractive as some of the other chalets we have stayed in but Slovakia isn’t as rich as France so I suppose I’ll let them off. At least the bedrooms were nice and big which isn’t normally true.
The next morning we caught the bus up to Jasna, there wasn’t a huge amount of snow but they had been very busy manufacturing. I started to get the fear really bad, as it had been 2 seasons since I boarded last. The first run was very slow with lots of stopping and complaining about my boots. Near the bottom of the slope were big patches of brown snow where the snow was so thin that it had mixed with mud, mmmm nice. My third run, all the way up on the lift I kept telling myself to stop being such a wimp. I know I can do it but I just get scared. I got off, strapped my board on and carved the entire way down really fast. I didn’t stop once. The run was probably only about 10 minutes long but it was amazing and the best run of my life. I even managed to keep up with Bob who is far better than me. The patchiness at the bottom was over come by going way off to the one side where the snow was still quite thick.
Anyway, we had lunch then I went back to chalet coz the end of my toes were bruised from my new boots. Bob, Sam girl. Mike and Gaz accompanied me. When we got back Scopa was waiting for us. Scopa is an Aussie snowboard instructor doing a season in Italy, unfortunately his resort is closed so he joined us instead. We then started on the drink, Yay, Brits abroad.
Next day we ventured further afield to a resort about an hour away where we had been told there was much more snow. Well there was more but there were shit load of people also. We got there quite early and did one run. It was sheet ice at the top and I was too scared to even turn, the bottom bit was ok though. By the time we had got down the queues were crazy. There were thousands of Russians all clambering to get on a three-man chair lift, to be honest it would have been better to go back to Jasna. We cut our losses and went cross-country skiing instead. Apart from Sam and Sam this was our first time on 2 planks. It was good fun. The whole time we skied Scopa was rail sliding down the side of a set of concrete steps with a local snowboard instructor, he got quite an audience.
And that sums up the extent of the snowboarding. A few went to Jasna the next day but it was really icy. We also went out the last day because it had been snowing the night before but the lift was closed, (something to do with those ridiculous gales we had).
We amused ourselves by going carting, bowling, walking and a little day trip to Krakov in Poland. This is the most relaxed I have ever been after a trip boarding. I can’t help but feel unfulfilled though. I am now looking at going on a girl snowboard camp later in the season but I will have to keep an eye on the snow.
Bimbo xx

Thursday, January 04, 2007
January blues
Well it’s all back to normal now. Well as normal as it gets anyway. My Christmas was a very drunken do at my Aunties. New Year was equally drunken at Simons house who was having an engagement/new years eve party. I drank lots of vino and champagne. There was this German guy at the party who made this Gluwein type drink which involved setting fire to sugar with burning rum and melting it in to a big vat of red wine. It was lovely but extremely strong.
When midnight came we set off fireworks, well to be more exact everyone else went out into the garden to watch the fireworks and I hid inside passing fireworks through a small gap in the door then running and hiding again, (not a big fan of the nasty noisey things).
As the drinks flowed more I got into a very heated debate with a guy who works for ESSO about climate change. Needless to say ESSO pay him enough money for him to think that climate change might not be happening. I think that is very short-sighted of him especially as his wife was pregnant therefore he should have an interest in the future. Anyway, me and the bloke stumbled home at about 2.30 and fell into bed. I felt remarkably human the next day, which was nice.
Now for New Years resolutions.
1 Give up caffeine again. I do this periodically as caffeine has a really bad effect on me but I am such a big fan of coffee it normally doesn’t last long. Well it’s been 4 days so far.
2 Drink less. I know I won’t stick to this but I’m going to try and drink only 2 days a week. I haven’t had any since New Years Eve yet and am going to try and hold out until I go snowboarding (13th jan)
3 Run more. I have to stick to this because I need to lose the weight I put on at Chrimbo. 3 miles twice a week is my aim.
4 Look into doing a phd, I’m not sure if I want to do this yet but if I do it’ll be full time.
That’s it. Unfortunately I’m not feeling too well at the moment, I seem to have some strange thing that is making all my muscles ache as well as having a bit of a cold. It’s probably because I’ve been working too hard, (ahhhh sympathy please)
Anyway, must do some more of the aforementioned work.

