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Increase Oil Production!!!!! What are you thinking!!?

Posted in Envrionment view, water with tags on 30/05/2008 by bimbo78

So Gordon Brown has decided to increase oil production to try to stop the ‘fuel crisis’. Yeah that’s a great idea, plough millions of pounds into something that isn’t going to have much of an effect on the World oil market when you could be ploughing millions into finding an alternative. But what do you care, you are after the short term fix as you are only going to remain in office for 2 years, (max). Which is the main issue with politicians running the country, their stay in office is relatively short so long term decisions that will upset the masses are never made. Oh and the Nuclear fuel thing, oh my god!! The media keeps saying it’s a good idea but there is increased cost of waste disposal than there used to be. That’s maybe because it was never disposed of properly originally. Both at Sellafield and Douneray nuclear particles have been found on the surrounding beaches. It can’t be disposed of effectively!!! You can’t just throw money at it and hope that Nuclear Waste will disappear. Oy Gordon, make a radical decision and maybe I will actually have a jot of respect for you. The Severn Barrage, make it happen. Or to steal another Scotsman’s catchphrase, we’re all doooomed!!!



Posted in Envrionment view, water with tags , on 31/01/2008 by bimbo78

I went to this flooding conference thingy with work back last year. The theme of the conference was climate change. It was quite terrifying hearing about what could happen. Not just the incredible sea level rise, (up to 21 m if all the Greenland Ice Sheet melts) but also the social aspect. We could have Environmental Refugees clambering to get into areas that are still habitable, nameley here. Most of the middle bit of Africa will be rubbish as the increase in temperature will mean that the already difficult to farm areas will just be useless.

Anyway, there was this dude at the conference called Dr Stuart Anderson who was possibly the only postive person there. He was talking about the Severn Barrage. His crazy research company have made some amendments to the original plan (which has been lurking around for years but not getting anywhere). It’s called Energy Capture Obtainable by Storage For Tidally Amplified Release or ECOSTAR!!

The amendements involve using two way turbines that can opearte when the tide comes in and back out again. This could generate up to 20% of the UKs energy demand. Which is just huge. The turbines will be more expensive to construct than the original plans but they will generate upto 4 times the amount of elastictrickery. Anyway take a look.