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Bishops Castle, Queenstown, Dudley and Market Rasen, (and Buncefield)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on 27/02/2008 by bimbo78

I was witness to my fourth earthquake last night. I must be getting a veteran as when I was shaken awake, (well a bit of an exaggeration). I turned to Rob and said “is that another earthquake?” Which is in stark contrast to my actions during the Dudley Earthquake, (5.0 on Richter scale) admittedly we were only about 20 miles from the epicentre on top of high ground in a timber-framed building but I thought somebody had dropped a bomb on Birmingham. I was contemplating getting under the bed to shield myself from some sort of nuclear fall out. When the house stopped shaking Bob got out of bed and looked out of the window towards Birmingham but no glowing sky or anything unusual. He finally said it must have been an Earthquake. I wasn’t sure if I believed him but went back to sleep anyway. When I came into work this morning it seems it didn’t make it as far as Herefordshire as nobody I have spoken to felt it at all. How disappointing.

When we lived in Queesntown in 2002 there was a small quake, (about 3.5 I think) but it was directly under Queenstown. It was actually quite dramatic. It felt like somebody had sneaked up behind me and shoved me in the back as I fell forward a couple of paces. Bob was in the shower at the time and almost fell over too. My initial thought was somebody had driven into the flat but after checking this out I decided it was a quake. It must have been a different sort of wave. I should really know what type as I did unstable landscapes module at Uni but all I can remember is laughing at Love Waves.

Bishops Castle, 1990, (about 5.1 according to BBC). I was at school in a German lesson. It just felt odd, we though the lesson below us was leaving early as we could here the chairs scraping across the floor. It just felt sort of shakey, brilliant description. Then we looked over at the 6th form college across the playing field. They had evacuated the building. I think it was the last lesson of the day, I went home and my mum and dad had felt it much more up on the hill where we used to live.

So that’s it. I probably also felt the North Wales, (1984, 5.4 on Richter) quake but was too young to care or remember it. I also thought the Buncefield explosion was an Earthquake. I was at Uni in Silsoe at the time, so probably about 20 miles away in a straight line and heard this shudder. I thought a another wall had fallen down at Silsoe, (this is why the college eventually relocated to the main campus at Cranfield as walls kept falling down). It was the weekend so Bob was there, asleep on the floor. He didn’t wake up. It was about 6 in the morning and I couldn’t back to sleep. As soon as he woke up I told him about the big shudder. He is forever hearing about my night time imaginations so just said that’s nice dear. We were going to see the Foo Fighters that evening in Brum. My mate knocked on the door to tell me that the motorway was shut because there had been an explosion. It still didn’t click. We went over to the computer room to check the traffic reports later and found out just how big this explosion had been. One of my mates said it had woken her up at 6 in the morning, click!