Friday, December 22, 2006
Christmas time…..
It was my office Christmas party yesterday. I rushed into work early to get all my work done before the procession of cars to the pub, (cheers for the lift Dr Bob). Unfortunately the poor Scottish office couldn’t make it coz their flight was cancelled. Grrr nasty fog.
We settled down at our allotted seats and the drinks flowed. There was a little pack at each place containing a huge inflatable balloon thingy which when you let go of it shot off making a horrendous screeching noise. The pub owners obviously knew us well, we normally chuck paper aeroplanes at each other so this provided much frivolity, and noise!!
I have to say most of the directors were complete light weights and nipped off about 4 O’clock, I suspect they went back to the office, Boo Hisss!!! There was one exception, Alec the technical director stayed for quite a while before relocating to his wife’s Christmas party.
Now as for the people who couldn’t make it, we rang up each of the Scottish offices employees, (all 4 of them) and sang Jingles Bells to them which they greatly appreciated. We then sang to the Reading office but they refused to sing back!! Then to Eleanor, (a previous employee), Mike, (another previous employee who lives in New Zealand so it was about 4 in the morning) Dr Bobs wife, (we sang happy Birthday to her) Dr Bobs Dad, (also Happy Birthday) Then every person who happen to walk through the door of the pub got a rendition of we wish you a Merry Christmas.
After a game of darts we relocated to Worcester the Cardinals Hat to be precise, it was about 7.30 and I stopped drinking. Some of the lads were incredibly drunk by this point, especially Rich and Colin. I became an amused spectator as Richy started singing Herefordshire La La La, Worcestershire wank! wank! wank! Before having a conversation about tractors with somebody at the bar, no you weren’t reinforcing the stereotype at all!! Roy tried to show us his special piercing. I declined the offer although I am intrigued.
The party got smaller as we relocated to Hero’s. Now let me go off at a tangent here. I love Hero’s’, it is my favourite bar in the Woo, however at the weekend and at Christmas it is full of people who really shouldn’t be in there. We’re talking ‘ladies’ in very small shorts and skirts and men in suits or chav hats. Even playing music which they really shouldn’t appreciate doesn’t work. Last night it was Everclear. The bar staff look menacing enough with their ink and dreads, but still the townies come flooding in, filling up my favourite bar with freaks, (look who’s talking) My mate from uni, (Sian) runs Hero’s and she struggles, last week I had to persuade her not to punch a girl in a santa hat.
Anyway I digress, it was packed but I managed to cope. After a few quite violent games of table football I decided to leave the drunken fools to it. I imagine there are some sore heads in the office today. I have the day off but am seriously tempted to pop in to laugh at them.
I’m off out for lunch with my best mate who I only see once a year!! I have to meet her new bloke who sounds lovely.
I suspect I will post again before the main event.
Bimbo xxx

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Bimbo MSc
Whilst I was away in Berlin the results to my Thesis turned up, (finally). I got 68%, that officially means I am the cleverest person on Earth. Well actually it means I was stupid enough spending 2 years of my life studying water. I also got a letter that says I am now definitely getting an MSc. Which is nice. I have celebrated this freaking degree so many times with the end of modules, end of exams, exam results, end of thesis, doing viva and now this. It hasn’t stopped me though. I have got a nice glass of vino. mmmmm.

