The Green Room

So here will be kept a list of links and stuff of various ‘green’ websites. I will also put a few little stories that I find of interest.


My favourite clothing brand. Organic, ethical and no tie dye in sight. Plus thier t-shirts are fabulous. The site has a great blog and information section too.

I have always been put off by the name but it is actually quite a nice little site.

Skin and stuff

The organic apothecary, need I say more. They sell Dr Bronners, which is advertised as being an 18 in 1 soap. It can be used for shower gel, shampoo, cleaning your bog just about anything. It doens’t have any nasty SLS, SLES or parabens in it. I also get Lavera shampoo and conditioner from here at the moment.

Now, Helen from innocent oils sells Hemp oil. It’s lovely for dry sensitive skin and can even be used on newborn babies. I got some yesterday and it is already doing the trick.

Housey stuff

Help help, I’m in a nutshell. These funky little things are grown in India, are fully sustainable, biodegradably, compostable and chepaer than conventional washing powder, plus you don’t have to use any softener. You can use them in dishwashers too and once you have used them 4 or 5 times you can boil them up and make kitchen cleaner out of them.

I wants one. I can’t have one at the moment though because I don’t have the pennies.

Just for Spex. Make sure you get all the wood you need from sustainably managed woods/forests

Ladies only

They are great, I won’t go into detail.

Also sell mooncups as well as popolini, once again no detail.


This is a search engine. A black screen uses less energy.

More to come


5 Responses to “The Green Room”

  1. andyspex Says:

    Hmm. Think you have missed one here.

  2. bimbo78 Says:

    What? Feel free to suggest it is by no means finished

  3. bimbo78 Says:

    Oh would it happen to be ??

  4. andyspex Says:

    Thats the badger. For all of your sustainable timber needs.

  5. bimbo78 Says:

    There you go it’s added and it’s in RED!!!

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