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Muse at Wembley: The return

Posted in Music with tags , on 12/03/2008 by bimbo78

Last night Bob and I met up with Dev and KP and toootled off to the Vue cinema to watch the realease of HAARP, (High Frequency Active Aural Research Program) which is the live DVD of the Muse Wembley gig. It is the footage of the Sunday night and also features the entire setlist of the Saturday night. We were atthe Saturday gig whilst Dev was there on the Sunday.

Anyway we sat at the back next to guy who was just soooo happy to be there, he was on his own but just had the biggest smile on his face for the entire gig. It was cool seeing the gig on a massive screen and actually seeing what Muse were up to on the stage as I couldn’t see much whilst at the gig. It was quite difficult keeping still with all the rocking tunes, I did do a bit of chair wiggling but managed to remain quite calm. I had my two little moments when they played Invicible, (mine and Bobs first dance at our wedding) and Unintended, (well it’s just our song).

I must also have a small rant about people still comparing Muse to Radiohead, it only seems to be done by people of a certain age now. Well people that are my age really, and who haven’t moved on musically. Radiohead are great and I do love them but you just can’t compare them. Matt Bellamy is classically trained pianist who has an incredible vocal range as well as being able to play the guitar like some sort of guitar god. He also exudes pure energy whilst he is on the stage leaping around skidding on his knees like a child at wedding, no wonder they keep winning awards for their live performances. In comparison, Thom Yorke is melancholy dude standing there having to have his backing track played through an ear peice because he can’t sing it right otherwise. So my advice is stop comparing them coz they just aren’t similar.


Belated Muse

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This is a blog that I wrote ages ago about going to see Muse. It appeared on my Myspace and Facebook so I thought given the circumstances I would put it on here, (it’ll all become clear).

Well what can I say?
On Saturday morning me and Fat Bob made our way down to London. We got to Paddington Station about 11:30, after a nightmare tube journey, (why is it always the tube you need that is having engineering work done??). We arrived at Gary and Dannys place in Balham about 1 O’clock threw our bags down and shot off to meet Spex at Waterloo. From there we ventured back north across Das Kapital until we reached Wembley Park Station. We got off the tube and walked towards the start of Wembley Way. We were greeted by that freaking massive arch, I have only seen it from a distance before but it is very impressive. Anyway we plodded along Wembley Way avoiding the touts and started queuing. Now unfortunately the weather was not smiling on us, there was a massive storm with big fat rain, (that’s a technical term). Me and the fat one had our big waterproofs with us but still got wet legs, Spex got soaked, literally wringing wet. Never mind it added to the occasion, as we discussed it was better it came on the Saturday than the Sunday when My Chemical Romance were playing and all the emo kids eye/guy liner would have run and caused a massive eye liner slick. We would have to call Greenpeace.

We got into the stadium and lurked around in the bar area for a bit, it was rather pricey but hey you only live once. Then we decided to wander to the pitch which is where we would be standing for the next 7 hours or so. Nothing can quite prepare you for the feeling you get when you come out of the tunnel. We were at ground height but Wembley is in a bit of a hole so we entered the stands at about half way up, into bright sunshine. It is just immense. All I could manage to say was F**king hell look at that!! There was a big case of goose bumps all around. The Stewards were desperately trying to encourage people to walk down the steps onto the pitch and not loiter at the top fumbling for their phones to take a pic. I did point out later on that we did pay for this stadium so I thought we should at least have a brief moment to marvel at it. Anyway we finally descended onto the pitch and wandered around looking upwards at the stands open mouthed for a while. Then I rang my dad to tell him where I was.

Zane Lowe appeared on the stage for a bit and spun some tunes, we drank some more booze. Then it was time for Rodrigo y Gabriella, (or Rodger and Gabby). I hadn’t heard much of their stuff before but they were really good. Just lots of mellow Spanish guitar music. Zane played some more tunes then on came Dirty Pretty Things. I was looking forward to them but to be honest they were rubbish. There was just no rapport between the crowd and the band.
Spex’s flatmate Jim somehow managed to find us in the crowd. Off we all went for a quick pie break and then it was time for the Streets. Despite Fat Bobs comments all the way through about how shit they were I really enjoyed them. I still do admit that it was an odd choice for a Muse gig but hey ho.

After some more Zane the moment arrived. Matt, Dom and Chris levitated up through the middle of the pitch and were really close to us. Then they played Knights of Cydonia, very cool. Their set was amazing. There was quite a comical moment towards the end, they had just come on for their second encore when Spex mentioned they should play Unintended, which is my favourite Muse track and has quite a lot of history as far as myself and Bob are concerned. I said I would truly love it if they did play it but I hadn’t heard them play it live since the first time I ever saw them which was over 6 years ago. Just as I finished the sentence I heard the familiar starting chords of Unintended. OH MY GOD!!! Had they somehow managed to hear me even though I was about 100 metres away from the stage. Once again all I could do was swear much to the amusement of everybody around me who had listen to me say they would never play it. Anyway I sang every word of it, and by this point I had almost lost my voice so I have no doubt it sounded crap so I apologise to the fans around me. But I could now die happy.

Most of the way through the gig I had said it is going to be the last time I see my beloved Muse and I think I still stand by that. As I mentioned above we were about 100 metres away from the stage. When I did catch glimpses of them on the stage they looked like little lego men. It is certainly a lot different to the first time I saw them at the academy in brum which wasn’t even full. In the queue to that gig Matt, Dom and Chris actually walked out of the front door to the academy and got in a taxi which drove down the road slightly before stopping right in front of us, the door opened and Matt leaned out shouting at someone to hurry up and some chap came running down the pavement and jumped in the taxi. There were murmurings in the queue and amongst us we finally decided yes it probably was them, we didn’t even know what they freaking looked like. Anyway I digress. I don’t want to see them in such a large venue as Wembley again and as they are not likely to play small venues it means that’s it. Although seeing them abroad is another option, in Berlin they played quite a small venue.

I’ll stop digressing now, we started to shuffle out of the stadium, as we got out and managed to get onto Wembley Way I had images of us still being there 3 hours later. However, even though there must have been 75 thousand people all heading towards the same tube station it was remarkably incident free. We walked along for a bit then slowed down as we went past a row of about 6 mounted police across the path. We then walked again and slowed down as we got to a second row, then the same again but as we got to the third row there was announcement that they needed to stop people getting onto the platform for a bit. The horses all turned 90 degrees blocking our way. It was so impressive, they were literally right in front of us. I had never realised before how effective mounted police were, the horses sort of pacify because everyone is like oh look at those beautiful horses and also everyone is really concerned about spooking them so is just quiet and well behaved. And they are so well trained, everyone was patting their noses and stroking them as we went past and they didn’t seem to care at all. The horses moved and we went on our way, we said goodbye to Spex and Jim and walked straight onto a tube. It took us less than half an hour from leaving the stadium to getting on a tube. Well done Met Police and Tube people.

We got back to Balham in about an hour, we were a mess. We shouldn’t still be gigging at our age. Bob’s knees hurt and my ankles were just rubbish. We went to bed.
Next morning we went for breakfast with Gaz and Danny and then left for Paddington. Obviously our train was delayed because it was broken. Then finally off we went home. We stopped for pizza on the way back which was a nice end to the weekend.
Oh well, its my graduation on Friday so got that to look forward to.