Monday, November 27, 2006
Berlin, Gluwein and Muse
Now that was a pleasant weekend. Let me tell you about it….
On Friday me and bloke packed some stuff together, Spex arrived with the others, (these being Neil, Andi and Steph) to take us to East Midlands airport where we boarded a cheap flight to Berlin. Let me digress here, I’m not a big fan of flying but it has never stopped me travelling. However, I was a budget airline virgin. Now there were some plus points. I hate airline food so the lack of that was great. The negative points though, you have to rush to get a seat next to your friends coz there are no assigned seats, that’s terrible! Especially if like me you need a friendly leg next to you to clutch when you feel the panic rising. Also on the way back it was a late flight and we just wanted to chill but NO!!! they weren’t going to let us, firstly they try and sell you food and drink, then scratch cards, then perfume and various other bits of tat. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!! I also have a system for judging the capability of pilots. It’s called the accent test. It was proved efficient when some freaking Chav of a first officer did the worst landing ever at Berlin airport for no apparent reason.
Anyway enough about that, we got to our hostel, (Meiniger Hostel, very nice) at about 11:30 pm and went in search of drink. Unfortunately we weren’t in a particularly bar rich section of town so we ended up in an Irish Bar, (they really do get everywhere!!). We had a nice few drinks then headed back for an earlyish night, stopping briefly for Currywurst mit ketchup und pomme frites. Yummm!!!
Saturday dawned and I woke everybody up. Now for some serious sightseeing. We saw the remains of the Berlin wall and a type of open air museum called the topgraphy of terror all about the war and the wall. There were some really graphic pictures of some of the nasty stuff that went on. It seemed more graphic considering the surroundings, the museum was built on the remains of the SS headquarters in Berlin.
We walked a bit further and found Checkpoint Charlie. This place seemed to be more of tourist trap with coach loads of American tourists posing in front of the big American flag and the sign telling you had now left the American sector. There were nice pictures and details explaining the reason for the checkpoint all hung up where the wall would have been if the locals hadn’t destroyed as much of it as they possibly could in 1989. The trail of the wall is marked throughout the city by a double line of bricks embedded in the road. Now, I’m no expert on history but I do like to know details of the places I’m visiting. One of my friends overheard an American telling his kids that this was the place that the yanks had beaten the Russians. If he really didn’t know the history of the place all he needed to do was read the nicely provided literature and not just make some random crap up.
We then wandered around arguing over the map and stopping briefly to take pics of the Cathedral. Then we reached our intended destination, the stupidly high TV tower which we went up. There were fab views across the city which a strange mixture of functional 1960’s buildings and some remaining older buildings. After the tower it was time for sausages again mmmm.
Then the Reichstag, it was severely damaged by a fire in 1933 which sort of signalled the beginning of Hitler’s dictatorship. Who set fire to it is still not really clear but the Nazis did obviously gain from it but they always insisted it was the communists and arrested loads of them, (I know I said I didn’t know much about history but I did do an A-level in origins of the second world war). The building is littered with bullet holes which have apparently been left as it is part of the history of the building. Norman Foster got his creative little mits of the place and installed a fab glass dome on the top.
Then we all wearily went back to the hostel to prepare for the main event. After a rest we travelled to Treptow Stadium, (actually a huge warehouse) in the east of the city. After some drinks we started to get our second wind. We listened to a band called the Noisettes, they were ok but didn’t really grab me too much. Then they kept us waiting. My screams of GET YOU’RE FREAKING ASS ON STAGE BELLAMY!!! Confused the locals and really didn’t achieve much. Myself and Spex also tried to get the locals to chant CIDER CIDER CIDER!!! but they were having none of it. Then at 9.20 they appeared my favourite band of all time. MUSE!!! YAY!!!! It is the fourth time I have seen them and they get better every time. The fact I had to travel to Berlin to see them coz all the tickets sold out in about 2 seconds over here doesn’t annoy me in the slightest coz I get to see Berlin as well as Muse.
I won’t bore you with the details but they ROCKED and I almost lost my voice. We left the venue at about 11.30 in search of a bar that the boys had been to before on a stag weekend. We didn’t find it and Me , Bob and Steph formed a break away party and caught a taxi back to the hostel and passed out with exhaustion. The boys turned up about half an hour later having not found their bar, (it turned out there were two streets with the same name and we were on the wrong one). Anyway the three of us slept whilst the boys went to the hostel bar. Spex apparently turned in at 1am, Neil and Andi stayed out till 4am. I really don’t know how they managed that after a hard days sightseeing and gigging.
On Sunday we wandered lots, we went back to the Reichstag and bought some tacky souvenirs. We wandered through the lovely little Christmas markets with their decorated wooden huts. I love the German food and drink culture, just standing around eating sausages and drinking Gluwein. mmmm. We went and sat in such a hut and drank far too much of the stuff. I love it!!! We ate in a local steak house. Now this confused me, the waiter how I wanted my steak and I said rare, (obviously) he said you mean red and I said yes. Ahhhh he replied English!! Neil and Andi also had their steak ‘English’ . I have never heard that before and believe me I have eaten a lot of rare steak.
We departed for the airport and left the unusual city of Berlin. I’d quite like to go back for a bit longer next time. And by the way the landing at East Midlands was bumpy, this was due to the wind though so I am standing by my accent theory as the pilot was very well spoken.

