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A mixed weekend.

Posted in Running, weekends with tags , on 02/06/2008 by bimbo78

I’ve had a lovely weekend, let me tell you about it.

On Friday evening Bob and I went and picked up Dev and KP and off we went to the Courtyard in Hereford to see Hattie Haydridge and Norman Lovett doing stand-up. This was part of the 20th anniversary of Red Dwarf first being aired. I don’t think I have ever mentioned it before but I’m a bit of a fan of the old Dwarf. I’m not a die hard Dwarfer or anything but I have watched them rather a lot. It first started accidentally. I was watching TV in my room when I was little and I remember the announcer on BBC1 saying what was about to be on BBC2 and talking about a cat and a space ship. Being about 9 I found this intriguing and so put on BBC2, it happened to be the first ever show. I was hooked.

So we got to Courtyard and went and sat in the theatre. I was shocked to find only about 40 people there. It hadn’t been very well advertised but this was a little sad. On came Hattie Haydridge, her style took a little getting used to, (long awkward pauses) but I really liked her, especially the joke about the cardboard internet. Then Norman Lovett came on, he amuses me greatly. He seemed to be able to make people laugh using some plastic bags and a pair of socks. Just genius. There was however one irritation, it was the die hard dwarfer sat behind me, every little reference to RD and the guy was saying to no one in particular in a loud whisper which series and which episode. I resisted the urge to turn around and say F**KING SHUT UP! I’m a dwarfer but I know it is a little sad to show you know that much detail about a show, that you have devoted your life to it. That’s what puts me off going to one of the conventions, coz it would be full of freaking tw*ts like him. There was then a little question and answer session in which we learned there will be no RD film as the American money has gone. We also found out that Norman Lovett doesn’t watch RD unless he’s in it. I find that quite sad as it means he won’t have seen my favourite episode, Polymorph in RD3. They hung around afterwards to sign stuff. I think I was more star struck meeting the Holly’s than I was the Young Knives. Anyway, a good time was had by all, I think.

On Saturday Bob got up at stupid o’clock as he couldn’t sleep. I rolled out of bed at about 9 and decided I wanted to go for a walk. So we drove into Wales and wandered up the Sugar Loaf near Abergavenny. We walked up the very quiet side of the hill. There were some stunning views of the Skirrid and looking down towards Llanthony and Lanvihangel Crucorny. It was odd we saw about 2 other people whilst walking up but we could see the outline of loads of people up at the top. Well after we got to the peak we discovered the busy route up from Abergavenny direction. So we didn’t linger very long on the peak, we wandered back down amongst the sheep and the Skylarks. We drove back via the butcher in Bromyard to buy some bangers and had a nice little BBQ. I had a glass of vino but not too much.

Bob on a rock

Jax on a Rock

Next day Bob went to work and I intended doing the Warndon Village 10 km, which I believed started at 11am. I didn’t get up until 10 so that put pay to that, well until I was perusing my copy of Runners World whilst I ate my breakfast and discovered it didn’t start until 2pm. Excellent. It was also the Race for life in Worcester that day so it was really busy. I wandered down to the bus station discover that the Council had diverted all of the buses and closed the bus station. Thanks, if there had been some sort of warning I would have ridden by bike. I got a taxi up to Warndon, which cost me £8. I went and entered the race then sat there like a Billy no mates waiting for the start. This was my first proper competitive race so I was a little nervous but once we were off I was fine. The route was around the cycle paths and back lanes of Warndon Villages, which is actually quite scenic. The laps were 5km long and there was a 5, 10 and 15 km race so 1, 2 or 3 laps of the route. I found my pace and plodded along with some guys running the same pace as me. They unfortunately were only doing 5km so after one lap they disappeared. I ran on my own for a bit then, then two chaps over took me then stayed just in front of me for a while so I paced along with them. Then for some reason they both stopped and started walking so I was alone again and apart from overtaking a few people on a hill towards the end that was it. I sprinted towards the line with loads of people cheering encouragement and finished in 55.24. That’s less than 9 minute miles so I am very pleased. About 2 minutes after I finished the first 15 km racer finished, that’s just a silly time, stop it!

I hung around for a bit to see the presentations. The winning “lady” in the 5km was also the winning child. A 13 year old who did it in 20:47. Oh my God, she is a name to watch in the future, just a shame I don’t remember what her name was. The winning guy in the 5km broke the track record at under 17 minutes. That’s stupid too. I didn’t stay for the 10 km results, (well I wasn’t going to have won now was I?!) I went to the bus stop to discover a bus had just gone and there wasn’t another one for an hour. Great. I walked to the Hospital to see if they were more frequent from there. They weren’t so I walked the 4 miles home. Just what I needed. Given that by the time I got into Worcester the shops were shut I couldn’t go food shopping so there was no food in the house. When Bob got back from work I suggested we went out. So we nipped into town to Saffrons and had a lovely dinner.


Hot summer h-h-hot summer

Posted in Music, weekends with tags on 12/05/2008 by bimbo78

What an absolutely stunning weekend. Not that it was particularly exciting but I’ll tell you about it anyway.

On Friday after work I went for a 6 mile run in crazy humid weather but it felt good. Then after I got back and had a nice din dins there was the most incredible thunderstorm. We seem to be completely surrounded by lightening at one point. We turned all the lights off and opened the curtains like true geeks, our noses pressed up against the glass.

