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Dodgy data

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And so to one of the subjects very close to my heart….climate change. What on earth is all this rubbish about recently, suddenly everyone is claiming there are flaws in data and they have been lied to therefore climate change can’t possibly be happening. Rubbish!!!!!!

May I first point out that hacking into people’s private emails is in fact illegal!

Anyway, these emails are from 1996 to present and represent discussions between professionals about their subject. I have not read the emails as this would be a breach of privacy but I imagine, (being a scientist myself) that they could contain anything, from musings about recent trips to the pub to serious discussions trying to make decisions that could seriously affect people’s lives. Part of science is to discuss things analyse the data and come up with conclusions. Questions are asked and ideas formulated, these questions when taken out of context could in fact be manipulated by a less than admirable person to show whatever they damn well want. These ideas and conclusions will also have changed greatly over the last 13 years and will continue to do so. The emails do not contain any information on a global conspiracy where climate data is concerned. The data, which has now been published in full show similar results to other global institutions. What worries me is the communicators of the supposedly dodgy data are being believed more than the scientists. These people have hacked into a scientific institutions email system and basically created a smear campaign. Sceptics are going to cling to this even though the data has been published and does not show any ill doing because of the nations need to find a way of denying climate change. People don’t want to have to change their behaviour and so will do anything to find a way of discrediting scientists. Some more information is going to be released about this soon as an inquiry has been undertaken so I shall comment more but in the meantime…Raaahhhhhh!!

And apologies for the lack of blog…I shan’t elaborate. I intend writing another one today about my recent trip to Dorset.


The first victims of sea level rise?

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Yet another one for the green room but I’ll leave it here for a bit first.

I watched on the news last night about the beautiful island of Tuvalu in the south Pacific. It seems that the King Tide, (what they call the highest tides of the year) are now beginning to breach the island. And it’s not just a case of the tides coming up the beaches, as the islands are atolls, (which means they have formed on top of coral reefs) the sea level is beginning to come up through the coral and flood the interior of the island too. Now that’s just cheating! Locals on the island have never seen the tides so high.

Now, we obviously shouldn’t use anecdotal evidence to prove the sea level has risen. Say the oldest islander is 80 and he/she can remember 75 years back, if the King Tide hasn’t been as high as it is now in the last 75 years it doesn’t really prove owt. I don’t really deal with coastal flooding that much but I have been working on a project recently. In this country New build is not allowed on land that is below the 1 in 200 year tidal flood, (this is the flood that occurs in average every 200 year) On top of that depending on what area in the country you are in and what type of development you need to add on the predicted sea level rise. In the south east on England this is expected to be over 1 m in the next 100 years. It’s just staggering.

The highest point on Tuvalu is 4.5 m above the current highest King Tide. The IPCC, (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) have predicted another 0.5 m rise. The Tuvaluans are demanding aid to build some sort of defence. The trouble is as the water comes up through the coral there really is no technological fix, (except maybe some sort of giant pond liner). This leaves the farm land covered in salt and useless.

It will be the poorer places that are effected first as this demonstrates. Places like Holland are very much at risk but have the cash to throw at building larger defences, Tuvalu doesn’t. Bangladesh maybe next, I think I read somewhere that it’s highest point is 4 m above current sea level. There are 123 million people, (estimated) in Bangladesh and this is rising rapidly. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and also one of the poorest. What’s going to happen to them? It’s a catastrophe waiting to happen.