Thursday, November 16, 2006
Feeling sorry for myself
Current mood: melancholy
There I was just sat at my little computer listening to I tunes when the freaking random shuffle decides to put on the song that was played at my brothers funeral, out of 2,100 songs it picks that one. Even after over 3 years it still makes me cry.
It is Eva Cassidy’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. A beautiful song for beautiful soul. Only the precious few realise quite how apt that song was for you darling. Sleep peaceful.

Saturday, November 11, 2006
The Killers, bother?
Category: Music
Has anybody noticed that the new stuff from the Killers is absolute crap?
Back a couple of years ago I remember hearing Mr Brightside. It was fab and I couldn’t wait for them to release their debut album. I pre ordered Hot Fuss on Amazon and was so freaking excited when it arrived. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The first time I heard Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll everything in the world just seemed to pause for me to enjoy this excellent tune that was written about my generation of no good punk ass grungers with our baggy jeans and tousled locks. This band who for ages I refused to believe came from Vegas managed to pull more of a crowd appearing on the second stage at V festival than the main act. It was 3 in the afternoon and they ROCKED!!!
Anyway, I heard their new tune about some dude who “doesn’t look a bit like Jesus” and thought that maybe they were just having an off day. And what had happened to Brandon’s voice?! It certainly didn’t make me pre-order the album. After hearing several other tunes I have come to the conclusion they have sold out. And now, yes they do sound like they come from Vegas. They sound like they should be appearing in some hotel entertainment line-up.
Soz Brandon and the boys but sort it out, and stop trying to sound like Meatloaf coz there is only space for one of him in the world.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
It’s been a while
Soz I’ve not been blogging. I haven’t really had anything interesting to say, (not like that normally stops me).
Last weekend I had a long weekend in Croyde in North Devon. Much surfing and even more drinking was done. Eleven of us stayed in 2 nice big, (if not cold) caravans right near the beach. Anyway on Saturday night we decided to hit the town and found ourselves in the caravan park club. Wow what a night that was!! It was Karaoke night and the places was full of sprogs shouting along to songs. We soon stopped that. I think we sort of took over the place. It was nice though coz a couple of my friends can actually sing so that gave the old ear drums a break from the yelling. Stupid amounts of alcohol later and we were all on the dance floor jumping around to some cheesy tunes.
At closing time we stumbled our way out into a gale force wind and somehow managed to deposit ourselves back in the correct caravan. After another one of Ben’s ‘stories’ we went to bed.
Next day everybody was a bit the worse for wear, we still managed to get to the beach before 11 though. What greeted us was terrifying. 6-8ft waves, they were quite messy though. I messed around on the slightly smaller stuff but still managed to get my face exfoliated by the beach a couple of times as I cart wheeled off my board. Anyway much fun was had and we are still alive.

