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Grrr I’m cross!!!!

Posted in Dark, Health with tags , , on 28/05/2008 by bimbo78

Ok a subject close to my heart.

It’s about this argument that seems to be raging in the press about Princess Beatrice being fat. Some chick, (Alison Pearson) from the Daily Mail accused Bea of being pear shaped and a pampered Miss Piggy after a pic of her in her bikini on the beach was published.

It looks like the Daily Mail has found another subject for a Witch Hunt, what’s up, was Kate Moss busy?! The actual witch-hunt seems to be directed at Sarah Fergusson but as she has been a goody two shows recently they decided to aim it at her daughter.

I have no idea if Beatrice is pampered but she aint fat, the picture isn’t very flattering as it looks like her bikini top is about to fall off giving the impression she has saggy boobs, (which I’m sure she hasn’t). But I’m sure there were plenty of nice photos of her but the gutter press being as they are would not want to print one of those. Fergie has said she is a size 10 and come out with some very sharp to the point comments in response. Suggesting that the press wanted her to be anorexic coz that would give them even more to write about.

Why does this sort of rubbish ‘journalism’ always seem to come from bitchy media women. They are creating this freaking size zero culture where a chick that is size 10 is actually perceived as fat. I know it gives column inches but it’s just bollocks. Leave the poor girl alone and while you’re at it stop judging women by how they look. Apparently Alison Pearson’s predecessor, (also dead now) was the woman who attacked how Mo Mowlam looked when she was actually dying of cancer. Who gives a shit what she looks like? She was a great MP and played a major role in the Good Friday agreement. But no you couldn’t possibly focus on her being a very strong woman in a mans world, managing to do something that people had failed for 40 years to achieve. You had to say, “she’s looking a bit rough fancy going out looking like that!!” Well that’s what chemotherapy does to you. Ohhh look at me I have managed to combine my three major talking points into one blog, (1 Eating and weight issues, 2 Cancer and 3 Just my loathing of the gutter press)