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Wasteful Britain

Posted in Envrionment view, Food with tags , on 08/07/2008 by bimbo78

Is anybody so stupid that they need it pointing out that we shouldn’t be wasting food. That was my first thought on hearing Gordon Browns comments. But then I rememebred that horrendous statistic. Apparently 6.7 million tonnes of wasted food are thrown away each year. I don’t understand this. Do people just go to the shops and buy random stuff without knowing what they are going to cook?! If so then I’m not suprised stuff gets wasted. Decide your menu then make a list for freaks sake!! Think about the bigger picture. Food is a very valuable resource, if you waste it it’s the same as wasting electricty. Energy goes inot growing that food and shipping it around the world. And of course always rememebr some people don’t have enough to eat and we do so don’t freaking waste it!!!

If I remember correctly, (and I very rarely do so you’ll pardon me if this is rubbish) Post War in the UK the average spent on food was a third of the weekly income. Now that doesn’t happen now unless you eat out every night. I suspect there may be a return to these days, if it makes people appeciate food more then I’m almost pleased. However I don’t waste food so it’s quite annoying that the cost is being pushed up by these selfish buggers that do.

By the way, I have some flowers on my tomatoes finally. Yay!!