Monday, September 25, 2006
The good and the bad
I had a great weekend, let me tell you a story.
I had an email a few weeks ago inviting me to a friend’s birthday, Gaz (well actually a friend of the bloke). It was all very mysterious, we were told to be at Kings cross station, platform 8 at 19.03 on Friday. We had to bring overnight bags etc…Well about 15 of us gathered at the allotted time, all of us with different ideas about where we were going and what we were doing. The most popular suggestion seemed to be we were catching a train back to Cleobury where Gaz was from. This didn’t amuse me as I had just travelled for 3 hours to get to London when Cleobury is half an hour down the road.
Anyway, Gaz arrived and we were all given an envelope with a room key and an itinerary. We were staying in Kingcross at a Travelodge, going out for dinner then partying all night at a club called Scala.
I was somewhat relieved no more train travel was involved as the trip down had been anything but pleasant. We had missed our direct train from Worcester to Paddington and had to go via Birmingham. Once at Brum we discovered the train before us had been cancelled and therefore 2 trains worth of people tried to scramble onto one train. We stood up the whole way from Brum to Paddington in the train shop.
We all descended upon the unsuspecting Travelodge, which I have to say was a beautiful Art Deco, (I think) building. Me and the bloke found our room which had a chilled bottle of Cava and a selection of chocs all courtesy of Gaz. Cheers mate. We went and visited the lads who had been given beer so everyone was happy.
Then it was dinner time, nothing too posh just a nice pub which served a wicked homemade burger, yum.. just what I needed after drinking half a bottle of Cava. Then it was time to PARTY!!!!
Now I think the night is called Popstarz and the club is Scala. It is a Gay Indie night with three floors of tunes. The middle was my fav, basically just Indie tunes. Upstairs was the obligatory cheesy pop for all the dancing queens to sing along to. Don’t remember much about the bottom floor apart from it was really hot. We danced the night away and hit the Scala with a stickering campaign… Gaz not sure how you will explain the missing stickers from the stationary cupboard at work but I LOVE KINGS X!!
I have to say I was a bit of a light weight and left at 1.30, this brings me to the bad bit mentioned in the title. In the morning I was very croaky, now this isn’t unusual at all, I have been know to completely lose my voice on a night out, much to everyone’s relief normally. Unfortunately as the day went on it got a bit sore. By the time Saturday evening came I felt the familiar pain of tonsillitis. DOH!!! Everyone else went to the pub and I went to bed. The next day we went home and I could feel it getting worse and worse.
And now it is Monday and I have big white lumps on my tonsils. Obviously I’m not at work but I wish I was, well I wish I was well enough to be at work coz for anybody who has never had this freaking horrible mean virus it is vile It makes you feel shite and you can’t eat or drink coz every time you swallow it feels like somehow you accidently swallowed razorblades.
It was a fab weekend, cheers Gaz. Sorry for not being on top form.
Bimbo xx

Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Don’t you hate liars?
So occasionally it is ok to tell a little white lie, maybe to protect somebody’s feelings. But big fat lies?! Ones that affect other people’s lives, ones that go on and on and on. You always get caught out in the end though because you have to tell lies to cover lies and ultimately you will forget what you have lied about and trip yourself up.
I just found out a person who I actually thought was good friend of mine has been lying consistently to me for years. It’s unforgivable. I hope your happy. Loser!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Still have a dull life
Current mood: blank
Well I passed my MSc, I had minor corrections on my thesis but that’s normal. It was a bit of an anti-climax really. I was expecting everyone to be really jubilant but as everyone else had minor corrections too, there was a feeling of “It’s still not freaking done!!!” I have to say my viva was possibly one of the worst experiences of my life but don’t let that put you off doing an MSc.
I don’t really know what to do with myself at the moment. I have a week off from work and am currently decorating. Might go surfing tomorrow but that will involve getting up early. It’s just not the same now I’m not working 14 hour days!!
Bimbo xx

Monday, September 04, 2006
Viva Las Vegas
So tomorrow is my viva for my MSc, I find out if I have passed or failed. I am quite chilled at the moment but the panic keeps creeping up on me. I get interviewed by my thesis supervisor and the Dean of the Uni. That’s not as intimidating as it sounds. The Dean is a really tall bloke in his late 40’s who looks like he smoked a bit too much weed in the 60’s. He has a sort of permanent, glazed half smile on his face. My supervisor is a big round guy in his 50’s who talks exactly like Jethro. He is possible the only academic I have ever met who’s English is worse than mine. And these are the two people who get to decide if I have passed or failed. Lets hope the weed is and the West Country Cider is good in Cranfield tonight.

Bimbo xx

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
I’ve finished my thesis so I thought I’d write you an essay to fill my time.
Current mood: hungry
That’s it! It’s done. I have posted my Thesis for my MSc. I was scarily close to the 10,000 word limit. I wrote 9,995 and that did not count titles, tables and a few other random things I decided to discount.
So time to get one of those things they call ‘a life’ again. Although I have already found myself at a bit of loss as to what to do. I have to admit it’s nice not to have a headache for the first time in a month from staring at a computer for 12 hours a day.
So my life plan is now as follows
1) I have to have an interview with 2 lecturers after they have marked my thesis. I’m sure this is done to scare the fuck out of you and no other reason. Hopefully they will tell me I have passed and that I am fab. If not I’ll cry.
2) Get drunk after passing or failing MSc
3) Decorate my nice new house. Well actually it’s old but it’s new to me.
4) Plan a wedding. I’m not looking forward to that in the slightest. I might elope, although that always conjures up images of teenagers catching the train to Gretna Green. Him in an ill fitting suit he borrowed of his mate Kev who bought it coz he once had an interview at HMV and her in white shift dress from M and S. Ok so maybe not.
5) Go on holiday. Now this should have been at the top of the list because I’m intending going surfing in Croyde in September. Ahhh the beautiful Devon coast. It may have something to do with me being bought up in deepest darkest Herefordshire possibly the furthest from the sea you can get, but I love the coast. Don’t get me wrong I also think Herefordshire is beautiful, but you sort of get used to its green hilliness if you live there.
6) Go to lots of gigs. Next year I intend going to lots of gigs and festivals as I missed out this year. I normally go to V. I think V is good for people of my age who are a bit sick of the giant festivals and I must admit I’m sick of all those buggers buying all the tickets up so quickly. This country has gone live music crazy! I blame Zane Lowe, grrr, (only joking)
Um think that’s it for now but I’m sure I will think of loads more as soon as I post.
Anyway, where is my wine? Time to chill at last.
Bimbo xx