Then on Saturday Bob went to work and I went to Homebase, (other garden centres are available) and bought lost of stuff to aid my day pottering in the garden. I planted up my cucumbers, squashes and beans. Then I made some bread rolls and coleslaw for the BBQ we were going to have. I also found time to nip to the hairdresser and get 3 inches chopped off my scruffy locks, not that Bob noticed!!

Emily and Randle came around. I had lit the BBQ way in advance so I thought. It took 2 hours for the flames to die down by which point we had got bored so had eaten flame grilled food instead of just boring BBQ. I blame instant BBQs everybody now thinks you only get 20 minutes cooking time with a BBQ so have to chuck everything on ASAP. Anyway, we sat outside until 1am just talking rubbish about Emily and Randles pending wedding and Randles new album, (Cantaloop: I.C.H.I.L.E available at Itunes now at the bargain price of £7.99) and obviously the obligatory heated discussions about music in general.

Sunday Bob went to work and I did nowt. I should have gone for a run but it was far too hot for me. We went for a walk after Bob got home but that exhausted me. I’m not designed for this weather but I’m not going to complain because a nice bit of sunshine is very welcome after the disastrous summer last year.

New Years Resolutions Update

Posted in Health with tags on 05/03/2008 by bimbo78

Well I’m running more but that has only started again since the sun decided to come up a bit earlier and hang around for a bit in the evenings. Bob and I are doing the Worcester Scenic 6 at the end of the month. A nice 6 mile run around the country. And linked to that, I’ve finally lost the weight I put on last year over Crimble and when on honeymoon so I’m a bit happier about that.

I am drinking less. I’m trying not to drink at all in the week but I normally have a couple of glasses of vino on Friday and Saturday night, (actually had champers last saturday)
The garden isn’t going well, in fact I have done a big fat zero. I blame the horrible weather up until now. We did have a look for some kits to make raised beds but failed miserably so we’ll have to make them from scratch, (well Bob will)

We are eating more seasonally but have not yet exploited the wild food thing. Probably because there hasn’t been much around.

And we have had a few people around for din dins but not enough. There is very little to do to the kicthen now but whenever I invite people around Bob will do a little bit more so I will keep doing this until it’s done.

Spex as you are no doubt reading this, when are you next in Worcester? I want you to come round for dinner, KP and Dev that means you too.

Le weekend

Posted in Drunkeness, weekends with tags , on 12/11/2007 by bimbo78

It was a pleasant weekend all in all. On Friday night we went out for a ‘quiet’ drink with Simon and Jennie. We were sat in the Hat in Worcester having a nice few bevies. Then I was informed that they did Gluhwien.  Off on a Tangent here. The Cardinals Hat has a bit of an Austrian theme, not at all in a tacky way. It is the oldest pub in Worcester and has 3 tiny rooms, which are very cosy. It just happens to be run by 2 Austrian chicks who are quite famous locally. They got into trouble when they first arrived in the Woo because they insisted on serving their Austrian beer in metric sizes. They pointed out it was silly to serve wine in metric but not beer. Amazingly they won their fight so if you ever fancy half a litre, or indeed a litre of Weiss Beer then here is you place.  

So back to the weekend. I had a Gluwein which came in a nice earthenware mug. Mmmm. We got kicked out of the Hat at about 11 so went a few doors down to Hero’s.  

Another tangent. Hero’s is legendary amongst my friends. I have been drinking there for 11 years!! Oh my god how old does that make me sound.   My mates have always worked there, then a few years ago Siany became licensee. Yay, I get huge measures. It does suffer a bit from the ‘cool’ factor. A lot of people go there to be seen as cool, which was never what it was about. But at least there are no chavs.  

So we went to Hero’s and had another couple of drinks, luckily Siany wasn’t there or I may have got very drunk and fallen down the stairs again!

 Next day we painted the ceiling in the kitchen and went for a hike on the Malverns with Claire and TH. It was incredibly windy but really beautiful. The sky alternated between nice and sunny and huge dark stormy clouds. It didn’t rain though. We walked along the ridge towards Worcester Beacon, the contrast between Herefordshire and Worcestershire is so apparent from up there. On our right was flatish Worcestershire with it’s Triassic mudstone and on he left beautiful rolling hills of Herefordshire, (I am so biased!!).  We wandered off the main track down towards Holy well. Got slightly lost on the way back but it was all fine. We stopped and had a drink at the Pub/hotel near British camp, a strange conversation ensued about oak panelling our tiny sitting room. Rob wondered if you could get away with using MDF and would it look a bit silly in a 1930’s house. Maybe a drunken activity of the future?!  All the fresh air made us really tired so we were in bed nice and early for a Saturday night, luckily not much to drink so we didn’t hammer any MDF to the walls.  

Next morning Rob buisied himself DIYing and I watched the remembrance parade. Then off I went for a run, nearly 7 miles Yay!!. Then we finally managed to paint the kitchen. It was really satisfying covering up the horrible dirty stained magnolia walls with a nice pale olive green. Rob even managed to get a couple of cabinets on the walls after. I don’t want to tempt fate but I believe it may be just about finished by next weekend, (apart from the tiling). It just needs another lick of paint and the base cabinets and work top sorting.  

We watched The Birds, which I have never seen before then went to bed making sure all the windows were shut and there were no birds were gathering outside.