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The mighty Fod

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on 05/08/2008 by bimbo78

D’ya know I’m quite excited. It’s silly really but I have found out that somebody cool and vaguely famous was born in Hereford, (where I was born). Nobody cool or vaguely famous comes from Herefordshire really. Here is my list

1. Nell Gwyn – famous for selling oranges and shagging a king.
2. Beryl Reid – Don’t be fooled by the accent, she was born in the Fod
3. John Masefield – A poet from Ledbury. Has a school named after him in Ledbury
4. David Garrick – Also a poet, he had a ward named after him at the old Hereford hospital.
5. Fred West – Yep born in Much Marcle, so only just in Herefordshire but I’m claiming him so sod off Gloucestershire and make your own psychopaths. I also believe his first wife was located in a field in Much Marcle.
6. Elgars mum – we are pushing things a bit now but Elgar himself moved to Herefordshire and his music was inspired by it. Just a shame he was born in the other place, (Worcestershire)
7. Andy McNab. I don’t think he was born here so really shouldn’t count.
8. Mick Ralphs, Pete ‘Overend’ Watts and Dale Griffinf AKA Mott the Hoople. Also Stan Tippins the original singer was born in Sarnesfield and went to school with my parents. He became Motts tour manager after ‘not having the right look’ to continue being the vocalsit. Shame the management replaced him with someone who couldn’t really sing very well.
9. James Honeyman-Scott, Pete Fardon & Martin Chambers. AKA The Pretenders. The dude I mentioned above Stan became their tour manager too.
10. And this is the one I have only just discovered Frank Oz!! How cool is that. One of the original muppeteers. He was the voice of Miss Piggy and also Yoda from Star Wars. He directed and took part in loads of stuff with Jim Henson. He only lived in Herefordshire a few weeks but I’m sure it made him the man he is!! (I actually have no idea if he is a cider swilling inbred but if he is he’s got the Fod to thank)

That’s actually more than I was expecting. I have discovered that Beryl Reid and Frank Oz are from round these parts. I’m amazed they ever managed to escape. Most people don’t.