Friday, August 18, 2006
Um… Horay I think..
Current mood: blah
Well it is extremely tentatively that I announce this as I’m sure I could be completely wrong BUT… I think I have finished my thesis!!!! I do need to proof read it one more time and try and cut the 935 over the max word limit.
I am completely drained. I’ve been getting up a 6 in the morning to be at work for 7 so I can do 2 hours of work before work. Then do a full day’s work go home and do some more!! I am so knackered I am finding it difficult to form coherent sentences and find myself stopping half way through a sentence coz I have completely forgotten what I was talking about. I may try and sue Cranfield University for frying my brain and leaving me a gibbering wreck. Some of course may argue that I was like it before.
Anyway, the relief hasn’t hit me yet but I’m sure it will when I finally post the wretched thing. And maybe when I know if I’ve passed.

Sunday, July 30, 2006
Lazy Sundays?!!!
Current mood: working
Category: Blogging
Well I have written nearly 8000 words on my thesis, the bad news is my word limit is 10000 and I haven’t yet started my results or discussion. I need to stop using all non-essential words such as ‘the’, ‘it’ and ‘hydropwer’. For those who are interested, (not many I realise) I am writing my thesis on the potential for old watermill sites to be converted to generate electricity. It is my small stab at showing Mr Blair that he is so wrong endorsing Nuclear Power. That’s enough politics for now.
I will be so glad when this is over, I’m sure I’ll look back at it and think it was all worth it but at the moment it seems like a ridiculous amount of effort to go to for three more letters after my name.
Back to it, only three and half weeks left!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Foxin Fantastic!!!!!
Current mood: ecstatic
Well after much waiting and stressing my lame ass university finally decided to get of its aforementioned lame ass and mark my exams.
The good news is I passed!!! Woo Hooooo!! The bad news is I have only completed 50% of my MSc and have a thesis to write for the other 50%. Oh well, the end is in sight.

Friday, April 28, 2006
Current mood: rejuvenated
Well that’s it, I’ve finished my finals. Can’t say I enjoyed it and think I really screwed up one of the questions but hopefully I’ve done enough to pass. I ran out of the exam room at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, uncorked my champagne and partied till two in the morning. After getting thrown out of the pub on campus there is usually a house party in the student village, but as everybody seem to have someone in their house who hadn’t finished their exams it turned into a street party.

Anyway it was most enjoyable. Just that little matter of a thesis to write now.

Thursday, April 20, 2006
Current mood: okay
I’m slightly happier than I have been of late, which is odd coz I’ve got my finals next week. It’s probably because I managed to escape from the monotony of revision and work in general by nipping down to London Village to go to a quick gig. I saw The Feeling and We are Scientists at Brixton Academy, at some do put on by XFM. I drank far too much, screamed my head off and danced like a freak. We went to bed at about 4.30am, I know that may seem early for some of you party animals out there but to me this is really late, I was almost proud of myself for lasting the distance. Anyway, both the bands were fantastic, especially The Feeling, well done everyone.

I also managed to do a bit of shopping in Covent Garden the next day before returning to deepest darkest Herefordshire. As much as I love London village I still couldn’t live there, I’m far too much of a field and tree lover, (not to be confused with tree hugger, very different!!).

