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Birthday blues

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on 10/07/2008 by bimbo78

Ok I’m being selfish I know and a bit of a moody cow but I’m 30 tomorrow so I think I can be allowed to be a little miffed.

I’m just annoyed as I can’t spend my birthday with my mates (we have a wedding to go to on Saturday, one of Bob’s mates from school). I’ll probably have to spend it with Bob’s mates. Nothing against Bob’s mates they are cool but they aren’t my girls or the LXDAS lot.

So I have decided to have a 31st Birthday party next year. I haven’t had a birthday party since I was 18. I was supposed to have a huge get togther on my 21st, we went over to Gulleit Quarry in Malvern to have a bit of a sunbathe and we were actually doing a model shoot for Snowbarod UK, Sian was modelling bikinis, (back in the day when July was in the summer). My mate Wayne decided to have a bit of a climb up the side of one of the cliffs. He fell and broke his leg in two places, the bone was sticking through the skin and eveything. Myself and Eddie, (used to be the editor of Snowboard UK) went over to look after the gory bit of the injury whilst Guy and Rhys held Waynes hand. The ambulance arrived, they wanted to call the Air Ambulance but it couldn’t land so we all helped carry him to the ambulance over the rocks. They pumped him full of morphine and he stopped crying. After that we didn’t feel like going out partying.

My 23rd Birthday most people seemed to be busy so only me, Small and Bob went out. On the way home we heard a big splash as we crossed Sabrina Bridge. Somebody was swimming about in the Severn. We though it was odd and stood on the bridge to see if anybody else was there. Smally shouted to the chick if she was ok. She wasn’t, she was trying to drown herself. We legged it down to the bank. A guy on a narrow boat had heard the comotion and came out with a life ring. Stupidly it didn’t have a rope on the other end of it so the poor girl was floating around in the river clinging onto the ring. We managed to persuade her to kick her legs and she finally got close enough for us to drag her out. I called for an ambulance and they took her away.

Other crappy birthdays include my 1st birthday when I went to hospital because I drank weed killer.
My 11th birthday when I went to hospital as I had something horrible in my eye.
My 19th Birthday when my mums friend died and I toook the call from the Hospice.

It’s not all bad though. Last year I spent my birthday driving down a crazy ‘road’ in Iceland for 3 hours before hiking up a hill to get beautiful views of Laki crater lake. I’ve also spent my birthday in Edinburgh a few years back in stunning weather and in St-Davids in Pembrokeshire in not so stunning weather, but it was still gorgeous. But I still want to see my friends.