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Size 0, F**K that!!!

Posted in Health with tags , on 24/09/2008 by bimbo78

I got really cross the other day.
I got home from work, unlocked the door and picked up the post. The postie had scrawled on one of the envelopes that there was a parcel behind my recycling bin, it was some stuff I had ordered online. After picking up my parcel I turned my attention to the aforementioned envelope, which the postie had written on. It was addressed to a previous occupant of the house, I opened it with the intention of getting the return address, shoving it in a new envelope and sending it back.

When I opened it I was completely shocked and then really really angry. What did it contain I hear you yell? Not hardcore pornography or a death wish; no something far worse, (in my eyes anyway). It was an advert for a diet pill, not any old diet pill. One that has catcheley called itself the ‘size 0 diet pill’. I’m sure regular readers will no my past when it comes to eating issues so this really is a subject close to my heart.

The advert claims that you could lose 24 lbs a week but advises you to order a course of 2 weeks tablets so you can lose 48lbs!! And you could go from a size 24 to a zero in 6 weeks! Oh my god!! There was a little leaflet within the trash in the envelope by some supposed doctor telling the gullible wrecks they send this twaddle to that it was definitely safe blah blah blah….The truth is losing weight that quickly could give you a heart attack. Also the size zero pill contains flipping Clenbuterol which is a tablet giving to horses to help them with their breathing. It’s just preying on the vulnerable, I mean why the f**k would you want to be a size zero anyway?!! Well obviously I know why some women do, it’s because they are ill and need help to alter their own self-perception. Tin pot companies sending shit like this through the post should feel absolutely ashamed of themselves and if this company wasn’t based in Holland I would find their address and go and have some serious words. The obligatory picture on the front was of some chick holding out a comedy pair of oversized trousers in a classic weight watchers stance. The difference being this lady had been air brushed to within and inch of her life. Well I hope she had anyway, her waist and arms were so skinny she looked like she shouldn’t be able to stand up. I’m going to scan in the pic and put it on here I reckon. Not as ‘thinspiration’ but as a reminder to myself never to go to that dark dark place again.