Unfortunately I was bought clattering down to Earth on Easter day when most people were tucking into choccie eggs and the like, I was shut inside with my nose in the books. And it was such a sunny day too. I did manage to go for a quick walk on Bromyard downs in the evening. Well I had to leave the house or there was a very high chance I may try to burn it down to avoid revision. Ahh well, It’ll all be over this time next week. Can’t wait.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Ranting again!!!
Current mood: aggravated
I am fed up with having no life. Hey kids never do an MSc, well if you do decide to do one do it full-time. It is a nightmare trying to do a full-time job as well as revise for exams and write a thesis.

It’s a bit hypocritical really, there’s me complaining about having no life when I voluntarily went to some talk last night about flooding and climate change. I’m a sad geek and I know it.

I’m going to a gig being held by XFM in London village next week so at least I will have something interesting to talk about. The Feeling are playing. I love their song ‘Fill my little world’

Anyway must dash. I have to sit and be a sad lonely water geek for the next 6 hours. Then sit at home being an even sadder revising geek for another 2 hours. Life is pretty full!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006
Current mood: sleepy
At work at the moment, just got back form a nice Friday lunchtime in the pub. Feeling a bit merry. I can’t wait for this week to be over. Although got lots of nasty revision to do for my exams, and should really do some work on my thesis, boo hiss!!!

Bye bye

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
8th of March. I hate that day!!
Current mood: sad
Today I’m a bit sad. My brother died 3 years ago today, so I always feel a bit down but also reminiscent, remembering his cheeky little grin. I’m not going to bore anyone with the details but we all knew he was dying so most of the tears were shed before he was gone. It still doesn’t make it any easier though having a void in your life that can’t be filled by anyone or anything.

I’ll snap out of it by tomorrow but today I intend to be sad all day.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Still at uni
Current mood: happy
I just got my mark for my penultimate module back. I got 70%, I’m so chuffed. And I have just worked out I could walk out of here now without even doing my final module and still pass. Well I would pass my modules. Small matter of a thesis to write and some exams to do. Oh well, looks like another boring summer sat inside whilst everyone is out playing!! Why do I do this to myself?
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
More uni stuff
Current mood: blank
I’ve got over my little rant from yesterday. I really shouldn’t complain about my beloved Silsoe. It is my final module so I’m only here for two weeks then that’s it done. Well just the small matter of a thesis to write and some exams to pass but hey, that’ll be easy right?! Also Silsoe is sort of being torn apart at the seams at the moment. The entire college is being re-located to the main campus so this is Silsoe’s last year in existence. Unfortunately the money grabbing college management sold the site to some property developers who couldn’t wait a few months until the end of the academic year to start construction and so I am living in the middle of a building site at the moment. The lovely builders also mange to cut the power/water/telephones off on a weekly, sometimes even hourly basis, ooohhh how I love them.

I feel this could well become a daily log whilst I’m stuck at uni so see ya tomorrow

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Silsoe Bubble
Current mood: working
Right, I’m at university part-time as well as being a strange scientist type. I am at a really odd college called Silsoe which is part of Canfield University in Bedfordshire. Really only local residents and past students are likely to have heard of it. There must be about 500 students here all doing post-graduate stuff so we are talking serious geeks with big hair and milk bottle type glasses. Around 50% the students are International students coming from far flung corners of the globe like Uganda, Japan and Wales.

Anyway my point is, this is a really isolated setting for a college, there is a corner shop and a couple of pubs in the village but that’s it. I call it the Silsoe bubble. It is an amazing place but it drives me mad!! If I’m not stuck in front of a computer screen desperately trying to get an assignment finished I am in the bar completely off my face. Work hard play even harder that’s the only way to survive.

Anyway, I’m sure there will be more from Silsoe later in the week.

Thursday, February 23, 2006
First Blog
Current mood: bored
Category: Blogging
Ok so here is my first blog. Mostly at work today so it’s not even like I’m doing anything exciting to report on. I suppose that the reason I’m doing it though coz I’m bored out of skull.

Well I’m a hydrologist, that’s a sort of water scientist. So from that you can well and truly deduce that I am a geek. You would be correct, I am a geek and proud of it. The world needs more geeks, well actually the world needs more geeks that aren’t dog ugly and smell peppermints to raise the profile of us less ugly non odorous types.


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