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Rather cross

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on 29/10/2008 by bimbo78

I think I actually restrained from commenting on this at the time but as it seems to have popped back up in the news I thought I would have a little chat/rant about it.
The BBC have reported that one of the teenagers locked up for kicking a young girl to death has had his minimum sentence reduced from 16 years and 3 months to 15 years and 4 months. The other yobs were told that their minimum sentences still stood. I know it’s a token gesture but I don’t think it should have been cut at all. The story is just heartbreaking.

In brief a young couple were walking through the park and started chatting to a group of lads. The conversation turned sour somehow, (probably because the couple were Goths and the group of teenagers, scum who can’t cope with someone looking or dressing a bit different to them) and they ended up knocking the lad unconscious. His girlfriend tried to protect his unconscious body and ended up getting stamped to death.

Anybody that kills a young woman and almost kills her bloke for dressing a bit different to the norm should be locked up and never released. It’s not just the act itself (which was truly horrific) but tales of the court case left me revolted with this stinking pit of a country. The parents of the yobbo scum were giggling in court. Yes all a big laugh isn’t it?! Your kids have been sentenced to life in prison at the age of 15 and it’s flipping hilarious. Probably not admitting that their little angles could have possibly have done this, and if they had it was obviously the Goths fault for looking different. There is a very sad under class in this country, which seems to be taking over. We are supposed to be a tolerant nation but this just goes against everything that occasionally makes me proud to be British. So fucking what if they look different to you!! If we all looked the same the world would be a very dull place.

I’m not normally an aggressive person and am normally quite tolerant but in this case I hope you rot in hell you filthy scum bags!! Karma will come and get you.